Sunday, April 14, 2013

Small pickings...bring great Joy.

In all honesty I thought the weather was going to be gloomy all weekend after the rain and hailstorms we had on Saturday...
while the weather was not favourable for playing outdoors it was a perfect time to read
it afforded me the opportunity to finish Jamie Cat Callan's book Ooh La La...
I enjoyed learning what French Femmes think is their secret to finding their ooh la la and I know you will too.
Immediately after closing the last page I emailed her and told her that I loved it.
In true Jamie style she has generously offered to send me a copy when it comes out in May for a blog giveaway! So stay tuned for the details in the near future.

I picked a wee posy to celebrate the colours that mimic the sky.
Small posies are as cheery as large bouquets especially when they pack a bright punch of colour.

Joyous brilliant blue skies and sunshine...
white and blue.

The sounds of the birds chirping
the mowers in the neighbourhood chugging along as they clipped the grass
the children gleefully chattering as they play in their yards
people outdoors pottering in ther gardens
and the multitude of people walking along the seafront
all out perambulating
enjoying Nature's Beauty...

I hope that you had a beautiful weekend...
and we must remember that we are all beautiful in our own way.

I've gleaned this morsel of truth from Jamie Cat Callan's book.
Merci beaucoup Jamie!

To read more French secrets I implore you to read the book!



  1. i can't wait to read the book! Your flowers are too beautiful for words. The color is extraordinary especially with the white pitcher. What simple beauty, yet so powerful.

  2. The small flowers of springtime are like little treasures. Blue and white has been one of my favourite colour combinations for all of my life. I would love to read Jamie Cat Callan's book. Yesterday was the first warm day in Paris and people were perambulating here as well. Few stores are open Sunday so everyone is in the park or eating en famille at a neighbourhood restaurant.

  3. I preordered the book. Can't wait to read it.

  4. Oh the bluebells are beautiful, mine are just bursting into bloom just now.

  5. Love your bouquet. So charming.

  6. Once again, I live vicariously through your beautiful flower offerings. As I sit here, looking at the grey, chilly skies with nary a flower or bud in sight, I know I can peruse your blog and enjoy spring. Thank you.

  7. Your photo reminds me of a still life in a Dutch painting. Really great composition!

  8. The blue flowers so vibrant against the white crockery.Judith

  9. What a pretty bouquet...muscari, I believe, such a fabulous color. Every year I mean to plant some, perhaps this fall. Have a great day!

  10. Your blue sky is a nice thing for this Monday morning. Thank you. Lovely photo.

  11. Beautiful post. I'll be looking for the book.

    Wasn't yesterday most welcome after Saturday? That hail was really something. Love those tiny grape hyacinths. I picked a few for a bouquet, too. Let's enjoy them while they last.

    Bonne semaine!

  12. Beautiful muscari. I have some planted in a white box on my kitchen windowsill.

    Do you know if the book will be published in the UK at the same time as the US?

    1. I don't know if it will be at the same time...Jamie has a pre order on her website and I would hope they would ship to the UK.

  13. That's a charming wee bouquet -- you've inspired me to prowl my garden with scissors and fill a few small vases with spring cheer. Thanks!

  14. I love that idea, that we are all beautiful in our own way. Thank you for an inspiring post. It sounds as if you are enjoying the beauty all around you and the little moments that make life so precious!