Friday, November 26, 2010

300 posts and counting...

A year ago I started my blog
and now I have over 300 posts
I have been writing on things that are near and dear to me...
family, home, garden, clothes, cats, cooking and collectibles.

I shared some serious thoughts and others that bordered on sheer folly.
I captured many images of daily life here in and around The Humble Bungalow

I do have a confession...

I have told nary a soul about my blog
my family knows and a few girlfriends but that's it...

I am trying to figure out why I am so shy about this "hobby"

I am not sure if I will be mocked
what I expect the reaction to be...
should I come out of the closet?

I am a gal of few words
(of this you might be surprised!)
a regular group of us get together for tea/coffee at a local spot
and when we do
I listen more than talk

my fashion sense doesn't match that of my peer group 
what is up with that and why?
I am far more interested in name brand luxe
and have an insatiable appetite for pearls and diamonds
I am still trying to figure this out...

I can get "lost" in my garden
time seems to be suspended

I am fascinated by flowers
am shocked and amazed by their detail

 whimsical things have a place in my garden
vintage pink flamingoes
bowling balls

roses are my passion
and it was my mission
to grow as many roses as I could
so that my vases would be full of fabulous bouquets
and this continues today

my love of wicker 
marry here and will be forever

packaging and presentation
woo me every time

Orange is not reserved for Halloween alone :)

I love ocean travel 
on our boat
 a summer tradition for almost 30 years

 a vintage vessel
2 years younger than myself
and still cruising along :)

sounds hopeful !

I love to cook

and try new recipes...

Roast Beef Sundays 
 a great way to entertain family
and friends

 food from the garden
fun and flavour
I feel a sense of comfort eating what I have grown

I became a grammy this year and it has been such a gift!
I wish that I could show you my brag book...but I cannot.
Out of respect for my family's privacy I have not posted images of lovely grandbaby Isla.
I would love to show you what a sweetheart she is...
you'll just have to take my word for it!

This pram
has sprung suspension
which affords a smooth ride
and is curb friendly...

I have learned a lot....
about cyberspace and digital photography,
made connections many whom I consider to be friends
and have opened my eyes on a global level...

I am feeling thankful and grateful...

Stickley, our Bungalow cat died of old age this summer
It was a sad and dark time for me...
and comments of support and understanding helped me through this patch of gloom
there are a lot of cat owners who blog :)

 recently we adopted a rescue kitten

she has been a breath of fresh air
and enthusiastic comments have encouraged me to post more images of her at rest and at play.

Time flies when you are having fun...
my archival posts remind me what I was doing this past year...
a visual diary.
I need to figure out what I am going to be doing this upcoming year...
stay tuned and life in the Bungalow will evolve as nature intended...

I appreciate your comments and critiques...keep them coming.

I have a mug of tea at hand...
won't you join me?

Make time to indulge in something that makes your heart beat a little faster
and savour...
celebrate the simple
and elevate the everyday to special

Please come back
there's a place for you here in the Humble Bungalow.



  1. Congratulations, what a lovely post.

  2. hi leslie,

    congratulations on 300 posts. that is a lot of writing there.

    very few real life friends know of my blog and i even wish the few that knew didn't.

    thank you for always brightening my day with your musings from the bungalow.


  3. This is not only a lovely post but almost a biography of you...your loves, interests and desires. Thank you for sharing this and allowing us all to get to know you better. And, yes! I think you should tell your friends about your blog they will be fascinated and impressed.(-:

  4. I love your posts Hostess and is it really a year - time flies when you are having fun! I have told a few friends about my blog and my family... but I was rather put off by telling anymore friends as the one I told did rather take the micky and say was I "Billy No Mates!?" I know she was joking but I was a little bit hurt. Too sensitive for my own good!
    Here's to your next year. xx

  5. Dear Leslie: I am so happy that you started your blog and have kept it going on. I am following right behind you. I have told a few friends that I am writing a blog, but have not given my blog address. I want to keep this blog just between you other bloggers and me ( + my family ). My friends have understood me wanting the privacy.
    I love your blog. It really does give a good picture of you. You are lively and empathic. Little things grow into big things in your blog, and maybe also the other way around. I like your spontaneity ( the donuts ), as I am like that too; yet you live in piece with yourself ( something for me to catch up with ).
    All in one: Your blog is great, keep posts coming! Hugs, Mette

  6. I really enjoy the posts from The Bungalow. They are warm and individual and that is how I like them! Looking forward to the next 300!!

