Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am going to bed with a good book.....

Hello people...
whoo hoo
the mail brought gifts this week!

Look at this packaging!

Look at the title!

Pinch me please I am not dreaming!

Jamie Cat Callan sent me her advanced readers copy BEFORE it hits the press...
loving all things FRENCH I am swooning as I read the chapters.
I want to meet Jamie someday....
I love her "voice."
I think I might just take a bloggy break while I devour her book...

Mr. HB came home tonight to find me on the couch sipping a cup of tea and very quiet
while I had great difficulty prying my eyes from the pages of Jamie's newest...
to welcome him home.
I was so immersed I hardly noticed...

I do not want to stop reading until I have finished...

It never rains but it pours
Cheryl Fortier, a dear friend who first introduced me to Jamie Cat Callan when she met her in Auvilar France sent me Barbara Kingsolver's latest...
she met up with her at The Virginia Centre of The Arts when she was an artist in residence this past month.

I am keen to get stuck in...

Please send some positive thoughts for Cheryl and her family as her father is in hospital
and not doing well...

My BFF's mother has been in hospital and now is back home with 24 hour care and I am reminded of how precious and precarious life can be...
HUG your loved ones and tell them you care.

Thank you for visiting my Humble Blog.


  1. Sharing books with friends is wonderful. When does Jamie Cat Callan's book come out? Did you read Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna? There are so many good books to read. In the fall, it will be my third school year of retirement and I might look for a book club to join. We do need to say "I love you" often for life is fragile.

    1. You can pre-order Jamie's book on her site. I have linked to it on my post.
      I did not read that last Kingsolver book...I've never been in a book club and like you I wonder if retirement might be a good time to join or start one.

  2. How lucky you are to get such great books to read.

    Wishing everybody well, it is hard when our loved ones are ill.

  3. There's nothing better than the anticipation of an unopened book! Enjoy!

  4. Positive thoughts winging their way to your friends.

    Enjoy your books.Judith

  5. I love the adorable mailer she sent it in. You have probably already finished it! She is so fun.

    1. I am taking my time and savouring each chapter...I find her books such fun.

  6. Happy reading! I send thoughts and prayer to your friend; life is indeed precarious.

  7. Hostess, when you retire, I hope you treat yourself and fulfill your passion. Book that plane ticket and soak up the real French experience!