Monday, November 22, 2010

Horsing around in the snow...Hermes and a Houseguest

The snow has fallen...and it is very cold.
My sister, the Equestrian, took some photos of her horses enjoying themselves in the paddock.
I thought that they were so beautiful...

they didn't want to go back into the warm barn...

Sis is off to a warmer climate herself
to her home in Rancho Mirage for a few weeks of sun and fun...
her partner, the Golfer, will be on the course everyday.

some of us stay home
 keeping the home fires burning...
Mr. HB chopped a lot of kindling 
and hauled some wood up to the front porch

It's supposed to get much colder...

I finished Michael Tonello's book
Bringing Home the Birkin
loved it!
If you get a chance and are so inclined
read it...
it's well written and engaged me right from the first page...
an insiders look at all things Hermes
and those who lust after their luxe products.

I must run as I am in hostess mode
and have a houseguest arriving


  1. Oh those are such beautiful images.
    I'm hoping to nosy around the Hermes museum when I'm in Paris in December

  2. I am glad to hear a good review on this book. I have been interested in reading it but have always hesitated for some unknown reason. I will check my library today. Gorgeous snow pictures too--we are suppose to get our first snow on Thursday!! : )

  3. Dear Hostess,I have decided to buy Bringing Home The Birkin as a Christmas present for a friend..maybe she will lend it to me to read later(naughty me)!!!
    How happy the horse is romping in the snow,we are suppose to have snow later in the week here in the UK! Ida

  4. Beautiful! Enjoy your snow and guests!

  5. The horse looks like it's enjoying the snow, it sure is pretty. We been sitting inside drinking hot chocolate enjoying watching it fall. Stay warm!

  6. While down here we are gearing up for the usual hot summer and consuming cool drinks. Quite the reverse to you Hostess!
    The horse looks like he is playing in a paddock of fluffy cotton wool. Lovely pics.

  7. What a shock to see all that snow, beautiful as it is. Horses really love to roll in it, when it's light and fluffy.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed, Bringing Home The Birkin.

    I was at a book reading this summer, featuring Michael Tonello, Dwayne Raymond, and Norris Church Mailer.
    Michael informed me that Norris Mailer died yesterday. Her memoir, A Ticket To The Circus is also a great read, and I'm so glad she was kind enough to sign my copy.

  8. Gosh snow already!! Great photos though. Think I may have to put that book along with loads of others(!) on my Xmas list. x

  9. Beautiful picture of the horses, especially the first one, just magical.(-:

  10. Wow Hostess, what part of Canada are these horse pictures taken from? More snow over there than over here! The paddock seems to be in a very similar surrounding to ours. Thank you for showing these : )!!!

  11. Thank you for those beautiful photos of the horse. What a happy treat!

  12. I cannot address each of your comments today as I am in Hostess mode with a guest here.
    We are keeping warm and have the furnace going to keep the icy wind and snow from invading our space.
    Mette-My sister lives about 25 kms from our Bungalow, just at a higher elevation. It is winter wonderland at her place for most of the winter :)

  13. What gorgeous pictures. I told a Facebook friend who loves horses and she had such wonderful things to say about your blog, I thought you might like to read them.

  14. Le sigh!!!!!!!! Oh, this is such a gorgeous post. These pictures are like something out of a christmas card.xo

  15. Gorgeous photos! Enjoy your houseguest, but bundle up. . .

  16. Victoria-Shift the Scene- I was unable to see her comments as I am not her friend on FB....I'll take your word for it!

    LaBeletteRouge- I will suggest that to my sister when she gets back from California!

    materfamilias- I have been adding many layers when venturing new Sperry boots are perfect as they have a sturdy slip resistant sole...take care navigating your roads and boats...sorry to hear about the frozen brakes.

  17. Angie@Echoes of Laughter- I agree, my sister is a great horse woman.

  18. Gorgeous horse photos. It looks like so much fun frolicing in the snow. Keep warm, and enjoy your company.