Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yoga Practice and Pepper...

Pepper is teaching me things everyday...
she plays hard,
stays hydrated,
eats small meals
and sleeps often...

cat naps (which are amazingly restorative) can happen at anytime, anywhere
when she awakens she usually moves slowly and takes a few minutes to groom herself
before leaping into action

she loves to stretch...and rolls side to side

In my Yoga practice the cat pose loosens up tension from my neck and back
I imagine that I am a cat when arching and moving through these undulating feline inspired positions.

What seems natural to Pepper, I have had to learn...
I have come to Yoga as an answer to aches, pains and taut tense muscles...
the controlled breathing does wonders to rid unwanted stress and negativity.

I simply adore the last part of the class when we lie on our mats and feel all the energy that we have gained through these gentle movements...savasana.
I like to think of it as Nirvana.

Pepper seems to like it too!


  1. Pepper's so cute, and calm looking! My cat Trouble (named after Ciao Ciao San's son in the opera, Madama Butterfly) is a hugger. He has to wrap his paws around my (or anybodies) neck, and bury his face in. I have to carry him around like a baby, while he looks over my shoulder
    He's relentless, like that cartoon skunk, Pepe LePhew (sp) I have to struggle to release his strangle hold. lol

  2. Pepper was bottle fed and loves to suckle on the fleecy blanket that I wrap her in when she gets crazy...the hospital called it a kitten burrito!
    She is very fiesty...Trouble and Pepper sound like they'd get along famously!

    I started Bringing Home the Birkin and want to stay up all night reading... :)

  3. That peppered belly is KILLING me. Too cute!! I am in love.

  4. LaBeletteRouge- I love the spotty belly sooo makes me want to tickle and pat it...she gets very defensive and scratches if try!

  5. I didn't know that you did do I. I take a class twice a week and I couldn't do without it. In fact I was there tonight. Pepper seems like a natural at it. (-:

  6. Hostess: The pictures of Pepper are just tooo cute! I don´t know how much of this all I can take without going nuts ; )!

  7. Dear Hostess what beautiful colouring baby Pepper has on her tummy,she has settled well into her new home.
    You ladies are all so clever at posting photos I would not know how to begin.Ida

  8. Dear Hostess, Your photographs of Pepper are so pretty.....she clearly loves the camera and is extremely photogenic. I have never tried Yoga but I am sure that it is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Clearly, as you say, Pepper is a natural...

  9. I suggest a Pepper Calendar? Yoga's essential to me for relaxation and also for building strength and retaining mobility. And I've made a number of good friends at the studio. I'm happy you find it valuable too.

  10. Pepper has the most beautiful markings.

  11. LaVieQuotidienne- I love Yoga...and see that I am in good company :)

    metscan- Maybe you need your own Pepper?

    ida- The photos are very easy to upload once you do a few you'll be a natural!

    LPC- Her poses influenced ny post!

    Edith Hope- She actually was resting and quiet or the images would be a complete blurr!

    Duchesse- Oh what a great idea! If only I could train her to do the Downward Dog!

    Vistoria-Shift the Scene- I think she has Bengal in her genes...

  12. Cutest kitty ever! I just want to Tickle that belly.

  13. What a stunning cat, she should be a jewellery model!

  14. Tabitha- hmm...I might try draping her with some pearls...

  15. hi leslie,

    isn't funny how pets can teach us so much about life, love and health?

    love your little pepper and he makes me want to stretch right now so that's what i'm going to do. have a great weekend.


  16. Pepper's belly reminds me of a snow leopard's markings. Does he like the snow? :)

  17. vintagedreamer- She's an indoor cat so I'm not too sure that she would like it. She does love to play with water though...loves to lap up water from the tap!

  18. the gardener's cottage- my comment was gobbled up in cyberspace!
    I like that our blood pressure and stress levels are reduced when we pat our pets...stretch and breathe...I hope you have a fun weekend.

  19. apologies on the pronoun faux pas. ;)