Thursday, September 15, 2011


I feel a little bit like this little guy...

Life has recently sent some curve balls our way.
Things usually run like clockwork here 
ticking along 
I am fine with that
some might call it boring
I like it that way!

We have had our share of trials an tribulations over the years.
No one is immune from stress or loss.

I feel frustrated and somewhat helpless
because the troubles 
are beyond my control.

Too bad life doesn't come with a manual 
for times when we are faced with challenges 
that are new and completely foreign.

I have said things 
that were misinterpreted
have raised the ire of someone whom I love dearly.

I have done what I thought was best.
I spoke my mind.
I may not have done it with as much grace and tact as I could have...
but that's hindsight.

I am hoping that things will settle down and the dust settles.

Disharmony and discord are a shroud of gloom that I abhor.

"To err is human, to forgive divine."

Seeking solace 
I wander outside in the Humble Bungalow Garden
where a bevy of beauty awaits.

the hydrangeas are blooming blue 

cranesbill geranium with such a dainty face

clematis wrapping it's vine around the honeysuckle

Romneya coulteri
a crepe fried eggy flower

moppets of white hydrangea
in the dappled shade

coreopsis in cherry yellow

I feel better when I walk outside 
brushing up against nature.
Kindred spirits.

Perhaps it's filling one's lungs with cool sea salty air
clearing the mind of thoughts that are sad
and replacing them with a respite
from fears.

Moving on one step at a time...
just moving in a new direction.

Mr. HB and I had a date!

I love the word "date"
 it reminds me that our relationship is still going strong
and that we carve out time to be with each other.
It could be a walk
a movie
or a meal out.

Recently we dined at one of our favourite restaurants
where we sat under a canopy of greenery 
in the sunshine.

Lamb, asparagus and pasta for Mr. HB.

Peppers, basil and goat cheese pasta for the Hostess.

The food was delicious and the company excellent!

Sharing problems with a partner or friend eases the burden 
the viewpoints they offer
shed light
allowing one to see 
another side of the situation.
(two heads are better than one)

I am grateful for the opportunity to share and appreciate the support.

"The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. 
In that lies hope." 

Frank Lloyd Wright 

Peace sounds perfect to me right now.


  1. Life can sometimes feel like a tangle. I hope your tangle unravel enough for clarity and peace to enter in.
    Speaking ones mind is a good thing, and one that women of our generation were not necessarily taught to do. Consequently, sometimes it's very hard for others to accept it when we do speak our minds. I hope you'll continue to speak your truth - what's real and right for you.

  2. Sorry you're going through a bumpy patch, I hate that morning after feeling of regret when you realize anew that something happened and can't be undone. But you clearly have a wonderful attitude, and these things have a way of passing more easily than we imagine at first.
    Love your flowers, and love your date.
    Mr. HB dresses just like my husband!

  3. I echo everyone's sentiments, I think you have to hunker down until things calm down and pass over, you're in the eye of the storm right now, lean on hubs and know that things will be different in a few weeks /months.

  4. Human relationships are so complicated!

    Take good care of yourself as you seem to be doing. I am glad Mr. HB is there to offer some insight and support.

    I'm sure you did the right thing as you are a thoughtful and caring person.

  5. Sorry. But as long as you and Mr. H. are in synch, this too shall pass. Nobody else except your kids matters all that much.

  6. It seems to me, that while writing this post, you worked your troubles through. You started feeling down, spent time in the garden and ended the post with a date with your husband. And now you feel better.
    As I mentioned, blogging is therapy for me. It just proved to be therapy for you too :).

  7. Hostess, your garden is indeed a balm. Glad you and Mr.H enjoyed a nice date. That's always good for the spirits too. Hope the other relationship gets patched up soon.

  8. Sometimes the best thing to do in times of stress is to do nothing. Most situations will mature and present their own solutions ... be open to whatever comes your way, don't hold a grudge, and forgive transgressions for YOUR sake.

    On to your garden ... whenever you show a photo of your Romneya, I get all goose-bumpy. What a fascinatingly beautiful flower!!!

  9. I am sure everything will be fine. And it's not something life threw at you...we all bring these sorts of things on ourselves ;o) If this person loves you back I am sure, when they calm down, they will be able to forgive.

  10. What fine & wise comments the others have contributed here. I shall store them up for the next unwelcome "storm" that I encounter. Hope you are finding yourself buffered from the unpleasantry with an eye toward an amiable future.

    Your blooms are most beautiful is your appreciation of your marriage relationship.

    The pasta with goat cheese has me salivating!

  11. Everyone before me has offered such wise words...
    Like you my garden is always a solace in a time of trouble.
    A good night's sleep helps to put things in perspective the next day. Sending you a big warm hug OOO. Ida x

  12. I am in the same spot! I would rather speak openly and straightforwardly I and put my foot in it sometimes than stifle, pussyfoot, resent, From my viewpoint, many relationships need to be more direct- which can be scary! So my response is a bit different from some here (and not in disagreement). Silence is often more costly than bluntness, Forgiveness is a complicated concept, and not all that precious *if * it hinges on making someone right, and another wrong.

  13. Everyone has the right to speak their mind- sometimes our feelngs can get in the way of how we present our words. If they love you back they will compromise and give you at least the opportunity to explain yourself and the misinterpretation. Be relentless in doing everything possible to repair the damage if it is family, this is of utmost importance! If it is a friend then remember that friendships are based on likeness, respect and sharing common opinions, so it may have grown away from this. You may need to just smooth things over again and the relationship may never be the same.

  14. No advice...I seem to offend people at work (my students) and home all the time. Eventually, the remorse fades...and then flares up!

  15. I agree with Duchesse, I opt to take a more straightforward approach instead of a passive approach...however I hope there is a resolution soon to bring you peace!

  16. Dear Hostess, I cannot offer any different advice to the already lovely words written above other than time heals all wounds and one must allow time to do her work.

    As for speaking up..well I have found my voice at my ripe age. It's liberating and good for my health. Some are taking a little readjusting but they'll get there eventually!
    Oh and the first photo is priceless!

  17. Sorry about the misunderstanding, that can be so difficult to deal with, especially when it was well intended. With time it will probably right itself.

  18. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them and your words of wisdom have been taken to heart.

  19. I can see how the flowers comfort you. And the exquisit taste of goat cheese with pasta ... Nourish your senses and every tear you cry is a small detox-programme working on it's own. No wonder we are exhausted after crying: de-toxing is work. Have a nice weekend! Paula