Thursday, September 1, 2011

Under the weather...

September the first has brought the fog in blanketing us with a cool misty overcoat of dewdrops.
There's a frosty feel in the air...BRR.
I am ailing,
snug under the cozy and warm duvet of down.

Ginger ale in hand, I have donned my grey cashmere sox.
Pepper is curled up at my feet and is slumbering deeply.

I have read the blogs that I follow...
before resuming my latest project, the twisted scarf in simple garter stick with that sumptuous alpaca yarn.
Knitting is conducive to meditating on all the gifts of everyday life
the garter stitch of gratitude.

I love and embrace the simple things in life.

Hot water for bathing,
food in the fridge,
a roof overhead,
a warm hug,
the sound of birdsong in the garden,
scented soap,
comfortable shoes,
a great book to read,
a job to do,
friends who accept us for who we really are without judging,
a hobby to be passionate about...
and last but not least health.

What would be on your list?
Have I forgotten anything important?

My head is a bit foggy like the weather so feel free to add your own thoughts.

This vintage soap dish is so simple in style and form
it performs a function and in my eyes, is quite pretty.
I particularly like those two random black specks which are inside the porcelain glaze.
"Beauty in imperfection"

A recent find in the local shop from the village 
 residing by the kitchen sink
married with a bar of Provence triple milled lavender soap.

another beauty
not as simple as you might think!

She has become the most wonderful cat
she keeps me company here in the Humble Bungalow
follows me from room to room 
 "helping" with the domestics
her playful nature is a great source of entertainment.

Seeking comfort in small ways today
I'd like to have something yummy for lunch...

Lisa has something interesting on the menu.
I think they would go very nicely with my Schweppes ginger ale and Tums.
What do you think?


  1. I am so sorry to hear you are under the weather, poor dear.

    I like to watch old movies from the '40's and '50's when I'm sick and cuddle with my two Yorkies, Daisy and Coco. I'd like to cuddle with my kitty like you do, but Coco is not fond of him, so he stays away.

    Feel better soon...and stay hydrated. Hugs, A

  2. I love this post and your list is perfection. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I'm really sorry that you are ailing. When you don't feel well, it is good to have a cat around to keep you company ... cat purring is powerful medicine to cure just about anything.

    I love your list!!

    Feel better.

  4. sorry you are not feeling well leslie. your list is perfect and i cannot think of a single thing to add to it. stay comfy.


  5. I´m wishing you a quick recovery! When we are ill, we realize how important health is. Health for our loved ones too. And then just enough wealth to be able to achieve the things you listed. Hugs:)

  6. Get well soon Hostess. I hope Pepper is cuddling in with you, I'm sure she is. Your cosy list almost makes me wish it was Autumn here... almost.


  7. Stay snug and feel better soon. Lots of kitty cuddles should help.

    Lisa's post was really funny :-).

  8. Cuddle up, feel better. Sending virtual Wheat Thins your way and some long last summer days to warm the soul.

  9. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Hostess.
    Watching an old movie with our precious pooch snuggled next to me and rugging up is my best cure. Oh and sipping tea!
    Get well soon

  10. Take care; you have to store up lots of rest and thoughts of all those blessings to be ready for next week. . .

  11. I'm sorry to read that you've been under the weather. Stay cosy under that duvet - today was very cold! I walked at Oak Bay and was chilled through from the sea fog.
    Thankful? - oh yes.....for my life on this island.

  12. What a wonderful post - the things that matter we often forget in the mad rush to attain - the ones we love, our pets and most of all our health - take it easy x

  13. Hope this new day finds you feeling of my list would be health.

    Thank you for another thoughtful post. Ida

  14. Dear Leslie, I think sometimes our bodies need to rest. I hope that time under your doona with hot drinks will restore you to full health and energy. Your list was lovely. It made me think that we who live in first world countries with adequate incomes are very lucky indeed. I must go and kiss my children! love Lindaxxx

  15. Yesterday was the perfect day to hunker down with knitting and be cozy. I like the idea of a garter stitch of gratitude.
    Today, I'm thankful that the clouds have blown away and it's sunny here again on our beautiful island.