Sunday, November 21, 2010

Radio Days...

I have been without a radio for many years.
My first radio was a rocket radio gizmo that was more of a toy...
can you believe this?
A few years later I received a Crosley radio that my clever father managed to paint pink to match my bedroom!
When I turned 13 I had a battery powered transistor by Motorola which I took out to local parks and beaches... I thought I was pretty cool...

I remember listening to the sounds of the late 60's... the San Francisco scene, The Beatles and The Stones....while chewing Double Bubble and sipping Coca Cola.

An early favourite band of mine was Buffalo Springfield...oodles of talent, amazing harmony, singing songs with political messages...

I still listen to CSNY...the concert here in town a few years back still makes me smile!

Springsteen's music speaks to me on many levels and Mr. HB and I attend his concerts whenever he comes to the Pacific's been a few years...where are you Bruce?

I bought a Crosley...
wish you could see it
retro looking like the one you gave me 
way back in the day!

and the best part
it has a superior sound
they call it "Sound Around"

I've had to bring in my Aeonium arborium Valour 
zone Z10
the weather is positively beastly
chilly windy and wild
snow flurries

Who are your favourite musicians and bands?


  1. Je l'adore! I absolutely love vintage inspired "new" electronics. I have a free standing record player/radio/CD/tape player in our living room. I have been asked many times if it is an antique. I love listening to Michael Buble and Rod Stewart sing old standards. Love Big Band, musical soundtracks, my "Mozart in the Morning" CD, even some country (Taylor Swift, Josh Turner)and I love the 80s. I was a very happy woman when our new car came with XM Radio. The older I get the more I enjoy a variety of sounds. But I think the old standards are my current favorite.

  2. How on earth have you managed without a radio? I have one on practically all the time. But I have managed without TV soon two years! My favorite artists change. Paul Simon has followed along many years, I do like L.Cohan. There are many I like, new voices to be heard..

  3. Dear Hostess, I have been without a television for over 30 years but I could not be without a radio for 30 minutes. Tuned permanently to Radio 4 in the UK and to Radio Bartok in Budapest, my Roberts radios in a variety of styles and finishes are my constant companions.

  4. hi leslie,

    we have a bose radio/cd player and a crosley record player. my sons have me collecting vinyl if you can believe that!

    i am currently in love with/obsessed with jack white in any and all forms.


  5. Dear Hostess,such an interesting post on radios.
    Like Edith have a couple of Roberts radios,my beautiful red one sits looking forlornly at me.
    Here in the Marches surrounded by hills we have no signal(crying)for our beloved Classical FM.
    The only way to receive it is via TV satellite.
    Country living can have its draw backs! Ida

  6. I don't have a television either--we just sent to our community's bimonthly electronics collection the one we've not turned on since Election Night 2008. I miss WFMT in Chicago--the Fine Arts station where Studs Terkel once broadcast nightly and from whence comes the Midnight Special. Now, I depend entirely on NPR and a wonderful local blues/bluegrass station that comes in irregularly on low power from about 30 miles away. I do miss the nightly CBC broadcasts we used to get.

    The Crosley sounds (and looks) marvelous--I'm looking for a special Christmas present, and this may be exactly what I want to give!

  7. Hello Hostess,
    I LOVE listening to the radio. Every night before bed I listen to the ABC's AM news station in Australia. They have broadcasts from NPR, the BBC as well as the ABC.

    I have learned so much about the world from this hour or so each night (and in the morning when the alarm goes off). Much more informative than trying to watch the news some times.

    AM radio is scratchy but I'm a bit nervous about getting a digital radio. Oh the irony! They sound too complex.

    SSG xxx

  8. That goes SO perfectly with the bungalow.

  9. Hostess I love any music with a good beat and leaves me happy.
    Fleetwood Mac are probably the one band I like the most (I know, living in the past but thats ok).
    Saw them in concert in the 70's and again last year when touring our shores and frankly we were blown away. Certainly have not lost their magic and energy. Brilliant night!
    Like your radio, it's very cute. I listen to ABC news radio in the car.

  10. vintagedreamer- I sometimes think the sounds from my youth are the ones I like the best. Michael Buble has such a mellow sound...

    metscan and Edith Hope-I have had the CD player and the record player...and TV so I have not done without music...I just felt ready for a radio.

    Janet- We have lots of vintage vinyl and a no surprise here!

    ida- I am not familiar with Roberts radios will google them later and Country Living sounds divine!

    Staircase witch- I like NPR and CBC...I heard that Target sells these Crosley's...I got mine direct from the Crosley site.

    SSG- It is my hope that I will learn more with the radio news too!

    LPC- I like the look too :)

    Anne-Marie- Fleetwood Mac are classic. I think that living in the past in music is perfectly works for me :)

  11. I never listen to the radio at home. I only occasionally do so in the car. If I do it is NPR. I do love music I just tend to prefer cd's and ipod.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!xoxo

  12. I love music and my taste is very eclectic but I never lisen to it on the radio. At home I lisen to Cd's and in the car I always lisen to an audio book.(-:

  13. Dear Mme Hostess, Now that I am in Chile, I miss Australia's ABC Radio National or the gardening program on local ABC radio. Like Sydney Shop Girl, I used to go to bed listening to the BBC (How can anyone not like "This is the BBC"?) On long drives in the Summer to and from Sydney, there was always the cricket - which sounds dull but the commentators are hilarious and very wicked. However, here there is a lot of music from the eighties and I do sing along in a very daggy way in the car. My eldest does a lot of eye rolling.

  14. Love the Crosley sitting there on the ledge. It looks like the perfect spot for it, like it's always been there.

  15. ah, this brings back memories . . . the big old radio in the corner of the room, my wee Sony transistor I was so proud of in my teens . . . Your new toy fits quite nicely in the aesthetics of your bungalow, doesn't it!

  16. Love your new radio! It reminds me of the radio my Grandmother had sitting on her kitchen counter for many years. Where did you get your radio? {I wonder if they have it in pink?} Angie xo

  17. I love Bruce Springsteen, I love your new radio and I love that you say words like 'beastly'. You are adorable Hostess.

  18. My father built a Heath kit (sp) stereo back in either the late sixties, or early seventies? I can't even recall the label on our old transistor, but I remember it being a dark avocado'ish' green.

    As for Bruce? He lost me after The River. Although I have at least four copies( they were gifts) of Born In The USA; I don't listen to it, or any of his albums after The River.
    I saw Bruce at Convocation Hall in Toronto, back in the seventies, before he was even a known artist in Canada.
    I had heard the Hollies sing one of his songs, and that locked him in my sights.
    I remember a Rolling Stone article where it was mentioned, that he loved red heads (he was dating some college girl) and that he NEVER wanted children.