  7. Dear Mme Hostess, Congratulations on 300 posts and a whole year of blogging. You have brought such pleasure to my life here in Chile. Thank you.

  8. Dear Hostess, I only read a handful of blogs, yours is one of my favorites. I also share a love of garden, home, family, books and my cat. I was drinking a cut of Lady Grey when I saw your photo, talk about coincidence! Perhaps you don't "share" your blog with your immediate group of friends to keep your life private...but rather open up on the blog because we are scattered throughout the world and most likely would never have intersecting lives. Thank you for blogging, Jenndon

  9. Dear Hostess, Congratulations on reaching such an impressive milestone as 300 postings.....most definitely reason to celebrate. It is good to look back and ponder on the journal of your life, loves and leisure and this posting is evidence of the wonderful range of topics which you cover. You are an individual, unique and a one-off, that is what makes your writing such fun and entices your readers to keep returning!! Many, many happy returns!!

  10. Hostess...that was a brilliant post. Honestly, you pulled me thru every single image and your words spoke to me on every level. I feel for you about not talking about your blog to some friends. I found that reactions differed. Some were enthusiastic and not surprised and others are still confused by what it all means. I came to realise that either reaction was ok. If they are interested in reading my posts they know where to find me. If not, that is ok too. Keep doing all that you are are enjoying life and that is rings loud and clear in every post. I say follow your passions...we only have this life to live and we have to make the best of it. Congratulations on 300 lovely posts...I look forward to many more :)

    Jeanne xx

    PS...I just discovered your name HOORAY...Leslie :))

  11. I am very new to blogging and yours is one that I visit daily. It is very inspirational and I get lost in your photos. Congratulations on your 1st year anniversary! Like you, I feel the "need" to keep my blogging private from friends and most family as well. I can't really explain it--it just needs to be for now. Looking forward to your next 300 posts!

  12. More and more, in my fourth year blogging, I've let the link between my real name and my blogging one be known. But I very much relate to your shyness. Alice Munro captured that Canadian reticence very well in the title of her short story, "Who Do You Think You Are." -- I always worry that's what someone will chastise me with for occupying blog real estate. Yet I do think, at our "certain age" that we begin to know exactly who we are and so we write ourselves into the public eye anyway. Your readers are all glad that you do.

  13. Congrats on 300 posts Hostess, this is a remarkable achievement.
    This one is my favourite.
    Follow your heart and tell/don't tell about your blog. My husband and kids know I follow blogs but I've never mentioned it to any friends. Why? not sure, maybe I just want a little something that is private and purely my indulgence.
    Keep up the great writing!

  14. Dear Hostess,what beautiful worded 300th post,and the photos how I envy you putting them on!!!I am just starting to find my way around the internet blogging world...but have no idea how you all put up such great photos!!
    Note your Emma Bridgewater clock,have some of her bird mugs.
    See you share my love of pearls,also drink Earl Grey for afternoon tea.We women have so much in common (smile)
    My husband is the only one who knows I 'chat' with internet bloggers from around the world!

    I did belong to a social networking group and met up with some women but this was not a good experience as it turned out we had nothing in common,Hostess mentioned something similiar with her friends.
    Your love of the sea,home is so evident..typical
    of your star sign.
    I look forward to following your blog through 2011. Ida

  15. Congradulations on your year of blogging. Your blog is one of my 'must reads' every day.

    I too have dipped my toe into the blogging world this year, and I keep my blog a secret. Not exactly that, but I don't tell anyone, if that makes sense;) I too am very quiet in person, and even hesitate to put thoughts in my blog. Perhaps that will change over time.

