Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Humble Bungalow circa 2010....

Some of you were asking to see the interior of the Humble Bungalow and back almost a year ago when I commenced the foray into the blog world of cyberspace I did post some images.
I chose the name Humble because our Bungalow is small in size and is simply decorated with finds from years of collecting.
Our furniture consists of mostly generic arts and crafts quarter sawn oak pieces...not the high end name brands. One exception is the Stickley bookcase which was a gift from my grandmother.

I am somewhat tentative showing these as I see so many beautifully arranged and decorated homes on blogs that are so magazine worthy...bear in mind that we live a simple life, our home from 1913 is mostly  in it's original state with updates to the kitchen and bathroom. The floors are worn, and the woodwork on the wainscotting has seen better days.
I do not have a large space to display things but have a large collection of "stuff"
In the early years here in the Bungalow I dreamed of owning a large arts and crafts home with ample storage!
I think subconsciously I prepared myself for the move up...so I over bought and collected things for the future larger home. We never did make the move and now we have ample space for the two of us...it's our starter and our retirement home.

The Humble Bungalow... naked and baring all her flaws...

The Living Room

Entry hall

The Dining Room
 forgot to remove my Tory Burch handbag 
from the chair

VanBriggle pieces

An arts and crafts cabinet from a local estate sale,
this early purchase necessitated budget stretching meals for awhile!

Bench seat opens for storage

 from dining room looking east

teensy bedroom
dwarfed by a queen sized bed
we had to graduate from the double a few years ago

modern Stickley lingerie chest
home to
knickers and lacy unmentionables

tab pocket curtains hide all our clothes
wee space = small wardrobes


creative storage

dark green walls

Kitchen upgraded in a sympathetic manner

where I spend many hours

where I spend many hours...
reading and writing

power bar and cords have been moved up 
as Pepper has decided that they are a tasty chew

I have omitted the family room as it is currently Pepper's kingdom
and she has toys strewn hither thither and 'yon...
also the lower level
guest room hobby room 
horribly scary bathroom and laundry area
which are on my wish list for updating.

oh and to answer the question...
I ordered my French Market Basket from Victorian Trading Co.
they are online and also have a catalogue.


  1. I think it is absolutely lovely!! So warm and comforting ...and what a beautiful carpet in the dining room.

  2. Dear Hostess,

    Your home is lovely. It reminds me of a cozy cabin up in the cool mountains.


  3. Well I think your home is quirky Hostess and I love homes full of character and quirkiness!
    It's obvious this house is full of love.
    I can see how Stickley got his name, am I right?

  4. I think I mentioned this before, way back when -- although there are significant differences in our home's styles, there are strong similarities as well, so much so that I feel immediately at home looking at your pictures. Your home exudes a comforting sincerity, integrity. (btw, we also have a small bedroom, dwarfed by the queen-size bed to which we moved up, somewhat reluctantly, a few years ago after spending most of our married life in the double . . . more similarity)

  5. The woodwork! What a lovely and embracing home. Looks truly (happily) lived in, not just a 'stage set'. A labour of love that I imagine delights all who enter.

  6. hi leslie,

    i've been away for a couple of days and i'm so glad i did not miss this. i remember the first time you posted pics of your home. we've been together a while now, huh?

    i love your home. i've asked before but cannot remember the sq footage. is it 1000? it just looks so lovely and loved at the same time. the warm woods make me just want to grab a blanket and curl up. you must get sick to death of me constantly showing my house.


  7. What a warm and welcoming home, but of course---it is yours.xo

  8. You have the most fabulous collection of Craftsman furniture and art - it is truely amazing and what a wonderful warm abience you have created.

  9. I don't understand how you feel the need to apologise for these glorious images of your home!

  10. Dear Hostess, What a delightful house you have. It is exactly as I imagined from all that you write: beautifully arranged rooms, carefully chosen pictures and ornaments, a very clear appreciation of both history and tradition, imaginative solutions to the storage problems which beset us all and, above all else, the very real feel of a well loved and looked after home. Yoy should, deservedly, feel very proud indeed. Thank you so much for your generosity in allowing us this tour.

  11. This is just a treasure box of delights. One of my cousins has a set of original Stickley bedroom furniture (with wonderful copper hardware). The set belonged to her aunt, and no one wanted the furniture!

    It looks great in an otherwise midcentury modern house.

  12. I have never seen anything like this before! Your home is in perfect harmony. One piece of furniture compliments the other. What a beautiful rug! So your house is soon celebrating it´s 100th birthday. Thank you for keeping it in it´s original plan. Places like your´s are appreciated!

