Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seeing Stripes....

It seems that Stripes have been popping up in every shop that I go into and they are very tempting...
as someone who shuns patterns I have embraced stripes.
The black and white and navy and white stripe coloured patterns seem like a safe choice for my conservative taste.

It's not as if the first Banana Republic top was lonely...
this top is all together different.

It's looser and very cool and breezy.
I need to find some new white capris to wear with this and many other things that I have from seasons past.
When I pulled out my summer season clothing I noticed that there was a stain on them that I had not noticed when I packed them away. I tried treating the stain with soaps and then hydrogen peroxide but it would not budge.
I am so careful to launder things before storing them so I am at a loss as to how or why this spot got past my inspection...perhaps I was not wearing my glasses!

So now I NEED to go shopping!
There are a few more things that I have bought which I will unveil in the next post but for now I must close
as I am running late...
I hope that your week is moving along nicely toward the weekend.

Be Well and remember to practise some Random Acts of Kindness...
I've been surprising my co workers with treats in secret and it's such fun to watch their reactions!



  1. Very cute top, Leslie! I'm sure it will see plenty of use this summer. I find that white pants tend to last one season, maybe two. Even if they don't get stained, they tend to yellow over time.

  2. That top looks like cool and airy and with white capris will take you through the summer. Stripes seem to be popular this year.

  3. I love a good stripe... Am addicted.. Your top looks gorgeous Hostess! X

  4. Oooh, too much goodness here! I'll just comment on your latest post, but I have had an enjoyable perusal through many posts. Um, let's see, I love your kitties, oh and your home...we lived in New Westminster for many years, and I always coveted a heritage home, I collect white ironstone pitchers, a good scarf changes an entire see it's good.

    Have fun shopping for those new capris.

    Sue xo

  5. Love the stripes, but I am often reluctant to wear them! The chevron is all the rage here. Seeing this pattern everywhere... Thinking I might just have step up and try something new! Always enjoy your posts! Happy shopping!

  6. ah surprising friends with kindness is such a good idea. i will try that this weekend. you have me thinking.

  7. A perfect setting for your airy new top!

  8. What a pretty shirt.

    And anyone want to throw some kindness my way? Am all out:(

    1. I am sending you some kind thoughts from my way. I love the Silicon Valley. You smart people know how to live!

    2. Oh dear Lisa...oodles of kind thoughts are been channeled your way right now...
      It's Friday and I hope that means that you have the weekend off to recharge your kindness bank.

  9. Very nice top - breezy. Will look great with your denim jeans too.

  10. Kindness on the agenda this weekend.Judith

  11. Miss Hostess! Love the secret surprises!

    I have no stripes and no clothes in storage. How different I am. I need no clothes right now.

  12. Love your new shirt - very breezy for the warmer months.

    Random acts of kindness are the best. Did you see the video on Leannes blog at We could all use a bit of that at the moment.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  13. I have seen that video before and it makes ma smile every time I see it! Thanks for sharing it with me.

  14. I think somehow tried a Random Act of Kindness on me last week, but it didn't quite work. Someone left a jar of some sort of homemade preserve (chutney? jam?) in my pigeonhole at work, but there's no card, no note, not even a label on the jar to indicate its contents. I'm hoping someone speaks up soon because otherwise I'm going to have to get rid of it. . . .Too bad.

  15. I agree, stripes are the saviours of the pattern-adverse. I love pattern on scarves but an entire garment is less appealing.