Friday, September 16, 2011

Digging in the dirt...

What have you got planned for the weekend?

I have a bunch of top soil to dig into the front garden and I am planting some limelight hydrangeas.
We had our two large rhododendrons removed and have an area to redesign and plant.

I like mass plantings and repeats of a colour or plant dotted throughout the beds.
Several limelights are already established and I love their limey loveliness so I am adding more.
There will be some variegated hosta plants too...
and I am envisioning some white tulips or perhaps some lime parrot tulips but they will have to wait until I get the bigger pieces of the plan in place.

I plan to plant snowdrops randomly throughout the bed.
I adore snowdrops and am so elated when they show their lovely white blooms.

These are the variety that grow in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

They make a lovely wee bouquet.

I brought home a few packages of these from the nursery today.
(thankfully they are deer resistant!)

The nursery is gearing up for fall
clearing out annuals and some perennials 
it looked rather bare.
There are bins full of bulbs and though I am very tempted I decided to go back another time 
after I have finished this weekend work.

The weather forecast is for rain so I'll be mucking about in my boots

hair pulled back in a scrunchie
dressed in old jeans a white T-shirt
and a hoodie.

It is me at my most un-glamourous 
and I guarantee my face will be smeared with dirt.

I just might wear pearls.

You never know who might be walking by!

A girl can dream!

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Those snowdrops are so pretty!

    I'm replanting a couple of containers on the patio, with bronze mums (my favorite fall flower). Other than that, just spending some time with MIL and doing household chores.

  2. Baking for our kids' school, they are having their spring fair tomorrow.

  3. A few years ago I was in Toronto and the film fest was on....guess who was in the same bar I was in!

  4. Pottering around doing household stuff and more home renovations. It's a hot spring day for me Hostess. In fact tis a little too warm too soon!

  5. You really made me laugh with that picture of Colin Firth. Yes, a girl can dream. My daughter is in for the weekend and so we are celebrating her birthday, one week early. I will be cooking her favorite dishes on Sunday and watching the Emmys. I'm pretty happy about that plan!

  6. Digging in the dirt as well.... Mandevilla dark red parasol will be re-potted and coming indoors as will be the sunflower seedlings given my son by Grampa. A half dozen zesty maple babes will be finding new homes in and around the lower gully, just west of, yes, the limelight hydrangeas - LOVE them! And the mountain of day lilies cast upon me will find refuge. =)

  7. I'm wearing what your wearing! It's too wet to fish - I hate the rain, so I'm just mooching about the countryside today.

    Great wellies.

  8. Beautiful flowers. I wish we could have some rain. It's been cool - which I love - but next week it's supposed to climb back into the 90's. Rats!

    Last night, I had dinner out with a girlfriend and today we are attending another friend's daughter's 5th birthday. Tori is in charge of the Hello Kitty cake. Tomorrow, Bill and I have dinner plans with a fellow blogger from Canada and her husband - I can't wait to meet them.

    You have such cute boots. xo, A

  9. I love the sound of you! Those boots are stylish, girl, and I DO hope that you are wearing pearls with your mucking about clothes. I have just been to a garden centre and treated myself to a load of spring bulbs. No chance of planting today as it keeps tipping down.

  10. The snow drops are very pretty, inside and out. You make the prettiest wee bouquets.

    This is a weekend for sewing and cooking and singing, not to mention connecting with friends in the blogosphere.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. I hear that he's been seen here and there and is godfather to a friend of a friend of a.......

  12. On Saturday downtown business and today, Sunday, downstairs cleaning and scrubbing business.
    Luckily it´s half cloudy, no rain today.
    I have no gardening plans, and as I read you working again in your garden, I feel quite guilty, blaah;).

  13. Isn't it a delight, how even a small garden reno can make such a visual difference? I envy you (and at the same time was happy to leave two large gardens to the new owners.) Pots for us now, on a large balcony. And oh, to have the climate you have, that you could grow your own parrot tulips!

  14. Yesterday was lunch to raise funds for a charity.

    Today rain with sunny spots so no gardening leave it to the moles!!!

    Reading papers in the conservatory warmest place in the house this morning,next sort out my business emails for next week.

    Have you any Fritillaria? I love their delicate little nodding caps in the Spring.

    Enjoy your gardening Sunday Ida

  15. I always regret that fall is an impossibly busy time at work, too busy to do the gardening at the perfect time for transplanting and planting. Luckily I now have a retired husband at home willing to do some of the work (between his consulting gigs, at least) -- and I can get vicarious pleasure from watching you work on next spring's garden. Sounds like it will be even lovelier than this one's!

  16. I'm looking foward to gardening at our new place. I have buxus hedging and hydrangeas that I grew from cuttings in pots ready to go. The snowdrops we had growing up were the same as your seed packet. The ones in your garden are so pretty and different and really set off your gorgeous bathroom. I always admire the white shiny tiles when you photograph there. Or maybe you have tiles in other rooms too? Laundry? Kitchen?


  17. The snowdrops are so pretty--- are they tiny bulbs, or seeds? I've always thought they were bulbs like tulips because they just come up every spring.

  18. Pondside- I know he has been seen around these parts and I would certainly swoon or bumble any conversation....his ex wife i back here doing local we may see him!

    ida- sadly no frittilarias...I should consider some.

    Fiona- White tiles only inhabit the bathroom... the renos will offer up opportunities for photo shoots.

    Sue- they are bulbs and they come back every season in greater numbers!