Sunday, September 25, 2011

A lesson in scarf tying courtesy of the Hermes clerk...

Mr. HB and I were in the  Hermes shop browsing the scarf selection when a delightful young gentlemen came over and politely asked if he could show us a particular scarf.
I explained how lovely they all were and that I would never be able to chose just one!

He stood by patiently as we discussed the colours of my wardrobe and what my colour preferences might be.
As we hummed and hawed he pulled out a silky one in shades of light and dark blue not unlike this scarf, which is Italian and not Hermes but I am going to show you how he folded the scarf before draping it about my shoulders.

point to point
right side down

fold again and meet at the middle

fold over once more

this is where he left it
draped casually on my shoulders

I prefer to slip it through once
and let it simply hang
it can be arranged to one side if you prefer.

I find this works best if you are wearing a coat or jacket
as it adds a dash of interest and depending on the scarf
possibly a punch of colour.

To read more about the Hostess's first Hermes scarf

Blogland is abuzz with the colour orange
it seems to have taken us by storm
and captured our imagination
I feel it has something to do with the fall shades the leaves are turning.
Orange is not a colour that I own unless you count the Hermes boxes!

Do you have something orange in your fall wardrobe?

Annie has some lovely orange things over a her blog 
after you have checked out the oranges 
go see her most recent post
she's having a giveaway!


  1. I often fold my scarves this way...especially the smaller ones I tie right around my neck. It makes them sit perfectly!

  2. Just grabbed my scarf from my bag...and learned how to properly tie a scarf...thank you!! It's so easy, but I've never done it this way. Your tutorial is perfect. Also, thank you for mentioning my blog/giveaway!
    xo annie

  3. What a pretty way to fold a scarf. I'm definitely going to try it. Orange is nowhere to be found in my wardrobe, I'm more into the berry and wine shades for winter, along with my favorite blues.

  4. Very useful, I am hopeless with silk scarves, which somehow make me look like an airhostess, when others look so elegant in them. Will try this out, thanks for sharing! I have a lovely orange Osprey wallet but nothing else orange that I can think of. My teenage son has bright orange skinny jeans! Bxx

  5. I do that same fold and then once more to wear as a belt with jeans! xo

  6. I have very little orange in my wardrobe and none at all in my house. I don't mind wearing it on occasion, but could never actually look at it for very long in a room. I find it too stimulating.

  7. i have a lovely orange kate spade bag that is more spring/summer but might work for fall with shades of dark brown and dark red... of course, it's spring here in Oz though

  8. Down my way Hostess the stores are awash with Orange, in homewares and fashion alike. How did this trend start I wonder?
    Yes I've purchased a soft cotton orange frock for our fast approaching summer. It's not a shade I normally choose either but I've let myself get carried away!
    Annie xx

  9. Thank you for the tip, Hostess!

    I think both ways look great on you with that scarf.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  10. Thanks for the tutorial! I really like your scarf!

  11. I totally agree Orange is EVERYWHERE. Like you Hostess, my collection of H boxes has been the only orange in my wardrobe.... until recently. I just bought some orange jeans for this summer. Oh and i had my toes painted in orange this weekend. I'm officially joining the trend.

  12. In the Spring I bought a silk skirt with orange flowers (plus teal & brown on a cream background). I haven't worn it yet...not sure I will. I am so accustomed to solids that putting this skirt on makes me feel like a clown. Sigh. Another buying lesson learned. As a cool summer, orange isn't on the color palette--I shouldn't wear it near my face.

    Thanks for the scarf tying tip. xxBliss

  13. Orange is the Blogspot-Logo in my browser! And every "Save" Button is orange too. Orange = positive, nice.

    My cheapo tray is orange, it was one of the first things I bought when I moved out from my parents and in to my home. Has served me well over the decades. Besides that: null. Maybe also because orange is the brand-colour of the company where I work.

  14. Thank you for the demonstration, I think I will try that method the next time I go out with a scarf.

    For some reason orange isn't one of my favorite colors, though I do like it on others.

  15. Am absolutely hopeless with silk scarves!! passed mine on many years ago.Ida