Monday, November 8, 2010

I've been very nauti...

charting a course...

making plans

the laws of attraction...

landmarks and signposts along the way
guiding lights...

what's in a name?

new footwear


but nice

buckle up

I went shopping and Hunter boots were on sale...
I decided that now was the time to buy the bespoke boots.
I have wanted a pair of Hunters for a few years...

I sat down while the clerk went to fetch my size
I was mulling over what colour to buy...
red, classic green, black...
 I have sad news...they did not feel at all comfortable
I cannot believe it...but it is true.
they wobbled when I walked and they were too tall for my short legs!
the shorter version were not at all on my radar so...
I said goodbye to Hunters
and Hello

these are so comfortable
 and just a tad shorter so they feel great!
I'll be puddle jumping happy when the rain falls
and it will
it has been raining for days
but not today...

the box is getting recycled

just as soon as Pepper is finished with it!


  1. You could be writing ads for a living! This is a great one!

    I have always avoided Hunters because they look so tall - they would be over the knee boots on me lol!

    Your Sperrys look great!

  2. Dear Hostess, I am so sorry that you did not find the Hunter wellington boots to your liking. I should not wish to be without of course.....such an essential component of the English countryside. [Along with hip flasks,shooting stick and a reliable Lurcher]

  3. Love your new boots!! The kitty is so cute and must be adjusting to her new home just fine!

  4. The new boots are really cute! But nowhere near as cute as Pepper!!! She is divine.

  5. Your boots are very nice, and this is one of those times where you did the right thing in ignoring the touted brand.

  6. Suburban princess- I never considered that line of work! I'll keep it in mind:)

    Edith Hope- I know Hunters are a classic...and I did want to be classically footed but alas it was not to be...I see that you have all the bases covered...were you perchance a girl scout?

    Angie- We are giving her more freedom and she is enjoying swatting the drapes, hiding under the bed and sleeping on our chairs!

    Deja Pseu-I heartily agree...she brings such lightness and joy, I am very grateful for her.

    LPC- I felt a bit of a let down discovering that they were not meant for me...but I am very happy with my Sperry's.

  7. Pepper is so adorable! Sweet, happy little thing.

    I just had a similar disappointment. Tried on the Frye leather boots I'd been coveting - too high for my calves, and rubbed in places that I won't enjoy. Oh well. Back to clogs (which have so much more foot support, probably a better choice).

  8. What a darling little kitty Pepper is!

    I bought Hunter boots last year and although I do adore the way they look, I don't like having to wear two pairs of socks with them. If I don't, my feet are swimming around. I am very tall - over 6 feet, so the higher shaft is great for me.

    I like the embossed print and the buckle on the Sperry's. Who would have thought rain boots could be so chic?

  9. Hostess do hope you don't mind me joining your Hunter post.
    I have spent the afternoon walking the Welsh hills in my green Hunters (they are so comfortable you can walk for miles in them) + my green Barbour jacket & wax hat.
    Think you need to have a longish leg to wear them.
    Pleased you found a pair you are happy with. Ida

  10. Firstly Hostess, I love this new layout. As a non-blogger I imagine the fun one has with designing.
    Haven't we all bought clothing or shoes and realised our error too late. So glad you purchased boots that are comfortable rather than the uncomfortable must haves. Wise choice and very stylish. Over here we call them 'gum boots'.
    Pepper is adorable.

  11. It's always soooo disappointing when something you've craved turns out to be...not so nice. Glad you found a substitute.

  12. Sperry's are pretty classic as well, no? Especially for a nautical sort like you -- and those look very smart indeed! I can't wear the Hunters either, for the same reason.

  13. Artful lawyer- Clogs...I haven't had a pair for a long time but I do remember how comfy they were. A friend of mine was over for tea the other day and was wearing a lovely pair in black leather.

    Adrienne- I'll bet that you look fabulous in your Hunter's and the socks will just keep your feet warmer. Boots have become very old black gum boots are so pedestrian that I wear them only in the garden!

    ida- Welcome and I am happy that you have joined in! The picture that I have of you in your appropriate English attire has leapt straight from the pages of Country Life! I wonder perhaps if you had a few dogs with you on the walk? The Welsh Hills sound so enchanting...

    Anne-Marie- The new blog layout was quite easy to put together...and being a fan of green I went a bit over the top...change can be so refreshing. We call them gum boots as well...I have an old black pair with orangey red soles...only for mucking about in the garden!

    Frugal scholar- My pocketbook came out the winner in this case...the Hunter's were almost twice the price of the Sperry's.

    materfamilias- Sperry's are a classic in the nautical I do feel content and my other Sperry deck shoes and sandals have performed incredibly well. I suppose the short Hunter's came about to satisfy the height challenged consumers!

  14. Delightful! Confused by your reference to "bespoke" which I believe means made to order, or custom-made... are the Hunter boots available made to order to your foot? I can see they do not suit shorter legs, as mine are long and they graze my knee joint. Really like your Sperrys!

  15. Dear Hostess, your blog is wonderful to follow and you seem lovely. However, your chartreuse background... not so much. Perhaps a change might be suggested?

  16. Leslie I think your new boots look fabulous. I have never in my entire life taken notice of which brand of Wellies, anyone wears. I live in Ontario horse country. We're second only to Kentucky, in the number of horse farms. We wear what''s comfortable, well priced, and works. Horses don't care about mucking boots here in Schomberg.
    As for chartreuse, it's one of my favourite colours!

  17. I love your boots- so chic and I love your kitten! Wish I wasn't allergic to cats- I find them so adorable. xx

  18. Duchesse- I stand corrected...I got carried away...!

    Anonymous- Green is my favourite colour and I am enjoying the new can't please everyone...and I am not about to apologize for my it insipid or be it divine.

    The duchessof H-My sister, the horse woman would agree with you...she teaches riding and is always mucking about in the stalls and paddocks.
    I am in good company with you here Donna! Thanks for stopping in and commenting...cheers!

  19. The Daily Connoisseur- I know that you have a sweet bundle to cuddle!
    If I had to trade Pepper, I'd want a wee babe like yours!

  20. I don't know a thing about boots but I do know that footweat has to be comfortable no matter what the price. Oh...Pepper, so cute!

  21. Yes, the boots look good, but right now I can´t take my eyes off Pepper!

  22. Think your new boots are wonderful .... Isn't it amazing that cats always LOVE cardboard boxes? x

  23. If Pepper could read all these flattering compliments they might well go to her head!

    Semi Expat- I had forgotten how kittens love to play in boxes...she also likes to hide under the bed and pounce on our feet when we walk past!

  24. Clearly Pepper gives your boot purchase four paws up. They are gorgeous boots!

  25. Great choice Hostess...happy puddle jumping!

    Jeanne xx

  26. LaBeletteRouge-I like four paws up, I might like to use that in the future...hope that you won't mind.

    Jeanne-It's a pudle jumping day here today!

    Black is the New Black- Your blog is very sophisticated, and you are gorgeous!
    I love the Top 20...I concur.
    I signed up to get email alerts of future posts!

  27. oops PUDDLE JUMPING not pudle jumping...
    note to self...I must reread before hitting post...