Sunday, April 28, 2013

OOTD or what I wore to Sunday brunch...

It's been quite awhile since I've snapped an OOTD shot.
I've been really conscious of how badly I feel about my weight and have not been feeling confident...
it is rather crippling when one gets into this frame of mind.

I really dislike feeling this way because I would just rather sweep these feelings of inadequacy under the carpet and ignore them. I think that's a big part of my issue too is that I avoid mirrors and try to stay out of photos so that  I don't have to face up to reality.

Anyways it's an on going issue that will I will be addressing...
when I can devote more time and energy to that process and have no excuse.

We had a lovely Sunday brunch and sat by the window that looked out across the Harbour.
Darling Miss Isla sat beside me and we had a delightful visit.
She is sweetness and light...
it's always such a delight being in her company.
I've got so many adorable pictures of her on my IPhone
wish that I could share them with you...
but I promised not to!

I chose two poached eggs on toast instead of my usual Eggs Benedict
the Hollandaise is too high in calories.
I did not eat any potatoes and that took serious restraint!

Small changes might add up to big results!

Lands End ponte knit pants
I cut the tag out of the neck of this top as it was irritating my neck
I think it's a Jones...
why do manufacturers use such rough tags?

a lace camisole is required because the neck is rather low!

Mee Too flats
Colour Me Minnie OPI toes

I had a fabulous pedicure at Bliss and my feet feel so much softer now.

This weekend I made a rhubarb pie for Mr. HB

Coconut and rhubarb go great together.

I bought a gift for a friend's first grand child that arrived on Friday...
and we were saddened to hear that our dear friend Cheryl's father passed away...
he was in Hospice and is now at peace.
Wish we could be there to give her support and share a pot of tea or maybe a glass of wine.
~ ~ ~

Hope that your weekend was upbeat and positive.
I'm off to pound the pavement now
walking off brunch and soaking up the glory of Nature.



  1. I understand how you feel about the weight, right now I weigh more than I ever have and I just hate it...but I keep on doing the same thing...and wondering WHEN I am going to see the light??? Good luck! And keep up the good work, I think it will all add up! We had the most gorgeous (weather wise) weekend here and I enjoy it - cleaned out my car and read magazines on the deck.

    1. It's disheartening but not insurmountable...we'll have to keep each other motivted!

  2. I think that owning our "reality" and being honest with others is a HUGE step toward progress .... that and "pounding the pavement" :) How I wish it were easier ... and that manufacturers thought of another way to tag their clothes!

    We were just talking about rhubarb pie last night at a birthday party! It sounds delicious with coconut ice cream, though I would never have thought of that.

    Oh, and I've never had a pedicure. In 64 years! You've given me the "bug".

  3. Your outfit is lovely. I think that navy and cream/white always looks gorgeous. I'm not sure what a Jones is but I hear you about those labels being a pain in the neck! I have learnt over the years to never actually hit them with the iron as the nasty nylon that is used to sew them on actually melts and causes the irritation.
    Love reading your blog.
    Cindy from Oz

    1. The tag was rough right from the start...I think it is Jones of NY.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  4. I think you look fabulous and are always so fashionable. I know that you want to lose a few pounds but being healthy and looking good in your clothes, which you do, is important too. Actually being too thin can be aging and you have such wonderful skin and hair. Eventually the extra few pounds will come off ~ keep walking!

    1. I know I can do it Adrienne...I don't think I could ever be stick insect thin.
      I need to get into a healthy BMI range.

  5. I love your OOTD and would wear it myself. How do you like the Lands End Ponte knit pants? Do they seem dressy enough or just like black track pants? You look great in your outfit. I've been taking pictures every day for my 10-item wardrobe challenge (I'll post them all at the end of the month) and it is a struggle to put yourself out there like that - I can identify.

    1. The weight of their ponte knit is great and I like that they retain their shape. I think they are a great pant and I wear them day or evening. I actually purchased two pairs in different styles. One is a side zip flat front skinny leg the other more of a trouser with straight legs.
      I'll pop over and see what you have posted.

  6. Great outfit for a lovely occasion! I think brunch with a granddaughter must be a treat. After seeing that pie I think I'll go out to see what our rhubarb is doing.

  7. I love your top. And I wish you all kinds of happiness in your skin.

  8. I think you look perfect for a Sunday brunch with family. You will enjoy wearing this outfit in your retirement. I have the same issues with body and I wish that I could lose the weight or lose the issues. By this stage of life, I know what it takes (for me, lots of fast walking) and fewer calories over a long period of time. You have a lovely smile with laughing eyes, a great curly look and beautiful skin so try to enjoy your gifts, your great taste in clothing, and your caring nature and continue walking.

  9. My weight's up too it's an awful struggle to keep weight at bay if you're prone too gaining, I know just how you feel, the self loathing just rolls in all day. The quirky basket is such fun and coconut ice cream sounds utterly delicious.

  10. hello leslie. i think you look beautiful. and i was laughing b/c i would have ordered the exact opposite. i would have ordered the potatoes and skipped the eggs! how funny.

    anyway, i'm sorry to hear of your friends parent that passed. sending my good thoughts your way. xo

  11. Oh I adore coconut ice cream. Please give yourself permission to deal with what you want to weigh when you retire, you'll have so much stress and more time. In the meantime you have so many things to wear that you enjoy and you look great! All sizes of women are beautiful!

    @ Linda: The web site (free!) was super useful to me in knocking off weight I had to lose in the last 6 months due to a health issue.

  12. I love Sunday brunches with families -- your little Isla must be such a delight now! Our wee redhead has been whisked off to meet family in England -- missing her already!

  13. Just as I was going to commiserate that I don't have a full length mirror and wear stretchy clothes that got me into trouble then I saw your rhubarb pie and coconut ice cream and forgot all about that part!!!