Saturday, November 13, 2010


Linda in Chile recently visited a Hermes shop and although she really wanted to purchase a scarf she thought better of it and came out empty handed...
Linda has asked me to post a picture of one of mine to help her feel better...I hope this works!

I like the packaging and keep all the ribbons tags and boxes.

Vintage Hermes

artist designer Hubert de Watrigant

This very equestrian influenced scarf was purchased in a local shop not a Hermes boutique.
I didn't wear this one as much as I felt I should /could have... 
last week when my daughter was over for dinner and to do her laundry
I asked her if she'd like it
 a gift from a mother to daughter on the occasion of her new job

I have wandered into Hermes shops and come out without spending a dime...
I always have a good look's free!
and more recently I came out with my current scent Voyage d' Hermes.

Browsing in high end shops is a great way to check out luxe looks.
I pay close attention to details and fabrics.
I often go shopping in a well stocked consignment or thrift shop seeking out pieces that can be had for a song...
I wore many different scarves long before my first Hermes.
I would suggest looking for silk, larger squares with hand rolled edges and choose a colour and print that "sing to you" practise tying as seen here at deja pseu's blog

When and if you are in a position to splurge, I say do some homework and when you are ready just go for it and buy what makes your heart beat a little faster.

It has been my experience that I enjoy wearing mine and every time I put one on it stirs up the memories associated with the husband Mr. HB has been by my side, smiling!
He does know a thing or two on how to keep me happy...this is the luxe trick
the other is cooking for me...
stay tuned for the next post!


  1. Dear Mme Hostess, Thank you! I do feel better for seeing these lovely photos and reading your advice. You have inspired A Plan! Mme Maitai linked to a vintage Hermes site and I think that my fashionista daughters (all of 8 and 11 but with decided Views) and I can spend many hours looking at scarves until we find at least two perfect ones with a view to my girls snaffling them when they are old enough to come for dinner and do their laundry...

  2. Dear Hostess very chic scarf & 'county set'.
    Happy Hermes wearing days to your daughter.Ida

  3. What a nice gesture to give your Hermes scarf n o w to your daughter. Now, when she is able to enjoy having and wearing it!
    Let me guess.. next post, does it end with S ?

  4. How lovely...both the scarf and the gift. I visited a vintage Chanel shop this week...I didn't buy anything but my Sister bought a bag that she had always wanted...she is thrilled! and it is just like new.

  5. Linda- maitai's blog is chock full of great scarves and hints on how to wear them...I've also visited the site that you are referring to and it is "eye candy!" Happy Shopping!

    ida- She mentioned that she wore it to her new job Friday!

    metscan- I also gave her n=my navy Saint James French looks much better on her than it did on me. As to the next will not have to wait long.

    LaVieQuotidienne- I'd love to know where that Chanel shop is...would you be able to email me the address? Lucky that your sister found the bag of her dreams...

  6. Such a lovely scarf and isn't nice though to give things to daughters and to know that they LOVE them..... Adore the ribbons and packaging almost as much as what is inside ! x

  7. Delightful way to celebrate her achievement! One day hope to have DILs to enjoy the ones I've received over 25 years.

  8. What a beautiful scarf and I'm sure your daughter was very happy to receive it as a gift.
    You have such a beautiful home!

  9. Semi Expat- I think that packaging is so important...I try to wrap gifts as attractively as and orange boxes do make me swoon!

    Duchesse- Oh what a lovely MIL you'll be...Hermes scarves are such wonderful gifts!

    Catherine@AGardeninProgress- Thank you and a warm Welcome to you!

  10. Lucky Daughter! I once got offered a job with Hermes, sadly I had to turn them down, something I later came to regret, one of the things Hermes employees have to do is witness the entire process of the scarves being made, I would have loved to have seen this.
    If you go here you can see a demonstration;

  11. Hostess,
    I love Hermes scarves too but I only own one vintage one (found for $6.00 at a resale shop--someone obviously didn't know what she had). I have a few other rolled-edged, big square silk scarves that I like to wear too but nothing compares in quality to the Hermes. They are amazing works of art. What a great gift for your daughter!

  12. What a gorgeous scarf. And what a gorgeous way of memorializing a new job. Your daughter will be thrilled!

  13. vintagedreamer- Your Hermes is a fabulous find! I agree if you are smitten with Hermes, nothing else will do...and I agree they are art...wearable art.

  14. LaBeletteRouge- I think I might have passed on my love of scarves the way that my dear aunt passed it on to me.

  15. Dash- I will go check out that video...I wonder if it might have been very difficult not spending the entire paycheck on stock! On the other hand maybe staff get a discount!