Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lighting and the printed word...

The light here in the Bungalow inspired me to play

I changed the settings on my camera

I have forgotten how amazing Black and white images can be...

there are settings for fine detail
and blurring

settings for greener 

a season of change
changing of the colours

time for warmer coats

float down
and settle
to become mulch
a warm blanket on the compost

I will spend
many hours outside
the leaves do not fall all at once
they take their time
and many a gusty wind will blow before
this acaia tree
  is nude and stark 
sometime mid November

a light show
on the wood panel
in the family room

and the last image 
as I closed the pages on The Bag Lady Papers...

you might glimpse I am clad in my apron
and ballet flats from France
I had a Cabbage Roll making marathon
I am happy to report that they were delicious
and I have frozen some for the future.

P.S. I have ordered a few books after my last post...
Bringing Home the Birkin
The Pursuit of love
The Secret Life of Eva Hathaway
and that's just the beginning...


  1. You'll enjoy Michael's book Leslie. And just so you know, I was not one of his clients. LOL. The only thing I have ever bought from Michael is an Hermes tie for my son. If you like, I can have Michael send you a signed book plate, and he's always happy to hear from his readers.


  2. Duchess of H- I'd be happy to receive a signed book book should be here anyday...if you email me I'll send you my address... I do not see an email address on your blog.

  3. Very pretty pictures...I really need to learn how to use my camera is these creative ways. I love black and white pictures and sepia too. Good luck with all the reading material.(-:

  4. Black and white photos are always so depthful. Love these shots. And always love seeing Pepper! xoxo

  5. LaVieQuotidienne-I took an afternoon workshop on digital photography last spring and have remembered a few things...I could use a refresher course now as I have forgotten most of the details!

    LaBeletteRouge-I agree, more detail shows through in black and white...when well staged and framed they can become art.

  6. Your photos are lovely. Have you thought of changing your blog template so they can appear here in larger format?

  7. LPC- Oh...what a great idea...
    I suppose I need to get some help.
    I am a bit green when it comes to technology...maybe I could post asking for some suggestions as to how I can accomplish that!

  8. Isn't it fun to play with the camera?!

  9. The black/white pictures look calming after the colorful season. And the small kitten! Might you consider using Pepper as your "logo". I really like one you have been using, as it describes you so well, but still.. I, myself am always ready for some changes. Working on something to find it´s form right now.

  10. Dear Mme Hostess, I loved the experiments with light and colour and the photograph of the leaves on your porch. It does feel as if Winter will be setting in soon to your part of the world. I am so glad that you got the Pursuit of Love as it is one of my favourite books. The Linda in the story was so very glamourous and yet wonderfully innocent. It definitely a sit in a comfy chair with feet up and kitten by the side sort of story. Can I say in the words of Ms FF, that I find your blog very soothing!

  11. Very creative photographs Hostess - I so love hydrangea - in all its colours. Pepper is adorable. x

  12. I like how you played with the camera settings and the different photo's.

    I'm going to check out the books you listed, I'm always on the hunt for good reading.


  13. Fun photos, and I love hydrangeas too.

  14. materfamilias- It is a creative hobby and I see things in more detail...and pay attention to light and dark.

    Metscan-Pepper is on the sidebar now...!

    Linda in Chile- It must be a good book as many have recommended it and the online reviews are great.

    Semi Expat-The hydrangeas were freebies from my neighbour!

    see you there- There are so many great is difficult to decide what to read next...hope that you enjoy them.

    Fiona- Hydrangeas are very hardy here...and not very expensive. Mine have grown quite large and thrive on water and hard pruning.