Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shoe party!

What could be more fun than bows on toes?
When it comes to a party I love shoes that are girly and ready for fun.

I love my Stuart Weitzman black patent leather pointers from Spain.
These dress up a pair of denim jeans and they elevate a simple LBD.
I wore them today with white capris and a black V neck sleeveless top.
I don't believe in not wearing white after labour day.
Besides baby, it's HOT outside!

Stuart has competition
these dainty sling backs are made by a company that used to make 
"old lady shoes"
Naturalizer has amped up their designs...
perhaps they realized that "old ladies" don't like looking frumpy.

The new kids on the block...

These are the blacks in my shoe wardrobe
there are more
(of course!)
Sadly no red ones as I wore out the last pair.
They made me feel so happy and energetic 
gotta love what a great pair of shoes can do for a gal.

"I like Cinderella, I really do. 
She has a good work ethic. 
I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. 
And she likes shoes. 
The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I'm a big shoe girl." 
Amy Adams 

Do you LOVE shoes?
Tell me a shoe story I'm all ears.


  1. Oh do I love shoes. My husband does not understand my deep love for all things of the shoe persuasion. Shoes can be worn if you are fat or thin. You rarely hear someone say "do my feet look fat in these shoes"? Shoes will make my heart go pitty pat when I see ones that are just too cute. I know I have too many pairs, but I really do not care. I love them one and all.
    Your shoes with the bows are really cute.

  2. Ooh, I like the bows! You have a nice selection of styles here.

  3. Oh, my, do I ever love shoes. Loafers. Slingbacks, pumps, boots...I cannot have too many, provided they're comfortable! I strongly recommend you get another pair of red ones, as the pair you'd shared here were just plain adorable. If you can stand a bit of chunky heel, Me Too has that garnet red in a lovely practical pump that would set off your adorable outfits. And watch for Kate Spade seasonal sales...I love her shoes, even more than the bags!

  4. I love shoes. It's that simple. I've finally learned something - if I find a dynamite pair of shoes I buy it in two colours - just did it last week, buying the same shoe in black and navy. Twice as much shoe love!

  5. Yes! I love shoes...and also hand bags. I have quite a few black ones too; they always seem to work. I have been looking for some red ones for a couple of years now, sadly, no luck.

  6. I like shoes, I don´t love them.
    My shoes have to be comfortable to wear and nice to look at. Naturally of high quality too.
    I own only a few pairs and take good care of them.

  7. Very pretty!
    I'm with Metscan, I like them but have no real ardour for them or bags or anyone one thing really.
    Naturalizer are great, I've had awful feet all of my life and can only wear heels for a few hours when I'm going somewhere special.

  8. I looove shoes. I am admiring those sling backs. How funny there's a saying around these parts- bow toes. I wear only flat shoes since stepping on one of my kid's pieces of duplo a few years ago,right in the arch of my foot and I think I tore some tendon in there, by golly it hurts when I don't wear good supportive shoes. I found Fit Flops fantasic in summer, but I can no longer wear these to work so have built a fairly good shoe collection lately(mostly black) ready for summer.

  9. I love shoes. But I find myself mostly buying black, black and more black. I remedied that a week or so ago by buying a pair of wine-coloured suede ballerinas - at Naturalizer!

    Love the bows. That might be my next venture.

  10. Same as Metscan & BP on shoes, still have a pair of patent brown pointie courts no bows for moi Ida

  11. i love a good shoe party. i don't have many but the ones i do have i absolutely love. i just got a pair of naturalizer sandals at the goodwill for $8. they have never been worn and go with just about everything i own. so happy!
    i love that pointed toe flat up there. you have great taste leslie.


  12. You are so right about Naturalizer- and Amalfi, too; nice to find a good pair of shoes that does not represent the price of a small car! Now, will there be a pair of red on your list?

  13. Love those shoes! I really want to buy a pair of red Stuart Weitzman kitten heels, I need some red in the mix!

  14. Yes, I love shoes with bows! Interesting point you make about Naturalizer. My mom was a big fan of that brand but they always did seem frumpy to me. I'll have to revisit.

  15. I love shoes, but they don't love me. Because of my high arches and plantar fascitiis in both feet, I am relegated to whatever Ecco, Clarks, or Raffini offer - at least for walking or being on my feet. I still have 4 pairs of Prada and some Manolos that I bring out for special occasions, like LBD dinners where I'll be sitting down!