Friday, November 12, 2010

Thinking pink...

The sun has graced us with her presence and I am thinking warm thoughts...
sounds heard here in the Bungalow are that of the washer and dryer as they chug and whirr through their cycles.

I find that quiet is very restorative and the relative silence offers up gifts...
if you listen
opportunities to see intricate details,
to think peaceful thoughts,
to create,
to imagine,
to explore

today my camera found it's way into my hands...
and I went walkabout in the lower level of the Humble Bungalow
and behold...

Christmas cactus blooming now
residing in a vintage garage sale 
 Chinoserie planter

looking very relaxed

pointing something out...

it must be the birds that they notice

 I see beads of moisture...
water droplets!

beautiful details
if only you look

various shades of pink

perhaps, I think

pink perfection

Flea Market Find

antique bowl with staple repairs

 perhaps, I think
pink imperfection

...smiling from here on a sunny day....
How about you?


  1. Gorgeous shots, Hostess! I love colorful Chinoiserie like that. And you've captured the depth of color in those blooms so beautifully!

  2. I love that cup! It's amazing to think there was time when that sort of thing would be repaired and not just tossed out in the garbage!

  3. Staple repairs. I feel that I must have some of those, on my spirit if not my body.

  4. Smiling back at you, from here! I, too, LOVE those staples!

  5. Never before have I seen staples used to repair crockery!

  6. Beautiful. I had an old wooden bowl once that had been stapled to repair, but this adds so much charm to your bowl. Pink colored flowers are my very favorite!

  7. Gorgeous.. and pink shades of happiness from here to you too, Hostess! x

  8. Dear Mme Hostess, I thought of you when I was at the Airport in Paris because there was a Hermes Store and I did so want a scarf but I thought of Mr LiC's feelings and decided to forego one this time. Please show us another one of yours to make me feel better. Don't you think that there is something lovely about the fact that someone else before you prized that bowl enough to repair it and now you are linked to that person? I am glad that people can look through imperfections to see the beauty - else many of us would have been shipped off to the knackers yard many years ago...

  9. My christmas catus is blooming too. It's red not pink, rescued as a tiny struggling stem from a non-green thumb friend, now thriving in my kitchen window. Your beautiful Chinoiserie bowl adds the perfect touch.

  10. What a delightful post. Beautiful photography and lovely pink pieces (and plants). Your writing is lovely too - drifty, dreamy, poetic.

  11. Deja Pseu- The light was perfect and the shots literally came to life on their own.

    Suburban Princess- I thought that too when I purchased's sad but I think we have evolved into a throw away society.

    LPC- I am not sure if I should laugh or cry...

    life in small chunks and Anne-Marie- I would love to see more stapled pieces...:)

    LaVieQuotidienne- I'd love to see a picture of that wooden bowl.

    Semi Expat- I think pink is a happy colour.

    Linda in Chile- I will get right to work on a Hermes scarf post just for you...and the knackers yard...Oh my perish the thought!

    Northmoon- These little cactis are so hardy I am surprised your non green thumb friend couldn't coax it into blooming...but nice that you now are tending it!

    Fiona- Fiona you are so kind.
    I do tend to go "walkabout with my words"...poetic though I will embrace with thanks!