Tuesday, September 6, 2011

French Perfume...

This post is in response to an anonymous commenter who wanted to know what fragrance I wore.

I love wearing scent as it makes me feel very feminine.
I use it sparingly as I do not want the fragrance to be overpowering.
Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation where someone has literally bathed in perfume and it is so strong that you sneeze?
It is very off putting if you are dining and you cannot avoid breathing in a scent that is so bold that it threatens to flavour your food.

I currently have 2 perfumes which I use according to my mood.
Hermes makes a lovely green citrus scent, Voyage d' Hermes which is light and I feel very energetic when I spritz this on. My sister wears this too!
Moonflower Orchid is from Grasse in France, it is slightly musky and feels rather exotic and somewhat bohemian!

I do love scent for men too and Mr. HB wears T'erre d' Hermes which I chose for him and it's intoxicating and very sexy!

Here's a post from 2009 on scent...

Christian Dior
''Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers''.

Coco Chanel
''Wear perfume wherever you want to be kissed''.


  1. These both sounds lovely. I love scent but I am with you in that I think it should be worn sparingly, and not follow you through a room. But oh so nice when you give someone a hug!

  2. Both me and the mister are scent free, but I do like burning Dyptique candles in winter time. Love the name Moonflower Orchid.

  3. I'm still searching for my perfect personal scent. In the meantime I'm getting into scented candles...mostly the woodsy, resiny ones like sandalwood.

  4. Hi there Hostess, so glad I popped round to catch up on your blog, it is lovely. Love those sweet peas xxx

  5. I bought a new Summery scent (what Summer it is the worse UK one for 18yrs) Acqua di Parma it is the scent of Italian Riviera..a fresh creamy Calabrian jasmine really love it MMMMM. Ida

  6. I´m the one who splashes with perfume. Beware! However, I like the ones I can breathe through, so probably my favorite is not one of the most intense ones.

  7. I agree one should use fragrance sparingly, your choices sound very nice. I like Chanel fragrances as well as Stella. The quotes you posted by Dior and Chanel are fabulous!

  8. I used to enjoy scent, but in Northern California it seems there's multiple personal and professional situations in which scent is shunned. So I gave it up. I suppose I could wear it at home. There's a thought. I like the idea of a citrus scent.

  9. I was terribly sensitive to perfume for years until I found Serge Luten. I bought his Empress Rose this summer in Paris and I love it!
    I can also wear Jo Malone, her English Pear is my favorite.

  10. I think I may have to try one of those. They both sound wonderful and I love the feelings they evoke in you.
    Happy September!

    Sunday xxx

  11. I am the smelly one in the room too. BUT I only wear very, very nice perfumes mostly from the big houses, Chanel, Dior, YSL and armani. I never forget to put it on. Sometimes, other people complain bitterly of the smell of some teenagers we have worked with, I don't seem to notice-perhaps my scent overpowers it or my senses have been dulled, I like it that way.

  12. I love to wear scent, but I work in a crowded office so I do have to be careful not to apply it too heavily. Usually, for day, I'll use a perfumed shower gel instead of actual perfume. Or a light floral like L'Air du Temps. (It smells light on me, at least.)

    Luckily, my co-workers don't shun fragrance. I myself am sensitive to certain types of perfume ingredients; but as long as people don't douse themselves in it, it's usually fine. Personally, I prefer non-spray bottles because I think it's easier to just dab on a small amount that way.

    For the home environment, I have some sandalwood-gardenia candles that I really love.

  13. I have Hermes pamplemousse. Even though Hermes' perfumes are unisex, the male and female chemistry changes each scent in a lovely, subtle way. I love all of their fragrances, but I made sure to let the husband have a final say on the purchase. Not because I'm not a feminist, but because I wanted to sprtiz in the places he'd like to kiss...

  14. There are signs in many places, including my office, asking people not to wear scent. When I go out at night I'll wear my old favorite, L'air du Temps.

  15. Your Sweet Peas are gorgeous. If they are from your garden I am very envious.


  16. Hostess I feel positively naked without my daily spritz of perfume.

  17. Like your husband, I wear Terre d'Hermès, but I doubt he'd wear my other choices (although possibly the Creed Vetiver). . .Scent feels like such a gift to myself during the day, although I try to take care not to be giving it to others too freely ;-)