    Thank you for your lovely inspiring blog.

  16. anonymous- Thank you Paula, and welcome to the blog!

    the gardener's cottage- Janet, I am very happy that you enjoy my blog. You are a kind and gentle soul.

    LaVieQuotidienne- I might tell a few more friends and see how they react.

    Semi Expat- I would be hurt too! There is room for more friends in our lives...and you have opened up your heart for more.

    metscan- You are an inspiration to me. I felt very special when you sent me the card and gift. I was happy when you posted your picture for your husbands birthday :)

  17. Belinda@Wild Acre- 300 more...sounds a bit daunting doesn't it? I'll see what I can do!

    Linda in Chile- I am not sure how to are too kind!

    jenndon- Taking tea together across the miles! Thank you for following along and I am honoured that you enjoy visiting!

    Edith Hope- Thank you for your comments. I write about what I know and so it must show a personal side of me...quirks and all!

    Jeanne- Your friends can find you at home or on the net...and if they are friends they will love to get to know you better through your lovely images and words.
    Leslie :)

  18. Just found your blog from The Gardner's Cottage. Congratulations on 300 posts and in one year! Wow, I'm just starting and have so much to learn, but this is truly inspiring!

  19. vintagedreamer-Blogging has become a big part of my life. It may be like that for you too...and thank you for checking in every day. :)

    materfamilias- Four years! You are totally on the cutting edge...when I read your posts I do feel like I am right there with you....and I so enjoy your "blog real estate" island style :)

    Anne-Marie- I have a sneaky feeling that there are a lot of us who read and write blogs and don't talk about it!

    ida- We do have much in common....and geographically swe are far apart...thankfully the internet has linked us.
    Pisces do like water and pearls come from the ocean :

    Northmoon-I have been following you as well and am happy to see that you are posting more frequently. Your blog is a reflection of you and you must be comfortable with what you share.

  20. Thank you for the 300 posts of beauty. I look forward to the next 3000!

  21. I've been reading you for awhile, I don't remember how I found you, probably a link from somewhere else. I live in Washington State, am about your age, and also became a grandma for the first time a little over a year ago. I find many similarities between us as well as some differences, of course. I feel that we would be good friends if we met. I enjoy checking in on your life, and I'm glad you're out there opening that little window. My experience with a friend that has a blog is that I quit reading after awhile, as I really didn't want to know that much detail about her daily life. It seemed when we got together, I was already up to date, and she knew it! It quit feeling like a personal friendship, I guess is how I'd describe it. I started a blog that I let peter out very quickly, and I kept it quiet with my family and friends while I determined if I would keep it up, and how I was going to use it. Obviously, I have not kept it up, but I may still get back to it.

  22. annie-I hope that you have fun's quite a creative outlet :)

    LaBeletteRouge- I will try to keep things interesting so that you'll continue to return!

    Amy Alison's Self Absorption- Amy you have hit on something here that I never considered...such a great point... so I will keep some of my friends in the dark about my hobby...otherwise it would be like watching reruns!
    I am glad that you found your way here...welcome!

  23. Lovely post.

    And we ALWAYS enjoy photos of adorable little Pepper. I'm a cat owner and recognize the happy, eager look on her face as the look of a cat who knows she got lucky in the human family department (and is angling for a treat, play, scratch, brushing or other attention).

  24. A charming and pretty montage!

    Like you, I don't tell all friends about my blog. I want the freedom to describe what I observe and think, without seeking other's permission or approval. This is the dilemma of any writer who does not want to write superficial material.

    I tell the writers among my friends- want to know what they think. But I would not deny this activity if anyone asked. There is little chance of them learning all about me from my blog, as I made a conscious choice not to focus on details of my life.

  25. A new reader to your lovely blog. I've read about 50 out of 300 posts today, my first visit.
    I'll be back.
    Love your style, in every way!

  26. Welcome Kathy! I have over 500 posts now so hope that you'll keep reading and not get too tired!