Friday, November 19, 2010

Hermes scarf glorious details

Hermes scarves are rich in colour and details... 
hand rolled edges and silk twill 
 the patterns created are intricately balanced
and the Hermes signature is cleverly placed
there are many ways to wear a scarf
and the books that they give to you when you purchase one are full of great ideas

copyright Hermes on the stirrups

Hermes Paris

the classic H

Henri de Linares
circa 1968

I like this with a white top and jeans
it adds a bit of flash
an equestrian air

 my sister lives the life of an equestrian
has loved horses since she was about 10
teaches riding
and has many ribbons 
for her
 hunter jumper experise
tacked up in her tack room 
in the barn

she has more than earned the right to wear this scarf

I am totally immersed in Michael Tonello's
Bringing Home The Birkin.....
I want to stay up all night reading !


  1. What a gorgeous and classic scarf! I never cease to be amazed at the amount of rich detailing in these scarves. And j'aime bien the equestrian theme!

  2. Naturally I too l i k e everything equestrian, and some even know why. Wearing the real equestrian stuff on half the day, I do, however, not to wear it so much at other times. Per moment, it is only a few paintings and three equine sculptures, which reveal my true interest. Secondly, I am just adjusting to wear shawls ( for the warmth ), though I have had some square scarves, which I found just impossible for me to use.
    Your scarf in the picture looks very much you: )

  3. I am hopeless at tying mine, i just sort of stuff them round my neck then end up whipping them off, those scarf tying cards hurt my head, I'm missing the lobe that understands things like that.

  4. Dear Mme Hostess, More beautiful Hermes! I spent quite a bit of time looking at this season's 90cm silk scarves on the Hermes site last night while Mr LiC was looking a maps planning our trip to the southernmost part of Chile in February. It was very companionable. I love it that the website shows you what they look like tied. I am narrowing my choices...

  5. A very beautiful and intricate scarf.
    Maybe I should pop in one day to the Hermes store in my city and have a sticky-beak.

  6. How pretty...wonderful detai, just like a painting...wearable art! (-:

  7. Deja Pseu- I heartily agree! The details seem to make them wearble art that and the fact that artists design them.

    metscan- Hermes make large shawls too!

    Tabitha- I'd try a scarf ring or go visit Deja Pseu's blog she has been filming scarf tying tutorials and they are easy to follow!

    Linda in Chile- Oh please send me a photo of it when you decide which one to buy!

    Lisa- merci :)

    Anne-Marie- Have fun "nosing around" Hermes...ask for free samples of the scents and the latest scarf tying book...if you buy a scarf please send me a photo!

  8. LaVieQuotidienne- I just visited your blog...I see that you are getting ready to decorate!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! The first picture of the scarf is my favorite.

  10. Dear Hostess, what beautiful Hermes scarves you have.It reminds me of my sloaney days when we wore them as head scarves like the Queen!!!!
    I sold mine years ago feel they are no longer me!!
    On you so elegant.Ida

  11. Lovely. Enjoy your weekend, late-night reading and all.

  12. LaBeletteRouge- I was on the Hermes website looking at the new ones and I am tempted!

    ida- I have worn mine like the Queen and I look very mumsy...not at all like the Grace Kelly image that I would love to channel!

    materfamilias- Thank you, we have had some snow flurries...brrr! A great excuse to stay home and keep warm, nose in a book!