Friday, April 26, 2013 today by permission of the local deer population!

Egads! I have some tulips blooming out in front of The Humble Bungalow.
Miraculously they have not been munched by the deer...
I have it on good authority that tulips to deer is like chocolate to women.

These brave tulips are leaning over onto the sidewalk...
pretty tempting and tasty treats just waiting for some hungry mouths to feed.

They are all the same variety but you can see that each tulip has some slight variations.

Mass plantings are so much more effective than spacing plants apart evenly.
It looks more Mother Nature intended.

I am counting the days until they are munched.
It's anyones guess when the deer will stop by for a bite.

Happy Friday!
I am so glad the weekend is near as I have had a busy week with very little "down time."
What are you doing this weekend?

I have a pedicure booked and am planning to get out for a couple of walks.
Read some of the novel I am into and perhaps get together with friends and family.

Thank you for popping by
I welcome your thoughts and comments 
and if you'd like to suggest a post topic please feel free to email me.

~ Enjoy your day ~


  1. This weekend? I am looking forward to just being at home, waking up in my own bed, sipping coffee and looking out through my own window. There is gardening on the agenda and perhaps a lunch out on Sunday.
    Yesterday morning, before heading up to Nanaimo, I walked in Fairfield and saw many tulip beds with headless plants. On one street I saw a woman running, waving a dishtowel and shouting at the deer that were munching their way along her flower beds!

  2. I hope that you have a nice weekend Leslie. Those orange colored tulips are lovely, may they survive. This weekend I plan to get some sewing done.

  3. I'm looking forward to a trip out to a local farm that sells their own meat. Free range beef, chicken and pork. The taste is amazing. I hopw to get out to my flowerbeds as well.

  4. I woke up today and decided I needed a City fix,too much rural life makes me a dull gel,so off early tomorrow to get my batteries recharged in London town.
    Enjoy your w/e.Judith

  5. Those red and yellow tulips are beautiful. I hope the deer don't eat them. This is my last week-end in Paris. I am going to go to the theatre and to church, and walk on Ile-St-Louis one more time. I never get my fill! Have a good week-end.

  6. Dull plans for the weekend, yarding and yarding.
    I just finished my pedicure. Did it myself as always. If I´m up to it, I´ll try to catch up on a book waiting..
    That´s about it.
    Btw, no flowers over here.

  7. Packing, I am getting out of Dodge.

  8. Your tulips are magnificent! We have the same variety I believe (World's Favorite) but since it's their first year they're not so nicely bunched as yours. Sadly for my part of the world --the Mediterranean climate of coastal Baja California, Mexico)-- all but the last of my spring bulbs are gone.

    Now it's just tending some new roses including Walking On Sunshine that has just gone mad with blooms in its first year (as I'm a displaced Texas girl, it makes me glad to have some yellow roses) and having heartfelt encouraging conversations with my green tomatoes.

  9. A little housecleaning, laundry, gardening, and some relaxation is on my agenda for the weekend. Tonight we're going to the MacPherson Playhouse.

    I do hope the deer don't find your tulips!

  10. your tulips are gorgeous leslie. my plans this weekend are to relax and relax a little more. have a lovely one too my friend. xo

  11. Enjoy them while they last!

    I agree, growing all crowded like that they look so much better than one plant at a time.

  12. Such beautiful tulips. The rose garden you inspired me to plant, is beginning to bloom like crazy - just love it, and thank you! Lazy Sunday here, and much needed.