  13. Dear Hostess what a beautiful cottage I love all the wood.
    It reminds me when I was a child we use to visit The Red House in Kent also an Arts & Crafts house.
    My G/mother had a Voysey oak table.One of my favourite periods William Morris,Holman Hunt,and Stickley must have been of the same era.
    Thank you for sharing this. Ida

  14. It's just lovely and looks so comfortable and inviting! You've done an amazing job with the space and the decor. I love that dining nook!!!

  15. I think it's great, and I agree with all the other comments about the warmth and ambience. What fabulous architecture and complementary decor.

    When I read about the lives of others online, I sometimes feel like my life is "less". I remind myself that it's more important to be myself and surround myself with what I enjoy and cherish.

    Your home reflects what you enjoy and cherish. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Dear Mme Hostess, Your home is simply lovely. I can imagine how happy you must be, pottering about, in such beautiful and elegant rooms. I am glad you did not 'move up'.

  17. You have a beautiful home. The way you have furnished and decorated it is perfect for the style of the house. Thank you for sharing photos with us.

  18. Thank you all for your comments!
    The Bungalow does reflect our lifestyle and it feels comfortable...

    I am interested that many of you commented on the wool carpet that we have in the dining room...a smaller one in the same pattern is in the living room. We found a sample of these at a local shop and had to special order them and wait many months until they arrived...I worried that we would not be happy after investing a healthy sum sight unseen.
    Thank goodness we were/are pleased!

    Janet-the square footage 900 on the main and I never tire of seeing your home.
    ida-friends of ours love to visit The Red House ...Stickley, William Morris, Charles Rennie MacIntosh and Voysey were all major players in influencing the arts and crafts revolution from the Victorian era.
    frugal scholar-That Stickley bedroom set must look amazing set against a mid century moderne backdrop! How fortunate that it was kept!

  19. Love it! Bungalows are my absolute favorite type of home. Thanks for sharing yours. I tried really hard last year to find one when we decided to move. There were 2 possibilities--one needed too much work (and I was all about not having to renovate when we moved) and the other was empty with no information about it that we could find (turns out it got listed earlier this year for only $35,000--I would've renovated if I had gotten a house that cheap). I love the "Bliss House" we got but my first love is still a bungalow.

  20. Oh.My.GOD. Your house is DIVINE. I love it. And so tidy and clutter free. Gorgeous. xxx

  21. vintagedreamer- Bliss House looks charming...and a Bungalow for $35,000 sounds like a great price...our real estate prices are quite high...an entry level fixer upper here is about half a million.

    FauxFuchsia- Thank you...and there's litle clutter because the house is so small...any clutter makes it look like a tip!

  22. Your house is really lovely, and familiar to me Leslie. I love your furniture. Our family room furniture at the farm, is a local cabinet makers rendition of Stickley. I couldn't bear to part with it, so it's moving with us to the new house.

  23. Hostess,
    Wow! Entry-level fixer upper? Even though I would love to live somewhere else sometimes, there has to be something said for the price of homes in our neck of the woods. Half a million can get you A LOT of house in the form of a beautiful, designer decorated mini-mansion. Lake properties are a different story, of course. You definitely have a treasure!

  24. Wow! What an authentic treasure you live in! It is so cosy and warm! I love your kitchen. Angie xo

  25. I love what you've done with your home. I really like the simplicity of it all and how you've stayed true to the Arts & Crafts period.

  26. Hostess, I wonder if your house is listed - in the sense of protected by cultural heritage? In Vienna we have villas from Adolf Loos where the interior is listed because it is unique. Your living room with the windows, fireplace, wood on the walls looks unique.

  27. Paula- Indeed it is on the heritage registry and the interiors of the living and dining rooms are designated as well. Our bungalow is a very modest example of the arts and crafts design...you might be interested in looking up the Gamble House in Pasadena California...it's a stunning example of a luxe A&C home.

  28. Duchess of H- This style seems to work with many interiors from moderne to country. It must be handy having a local craftsman nearby!

    vintage dreamer- I know the real estate prices here are crazy...

    Angie @ Echoes of Laughter- My kitchen took many many years to complete...I spend many hours working in it...happily!

    Cherie- The house really dictates what can and cannot be done.

    I apologize for being remiss in addressing these earlier comments until now...I must have missed them.

  29. Wow! Your home is truly beautiful and so inspirational to me! Simply perfect. Thank you for the tour!