Monday, September 12, 2011

Kate Spade meet Land's End

You might recall the Kate Spade bag that I bought in Seattle.
Mr. HB was involved in the choosing of this bag...
the contenders were all black and quilted bags...
some were far and away beyond the budget!

Talking of budgets reminds me that I am really uncomfortable buying things that cost the earth when there is a perfectly acceptable option available at a reasonable price.
I say Yes to a luxe treat now and again but it is not an everyday event and I only indulge if I have the money in the bank.
In mid life I have come to accept that I need less and am happy with a smaller wardrobe.
I am not "doing without" I am choosing to be "content with less".
These thoughts and actions are readying me for retirement when my clothing needs will dwindle.

I read a fabulous post on this subject by Cupcake Caramel and it fits perfectly here.

A Humble handbag...

A classic style in basic black and happily the honeymoon period is far from over.
I have pared down my bag collection and have sold most others through a local consignment shop.
It feel great having less clutter in the closet and the decision making is simplified.

Boat totes, a bathing suit, cashmere sweater and tank tops were purchased from Land's End a few years ago, and then I forgot about the company until recently.

Their garments are great for my workplace as they are washable and classic.
The quality of the garments is impressive, the sizing is consistent and are available in Petite sizes.

The Sun Shower Coat is made in water proof microfiber, is lined and has nice top stitching and button detail.
The fabric has just the right amount of weight to it so that it hangs well and I don't think it will crease.

It is available in a variety of colours and you can see it here.

( Now on sale, I should have waited)

Land's Ends Sun Shower coat, Hermes scarf, Kate Spade bag.

I think a bright umbrella 
in sunny yellow or Hermes orange 
might be just what is needed for those drizzly days that will soon be here in the Pacific Northwest.

What colour is your bumbershoot?


  1. Isn't Cupcake's post the best? I think it's outstanding.

    I've never heard the term 'bumpershoot' before. How cute! I have to black ones with off-white trim and a map of the Paris Metro as the pattern on another one.

    I think your KS bag is gorgeous and so classic. xo

  2. Very classic. I like the scarf too, and a yellow umbrella would be a very nice touch. Or teal.

  3. hostess, you're very wise. I think that kate spade bag is a winner, and you'll enjoy for years. That's a lovely raincoat too. Lands End does have some very good classic pieces.

  4. I always try to be content with less...probably why I love decluttering so much.

    Must read Cupcake.

    Nice bag, K x

  5. Just read Cupcake Caramel. The Couple B she spoke of make me sad. That whole "we need a housekeeper despite not being able to afford it" mentality is nuts. Why do these people have such a crazy sense of entitlement? Time to stop spending, send Mummy out to work and cut up those credit cards methinks. As I said on her blog, everyone knows that credit's just a fancier word for debt. I like high end stuff and travelling abroad as much as anyone, but I don't see it as my right and if I couldn't afford it, I wouldn't do it. What sort of message are they sending their children?? xxx

  6. I agree with the less is more philosophy Hostess and I'am learning to spend wisely now to secure quality pieces to see me right for years rather than mere months. I bet you shall use this tote often as it's a beauty.
    Bumbershoot...well that's a new word for me!

  7. Kate Spade has opened in London, I'm looking forward to popping in sometime, off to read that post, I'm with FF, credit means debt.

  8. What a bag! So pared down and luxe all the same. Your outdoor outfit is very chic. My bumbershoot (and that's a new one to me) is leopard print. It's rather small and I'm finding many people are carrying almost golf-sized umbrellas - better coverage but it could end up in a struggle if the wind is blowing!

  9. Oh, you reminded me of the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle from my high school days! We have a few goofy ones around here: black houndstooth (Target), yellow and white stripes ( on sale at J Crew), and someone's forgotten pink Harrods with scotties and westies. I love the Marimekko ones and may ask for that for Christmas! Rebekah's post was both inspiring and you, I am paring down, loving what I have instead of accumulating more, and yet, even in this age of unemployment, horrible economy, there are those who want more. All to fill a hole inside. So sad.

  10. My bumbershoot? I have two, both purchased in Germany. One is a lovely loden green with a ruffle, and the other is a cheery red, with the same ruffle. On a grey day I think it's important to walk about with a cheery umbrella.

  11. My umbrella(s) are all very ordinary being black. It is surprising how many I have when it rains so little here. I always figure that black will go with anything.(-:

  12. I don´t think I have one ( bumbershoot )! Boring, maybe.
    I read that you have sold stuff onwards too, great!
    I am about to get rid yet from one bag! Three left, 3. I will survive.
    When it is really raining, I avoid going downtown, if possible.
    Your Seattle bag is lovely! Less is more!

  13. Tee,hee bumbershoot is my new word for my black brolly!

    The classic black bag is so you. Ida

  14. I just got the LE catalog and for the first time in years, spent some time with it. The cotton cable sweaters in luscious colours spoke to me. The styling overall looks more current. Good for you, Hostess, for paring down! You coat looks so chic.

  15. I love the idea of a bright colorful umbrella with that outfit. Just love it.

  16. I love your bag, Hostess.

    I am perpeptually trying to be content with less. With a few treats here and there....

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  17. Thank you for the mention and link to my article!

    My bumbershoot days are over, and not just because I moved away from Seattle. We have no rain in central Texas. Hopefully during my trip through Italy next week I'll encounter a little rain!

    Lovely bag - so classic and so you.