Monday, November 15, 2010

There's a man in my kitchen....

Several nights ago there was a man in my kitchen...
and he cooked his way into my heart, yet again.

Mr. HB loves pasta and this love found him cooking up a feast...
he has a fabulous recipe Pasta al Sugo which he discovered watching a PBS Cooks out of Seattle, Washington.
He has made this before for me and it is a winner!

 recipe architect style

Mr. HB at work

olive oil

Marinara Sauce

full bodied red wine

 crusty baguette

Portobello mushrooms, tenderloin of beef,
Marinara sauce, garlic, beef stock, and red wine
all simmering happily in a large pan
(he used our LeCreuset wok)

Pasta cooked until al dente in another pot and added to the sauce.

stir and add in a ladle full of pasta water

top with fresh basil and grated parmesan cheese
serve in a large bowl
Harumi Ota's porcelain is perfect for this

light the candles

pour the wine
(camera image in Reidel glass purely unintended)

dinner is served

darling if you are reading this...


  1. Looks delicious! What a great hubby you have there. :)

  2. Yummy! I can tell you this post has made me planned WW meal schedule for the day seem rather dull!;-)

  3. He has architect's handwriting:).

  4. hi leslie,

    first, thanks for your lovely comment today.

    secondly, i adore a man that can cook. they all can you know, they just pretend they cant'


  5. LaBeletteRouge- So sorry, I feel it must be... but you are slimming while I are ahead of me in the decision to take action...
    as a result...I waddle while I waffle!

    LPC - Much easier to read than the doctor's script!

  6. Dear Hostess, Mr HB is welcome in my kitchen any day of the week....well, come to think of it.....anyone is welcome who can cook as I am never to be found in there!

  7. Hostess,

    You are a fortunate woman. Although my husband is quite adept in front of a grill, he steers clear of the stove.

    This pasta looks delicious. Perfect for a cozy fall day. When it stops being 84 degrees here in Sonoma County, I will be sure to try it out.

  8. Dear Mme Hostess, What a romantic post! A man in your kitchen whom you have loved for years cooks for you from a recipe with wine and candles. You are a lucky woman and it is clear that you know it too.

  9. What a lovely evening...dinner cooked by a man that loves you! What a nice treat - and it looks delicious.(-:

  10. Janet- I felt very moved by the emotion in your post today...Mr. HB has always made a fabulous spaghetti and I have crowned him King of the BBQ!

    Edith Hope- I welcome cooks into mine as well!

    Adrienne- My husband is so busy at work that he has not had much opportunity to do more than BBQ or make spaghetti once in awhile...I do feel very special when he does cook...84 degrees sounds fine to me...we've got rain and wind...I have soup on the stove!

    Linda in Chile- He's a gem and I am a lucky gal.

    LaVieQuotidienne- Wouldn't it be great if I could share samples over the internet!

  11. That looks delicious! My husband loves to cook too and I always feel extra lucky when he makes us dinner.

  12. You are lucky to have such a caring husband... love when my hubby cooks for me too :)

  13. Dear Hostess,yum,yum,I am feeling hungry it is mid-morning here!
    I dislike cooking my OH can make great salads.
    What great arts/crafts lamps in your kitchen.Ida

  14. How lucky are you? Having a man in the kitchen is a treat I could get used to. My DH is always happy to make breakfast, if I ever feel like eating at 5am! That's as far as his cooking skills extend.

    Thanks for including the recipe. What a scrumptious looking meal!

  15. Looks like a lovely meal! How lucky you are to have a man in the kitchen! That is indeed a rare event @ my house. H.H. fires up the grill a couple times a summer, but he has not graduated to the kitchen yet.
    I remain hopeful though!