Wednesday, September 28, 2011

White ware and awareness...

Collecting things does not excite me the way it used to...
Over the past 30 years I  have been almost manic about obtaining decorative items for The Humble Bungalow.
It bordered on the ridiculous and I am now aware of how I was driven, in hindsight, it is an eye opener.
I'd seek out that perfect piece, buy in duplicate or triplicates spending money that could have been better used in other areas, never going into debt but using the grocery funds to feed my habit.
(can you say mac n' cheese?)

I feel so much calmer not "needing" to go out and find something...
not even knowing ahead of time what I was seeking....
perhaps instant gratification?

I have disposed of many of my collections and have kept a few.
The Ojibwa tamarack duck decoys are here to stay, they reside on the top of the Humble Bungalow mantle, and they are arranged and rearranged to suit my mood and the season.

One of my favourite collections is vintage matte white pottery.
I am wooed by the odd piece here and there if it crosses my path, but I do not go out intentionally looking.

What is white?
 beauty pure and simple...
and it feels honest.

fluffy white towels 
cotton balls
soft ice cream
"Chicklets gum"
polar bears
"White Out"
tissue paper
"Ivory Snow"
bridal gowns
cold cream
"Iceberg roses"

sweet peas
subway tiles.

It's good to be free of the desire for more, more, more.
content to live simply with less.

Mette has inspired  this post...

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 
 ~Leonardo DaVinci


  1. Thank you for sharing Hostess. I'd bet we all go through stages of gathering household stuff we can well do without. Likewise I have pared right back and vow to think twice before purchasing more ornaments. Especially since moving and donating a truckload to charity.
    The precious items that stir our heart are a must to keep however, because they bring us joy.

  2. There's a wonderful freedom that comes with minimizing and simplifying. It sounds like you've found a balance that we all seek.

  3. What a lovely and soothing post. I've enjoyed packing to move so far, and I've not even taped one box together. Rather I've been driving carloads to the Salvation Army store and other places. I count this as packing as I don't have to move it. I've also listed a handful of items to sell online. The more I let go from my life the happier and braver I feel. And the items that are kept I can enjoy more, now that they have room to breathe. A Feng Shui book I am reading says 'guilt' items we keep, like gifts or inherited items are the ones that can transform us the most if we say goodbye to them. I have also been brave in offering items back to family members (inherited items, not gifts) saying 'would you like it back or shall I donate/sell'? Come settlement day it might just be my husband and I and two suitcases to move!


  4. I just love the white pottery, I collect it too. There's something so sensual about the way the glaze flows over the clay base. I especially love your deer.

  5. Your white pottery is so lovely! I've never really been driven to collect anything (even my roosters, which were more just purchases of opportunity than anything) but have at times used shopping as a diversion and distraction. While I'll probably always have that tendency, I'm trying to channel it in non-purchasing ways.

  6. I felt so calm reading your Wednesday post, and - wow - was I surprised to see your link to my earlier post!
    Thank you so much for the mentioning :)
    I think " Fiona´s " mention of Feng Shui ( what she had read ), is really so true.
    It is terrible, feels awful, if you have to keep things you don´t like to have around, just because you got it as a gift or inherited it.
    I try to follow the advice written by someone, which gives you the right to do what ever you wish with a gift once it has been given to you.
    This advice is s o liberating!
    P.S. Your white stuff is liberating too : )

  7. Thought provoking post Hostess, off to check out Mette now.

  8. Lovely pieces of white pottery. The ducks are very interesting.

  9. I am glad it's no longer an obsession but you do collect very beautiful things. Your simple floral arrangements are inspiring.