Monday, September 19, 2011

Shoe String Chic giveaway, sweet peas and my OOTD.

The sweet peas that we planted in the spring have been giving us masses of blooms.
One big packet of seeds that cost about $3 have yielded dozens of bouquets which would cost several dollars for each handful.
I'd say that's a chic and savvy way to enjoy fresh flowers throughout the season.

Having a cutting garden is a great way to save money on floral arrangements.
In the winter when not much is blooming I buy a few blooms from the flower shop and then go outside to the Bungalow garden for variegated and unusual foliage to add interest and bulk up the bouquet.
It could be alliums, or rose hips, ferns or twigs anything that accents and enriches the total look will work.
Experiment with natural grasses or lop off small branches of shrubbery, you'll have fun and the weirder the better!

Speaking of chic tips Fiona has a Chic themed post every day for the entire month of September on her fabulous blog How to Be Chic.
I am enjoying her tips immensely and I think you will too.

I bought Shoe String Chic after I read about it on a blog.
It is written by Kerrie Hess and has some wonderful tips and thoughts for saving money and living luxe on a budget.
I decided that I wanted to pass this on.
The lightbulb went on and I thought it might make a great giveaway.

To enter you will need to sign up to follow my blog, and post a comment telling me what makes you feel chic.
I'll draw a name out of a hat (or perhaps a bag) and you'll need to stay tuned to see if you have won.
If you are the lucky winner you can send me your mailing address.

The giveaway will close on September 25th at midnight PST.
Good luck!

Today I am running errands and it's sunny outside.
This is my OOTD...

I'll put on some ballet flats of course 
I am breaking that rule about not wearing white after Labour Day!

"Chic is all about creating a style that is uniquely yours...
Don't be a slave to fashion and never take fashion 
or yourself too seriously"

LuLu Guinness
Fashion and accessories designer

"Chic is the confidence to follow your own path, 
to wear what makes you smile, and to break the rules!"

Deborah Lloyd
co president and creative director at Kate Spade New York

I am off to greet the shop keepers and buy a few groceries.
Smiling is so easy when the sun is shining!

I'm eager to read all your comments.
Bon Chance!


  1. Do tell, when do you plant the sweet peas?

  2. I wonder if sweet peas grow well in our hotter drier climate (same as LPC's). Perhaps the Sunset Western Garden book has the answer.

    You're in my Google reader, that's how I see your new posts. Does that mean I'm signed up or do I need to do something else?

    Thank you for the introduction to How to Be Chic. I enjoy discovering new bloggers.

  3. Please enter me! I have been waiting on a list at the library for this book for ages and ages.

    For a quick chic fix, I like to get a nice manicure with a dark color on my nails.

    To feel chic when I dress, I drag out my finest handbag - a Louis Vuitton I bought last year in Paris.

    To have a chic mindset, I try to be mindful of the way I treat others, the way I spend my time and what and how I eat.

    What pretty fleurs you have...I wish I had more skills in the garden. Much like knitting, I just haven't taken to it.

    Happy Monday! xo, A

  4. Great giveaway! I love the idea of using odd foliage, branches, berries, etc. from the garden instead of buying cut flowers. It's amazing what yo can find when you open your eyes to new possibilities.
    What makes me feel chic---let's see, a cashmere hoodie, shearling boots, and a really great leather bag. That's fall/winter chic in my book.

  5. Your sweets peas are lovely. I have visited Fiona's blog and quite enjoy her tips. Personally, I keep a bar of chocolate (75% cocoa) hidden in my desk at home and allow myself one (occasionally two xx) delicious square each evening :)

  6. My dream is to cultivate enough blooms to be able to wander into my garden and pick a lovely bouquet. Those sweet peas are very pretty.
    This is a lovely giveaway Hostess. The best method for me to feel chic now that spring's here is to paint my toenails and create an up hairdo. Of course a touch of lippy and a spritz of perfume helps get me through the day.
    Loving your shopping outfit!

  7. I love Fiona's blog too. My instant feel chic tip is to wear my pearl necklace and earrings all day just because!

    Aren't sweet peas wonderful? My Mom plants lots every year as well.

  8. I love this idea of making your book into a give away...that's pretty chic right there! Wonderful idea of bringing winter foliage in and mixing it with flowers in the winter. Twigs...why have i never thought of that?

    I feel chic with a fresh haircut...she always makes it look so much better than I seem to be capable of. Of course I'm a follower!

  9. I was the lucky winner of your last gift, so I'll not put my name in the draw, but will enjoy thinking about getting the book from the library. Chic? There are days when I think I have a handle on it and days when I think I've completely missed the plot!

  10. I'm one of your followers and hope I will be considered in the contest!

    So many ways to feel chic, but the number one way is to know what works for you:
    1. Eating - Know what your body craves and what it hates. My body detests grains, so when I avoid grains in my diet I have a clean feeling inside and no bloat and a flat tummy.
    2. Style - Only wear clothes that accentuate your body's natural shape and don't copy the silhouette of others - unless they share your shape. I always feel chic in pencil skirts, wide-legged trousers, and blouses with shape.
    3. Fashion - Trends come and go, but classic styles last forever. I receive the most compliments when I wear an ensemble that is composed of basic clothing with an accessory that adds punch. My favorite pairing is always black on black with a reddish lipstick and mascared-eyes.
    4. Deportment - You may not be royalty, but there's no reason why your manners cannot hint at a nobility of spirit. Treat yourself with dignity and respect and others will follow.

    Almost every chic trick in the book costs pennies or is free. It's primarily an attitude of respect for you who are and not wanting to waste any opportunity of putting your best foot forward - even if you are home alone for the evening reading a book.

  11. Oh...I am so envious, I haven't see a Sweetpea since last spring...sigh. Here they are winter and early spring flowers, they can't stand up to our heat. Seeing you photo I can almost smell them.

  12. I love sweet peas but cannot cope with the slugs they attract - so I have stopped growing them, they are so very beautiful.

  13. Sweet Pea! It's what I call my Gigi-girl and we will put them on this spring's plant list. Chic in my world is anything in my patent leather pennys, donning short red nails and a scarf to tie back my unruley locks, armed with my D&B wallet. Puts a spring in my step every time, regardless of season!

  14. A cutting garden is one of the few things in life that I do not have but want. Your peas are joyful!

    I feel chic when my hands and feet are manicured.

  15. You really do love your garden and your garden loves you!
    Chic? Whenever I pull on a new pair of black Wolford 66 tights! The best ever.

  16. I just subscribed by email (thank you for having that option). : )

    I feel chic when I have good posture, a blessed hair day and a great handbag! xxBliss

  17. ooh, I love Colin Firth too! (your previous post)

  18. Hostess, you are so kind to mention me. Like commenter Pondside said, some days chic comes easily and some days it's a struggle. But life would be boring if every day was easy.

    Chic to me is having a kind heart and considering others feelings. Whether that's the true definition or not I don't care!

    Please don't enter me for the book as I'm already reading it from the library. It's a quick, fun, light-hearted read and you are generous for passing it on.


  19. Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win!

    I feel chic when I've taken time to put together an appropriate daily outfit, from shoes to earrings.

  20. I'd love to be chic all the time. This is a useful and inspirational giveaway.

    Sweet peas are so lovely. I didn't plant any this year, and I miss them.

  21. I would love to win this book. I feel chic when I use my new yellow cross-body bag and when I wear a skirt or dress - that little bit extra effort makes all the difference.