Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Books and thoughts after reading....

Last week I received my pre ordered books from Amazon...

we have had such rainy weather that I actually indulged myself
and read for long periods of time

The first book was Savvy Chic
 which is well written and had some very clever ideas that were new to me.
I particularly liked her gift and wedding chapters
food and entertaining and wardrobe strategies
her thoughts were fresh and based on personal experiences.
Thrift, frugality, and refined good taste...
spiced with her personal flair for vintage
help to create a polished image
and elevate the everyday to elegant.

I do not usually keep books unless they are worthy as my wee bungalow is low on storage
I will keep this as a reference
as it is a worthwhile guide.

The Bag Lady Papers
was in a word
I was hoping for so much more,
and it could have been.
She hints at how it feels to have lost all her money
but doesn't really let us get up close and personal.
It feels as though she is sleepwalking through this experience...
detached from her feelings.

The article in Town and Country was more intimate on many levels than the book.
I decided to buy the book based on that issue and now feel that my money was ill spent...
This book will be recycled
and I truly wish that I could have been impressed.

Most books that I read are in fact borrowed or purchased second hand.
I have access to an amazing book shop in our Village
that takes trades and gives a credit for future purchases.
The contemporary literature area is chock a block with newer novels
there is also a "Staff Picks" shelf
I look there first
most of the staff picks have been Hostess approved!

I cannot get enough good lit...
be it chick lit or classics

Who are your favourite authors and any suggestions for future reads?


  1. Mary Catherine Bateson: Composing a Life and (very recent) Composing a Further Life. I have the latter from the library and keep meaning to write about it.

  2. I'm hoping to get Savvy Chic at our library! I'm assuming you've read Alexandra Stoddard? There isn't a book she's written that I've been disappointed in...

    1. Oh yes! Alexandra is wonderful(if a little Pollyannna-ish) I've most of here books and still pop in to her website on occasions.

  3. I'm going to search for Savvy Chic at our library as well. It's sounds right up my alley!
    I'm currently in a book club and just finished a book that was okay, but not worth recommending. I'm on the look out for a good one, too. So I'll check back in your comments to see what others suggest.


  4. I recommend The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell.

  5. Thank you for letting us know that Anna Johnson has written another book. I loved her 'Three Black Skirts'.

  6. I only buy reference books because I have the most wonderful library and if they don't have it they do an inter-library loan. I also check out their audio books and always have one in the car...I like this sort of multi-tasking. (-: Right now I am reading "Fannies's Last Supper", by Chris Kimbals of Americas Test Kitchen fame. An amusing account of the recreation of an elegant victorian dinner party ala Fannie Farmer. Fun reading for anyone that likes cooking or food.

  7. Thanks for these reviews Hostess.
    I enjoy biographies. Have just finished a quite lenghty read on Winston Churchills American mother Jennie Churchill.
    Now immersed in 'The Mitford Girls'. A fascinating family for sure.

    My darling mum raised me with the motto
    'one can never be bored if they know how to read'.
    So true.

  8. Hi Hostess

    Many thanks for the heads up on the books. I have just started Madame Pompadour by Nancy Mitford. It looks to be a promising read. Like you I am a big fan of finding books at a price. Our local library sells books for 1-2 pounds each. I have had some great finds and have been busy stocking up on the classics. I sold them all at garage sales over the years and miss them. I agree with you, when they are 'worthy' they are 'worthy' and you just have to go with it. I am buying them all back :)

    Jeanne xx

  9. frugal scholar- I'll look forward to your review.

    Rebecca- I have read Ms. Stoddard's books, I borrowed them from our local library... and enjoyed them.

    Adrienne- I have many friends and co-workers who are in book clubs and they are a great way to be exposed to works that one might otherwise miss.

    Duchesse- Thank you, I'll see if I can get my hands on a copy.

    Fiona- I think I'll read that one too...

    LaVieQuotidienne- Sounds delicious...maybe you'll review it on your blog.

    Anne- Marie- Those Mitford sisters were quite the sensation in their heyday. Your mom's motto should be in every library and bookstore!

    Jeanne- Buying those used books must help your local library fund future purchases...and it's such a "green" thing to do.
    I'll have to add that Nancy Mitford book to my list. I hope that you are feeling better today.

  10. I read non fiction almost exclusively; although I do have my favourite novels that I re-read from time to time. My all time favourite is, Gone With The Wind, followed by all of Jackie Susann's novels. I also re-read Peyton Place, at least once every ten years. I read one of Truman Capote's short stories every Christmas Eve.
    Back in the 80's I read a book by an author from Boston, Janice Weber, titled 'The Secret Life Of Eva Hathaway.' I wouldn't even take it out of the house, for fear of losing it. I found three replacement copies, just in case. I Love Amy Tan, and can't even choose one of her books over another. they're all my favourite. I also adore my friend Michael Tonello's book 'Bringing Home The Birkin.' I love his book; but I love him more. lol.

    I read some of my books more than once; much as I listen to my favourite albums. I handle my books with care, and

  11. I should really read what I've written before hitting the'Post Comment" button.

    I handle my books with care, and some;such as the Penguin translation, of Victor Hugo's, Les Miserables, feel almost holy when I hold them in my hands.

  12. The Duchess of H- I avidly read all of Jacqueline Susann's books back when she was alive and remember crying when she got ill and passed away...
    The Secret Life of Eva Hathaway must be a fabulous book if you have more than one copy...I have heard a lot about Bringing home the Birkin but have npt read it yet...so nice that you know the author...you might consider a blog interview with him...I'd love to know more
    Donna I think that you love books as much as you love Handbags!

  13. Thanks for the reviews Hostess... Agree that books have to earn their place in a small house. As you know, I would say Maggie Alderson is my fav. author. If you want to start with a good one try 'Mad About the Boy' or 'How to Break Your Own Heart'. Feel sure you would enjoy both. X

  14. Dear Hostess, A motto of raising the evryday to the elegant is certainly something that I should sign up to.

    I have a great penchant for Irish writers....William Trevor in particular. I love all those faded Georgian mansions.

  15. Just put Savvy Chic on my Amazon wish list. They don't have it at my local library. :(

  16. Semi Expat- I am going to see if the library has Maggie Alderson books, thanks for the tip.

    Edith Hope- I have a sneaky feeling that you do live very elegantly already!

    Cherie- I have been on Amazon checking out all these great suggestions as well!

  17. Leslie if I had to choose, between my books, and my handbags; my DH would be thrilled. My books are more precious than any purse will ever be.

    And if you have a Kindle? Authors make more money from Kindle purchases of their book. I was surprised by this news.

    Now I have to buy both hard copy, and soft(ware) versions, because I will NEVER stop buying books. If you were to look in the trunk of my car, you'd get a shock. It's full of the books I bought last week at Goodwill.