Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've been tagged...

Suburban Princess has tagged me...
go here. to see her blog and check out how she answered the questions.

What is your favourite dessert?

Creme brulee

Ever tried to cook something and fail miserably?

When I was first married I tried to make tomato fried rice using rice and Campbell's tomato was a complete flop and ended up in the garbage can!

Is there a dish you haven't made yet but really want to?

Not really, whenever I see a recipe that excites me I get all the ingredients and make it.

What's your favourite food?

Potatoes...mashed, scalloped, baked, twice baked and stuffed, roasted, boiled topped with salt, pepper, butter and mint leaves.

What is your least favourite food?

Lima beans, I've never warmed to them.

Do you have any seasonal meals you like?

Turkey dinner with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, sweet potatoes, brussell sprouts, all the trimmings.

What is your comfort food?

Mashed potatoes with butter, salt and pepper...or gravy!

Chocolate: milk, dark, or white?

Milk and dark...not white.

This vintage bread tin has a chipped rim
but is completely usable
and hides the bread which is store bought
and the plastic bags
which I find unsightly, are hidden!

I am meant to tag 8 bloggers and ask them to answer all these questions.
I am afraid if I did tag 8 bloggers that they might not read my blog post and miss it altogether or they may see it and ignore it all together and I would be rejected... :(

My Christmas cactus is in bloom already!

I think I'll cheat a little here and suggest that if you want to participate that you voluntarily answer these and post them on your back here if you participate....:)

I love this pudding bowl
the vintage motif
and especially the crazing
the crazing is what charms me most.

Imperfections can be beautiful...


  1. I love mashed potatoes too. I want some right now, in fact.

  2. I am with you - I love potatoes in almost any form. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful; do you keep it in the house year around? They really are something when they bloom.(-:

  3. hi leslie,

    sign me up for potatoes too. i love them any way they are prepared. mashed is prob my favorite though. i'm w/frugal scholar, i want some now and it's not yet 10am.


  4. Oh hostess, you should not worry. If you had tagged us we would have responded. Perhaps not for a while (eek) but we wouldn't be so rude to you. And I think that's really funny you tried to make fried rice with canned tomato soup:).

  5. I would love to eat mashed potatoes out of that pudding bowl. And, like you, I am not a fan of lima beans. Yuck!

  6. Another vote for spuds. The humble pomme de terre is truly food from the gods - we all seem to worship it so! Mashed, with butter, salt and pepper, maybe chopped curly parsley, in a big bowl, on the sofa, with a black and white Woody Allen movie on. Rainy day bliss.

    You are so wise to ask for volunteers. I don't like getting tagged. When you're asked to rope others in it feels like a chain letter. I feel a bit antisocial saying that but it's how I feel!

    I missed Pepper today.

  7. Loved your comment "imperfections can be beautiful" - I tell my children that all the time. Our imperfections are what make us who we are...
    And I vote for potatoes as well - my favorite comfort food is french fries! Mashed are a close second!

  8. Dear Hostess of the humble bungalow,
    I love potatoes in every variation! And there is one thing I never dared to make, though I want to: Crème Bavaroise. (Living in Berlin in the Quarter Bavaroise from now on, I will try to make it it - and tell you of its success). And I love dark, dark chocolate (and if the book recommendation for Molly Keane was from you: TX - wonderful!)

  9. Ditto!
    The best comfort food is potatoes. Adore spuds mashed with lashings of butter or gravy. It's the food I reach out for when sick.

  10. My goodness....I am surprised that so many of you share the love of the humble spud!
    I thought perhaps it was the Irish heritage coming through!

    LaVieQuotidienne- I keep the cactus indoors all year and water a tiny bit once a sits on a window ledge and is cold a lot of the faces east.

    LPC-I know I still laugh at my inexperience...but it makes for a chuckle when looking back to my rookie years as a young bride! And thanks for saying you would have participated...I appreciate that.

    LaBelletteRouge- Did you have them as a child? I did and they were powdery inside and I gagged a lot...yuck is right!

    Fiona-Pepper is just great and she'll be back!

    life,in small chunks-French fries are potatoes!

    Britta- I am glad you are enjoying Molly Keane!

    Anne-Marie- Oh I should try that too...I usually make chicken soup!