Monday, September 5, 2011

Earrings and alliums...

I can think of only a few things that make me feel more feminine than wearing pretty dangling earrings.
(lingerie, scent, and silk and not necessarily in that order!)

I have not been able to put my finger on how or why certain styles of earrings impart femininity they just do.

Lovely daughter made me a pair of crystal drops in the 1990's which I have and wear when I want to sparkle.
These Citrine beauties were a recent gift for my birthday.
I love them, and they have more value to me because she made them herself.

Large in size 
dainty in style
shaded softly in a warm honey tone.
Aren't they pretty?

I can never remember if this wee feline bronze
is made by Walter Bosse 
or by Baller.
It's vintage and was purchased years ago
from a thrift shop.

I had no idea they were "collectible" at the time 
I just liked the face and form.

Behind the scenes
a handmade amber art glass bauble.
Blowing glass is an amazing skill
I watched a documentary on Dale Chihuly on PBS
it's a craft not for the faint of heart.
If you have the opportunity to view it 
I highly recommend it.

Summer days are getting shorter
and I can feel there's a nip in the air
the garden is getting ready for her long winter slumber
and some of the leaves have started to turn.

If you love flowers and gardens you must go and meet Belinda
she has talent when it comes to growing flowers and creating lush bouquets
 she also makes and sells jewelry!

Go over and see her
 you'll be impressed.

Alliums have been growing throughout the season
they are now reverently tilting and bowing their heads 
as they wither
saying a fond farewell to summer.

Wonderful and reliable performers 
in a floral arrangement
 as a filler 
to add interest
grouped together 
rubbing shoulders with their next of kin.

Close up
they are a lacy parasol of purple

oh to be a ladybug
sitting beneath
in the dappled shade 
from the hot summer sun.

I'll be trading in the parasol for an umbrella before you know it.


  1. Dear Hostess,

    Thank you for coming over to visit my new blog last week and to have signed up as a Follower – that made my day!!!

    I have been reading your blog for over a year, thanks to Mrs Semi Expat putting me on to you. (I’m embarrassed it’s taken me so long to figure out how blogging works and how to actually “follow” you ladies.)

    I have read your blog when I have needed that “little fix” and reminder of "Beautiful British Columbia".

    I wish you a wonderful Labour Day long weekend and a great school year ahead – may you have lovely students.

    Ms Maple xxx

    PS: Your work ensembles sound very chic and will look absolutely perfect when worn with your gorgeous citrine earrings!

  2. Citrine is such a lovely stone, its delicate hue is one of my favourites.
    Trees are red already here and there's a small carpet of gold outside met front door already, it will be monstrous in 4 weeks, its such hard work in the garden at this time of year.

  3. Beautiful earrings Hostess and I know you will treasure this gift. How fortunate we are to have lovely daughters.
    The months fly by, I can't believe you are heading for cooler temps already.

  4. It's so much fun to read all the bloggers write about what it feels like to shift into the next season. I've been away for a few days, but can't wait to get home and start feeling it myself. I know it will be bittersweet since my nest will be empty reading your posts!

  5. Awww, hostess, you are so lovely! Thank you for the kind mention! I think your daughter has got the eye for a lovely gemstone, the earrings are gorgeous - striking but not fussy. Have a great week.xx

  6. hostess that bronze feline is really adorable.what about your favourite scent?i dont think i have read about it.efi.

  7. Your earrings look sophisticated and feminine. What a nice gift from your daughter!
    Since you wear bangles, it is only natural that you like hanging earrings as well. Your special trademark. Have a nice day :)!

  8. sweet things!! I liked it very much post! will now be much here!
    I invite you to walk through the mine and to follow me if you like!
    kisses, Claire.

  9. Your citrine earrings are beautiful. I love the bronze kitty; it looks very 1950's. My garden needs some tending, but so does my MIL so the garden will have to wait.

  10. My roses are blooming in a last gasp before the cold wet morning become too much for them.
    Your earrings are lovely - how sweet to have a daughter who makes something that gives you such pleasure.

  11. Your citrine ear-rings are so divine your daughter has great taste like her Mother.
    I have a large antique citrine ring a gift from hb many years ago which I wear frequently love the delicate colour.

    My Alliums are hanging up to dry I also use them in different arrangements. Ida

  12. I love your photos of your alliums...They look so pretty in the bottle on your table in the afternoon sun. I miss gardening in seasons that are defined more than here in Southern California. It just does not seem natural for the garden not to rest.

  13. the earrings are quite lovely...but a ladybug couldn't wear them. :)

  14. What lovely earrings - dainty on a large scale. And made extra special by knowing your daughter created them.
    These last warm (even hot!) summer days are wonderful. Let's enjoy them to the full!

  15. I love citrine, your citrine earrings are beautiful. How wonderful to have a daughter who makes jewelry.