Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweeping Beauty....and men in kilts!

Cleaning is an ongoing job that never seems to get finished.
As soon as I complete a task there is another one that needs tending to.
My standards have relaxed somewhat and the dust bunnies are having a convention here in The Humble Bungalow!
It's not for lack of vacuuming, dusting or sweeping...I think there is a dust bunny baby boom afoot...make that underfoot!

The rays of sunshine are drawing attention to my lack of due diligence, and pointing their fingers at me as if to say "tisk tisk" Hostess. All I can say is that it is very difficult keeping a house of this vintage dust free. The forced air furnace seems to whip up the dust in whirls of frenzied spirals and they land willy nilly settling on the plate rails and dark wood fir panels.
Life is much too short to obsess about this but I recoil a bit when I spy this mayhem.
It's bad enough that I judge the dust in disgust ~ imagine what guests must think!

Meet Sweeping Beauty.

One might as well have beautiful tools when doing a rather thankless job.
They elevate my mood when I am darting about trying to capture the dirt.
Did I mention that I now wear my walking or Yoga gear so that I feel like I am getting some exercize?

The psychology of wearing stretchy fabrics and my hoodie are making me more active.
Who knew that this would happen?
I think perhaps I have turned over a new leaf.

I've often thought about trying to use a leaf blower to eradicate the dust by using brute force.
Has it ever crossed your mind?
Bring in the big Guns?

Spring is a time for renewal...

Spring Cleaning is currently Number 1 on my do list.

Windows are done by a friendly fellow who loves leaping up on ladders ad squeegeeing his way 
around the many panes. I've had him do the inside and the outside and I do admit it's a bit of a luxury but he does a far superior job than I can do!

I've heard about a new service in town that might be worth a call
but I am loyal to my fellow who has been taking care of our windows for the last 20 years...
when he retires I think I'll hire these blokes!

Deeper cleaning happens in the Spring. 

Every day I wipe and disinfect the kitchen counters
(our cats are the reason I need to be so fastidious as they jump up and drink out of the kitchen faucet!)

I keep on top of the clutter
a small home looks smaller if it's littered with stuff
besides feeling way too chaotic...

I wash dishes 24/7
 keep the stainless appliances shining
wipe off the cooktop and keep on top of the fridge and it's contents.

Laundry is probably my favourite domestic chore...
and I LOVE my new LG steam machines.

We "domestics" have an important job and one that I think offers job security!
~ ~ ~

Mr. HB is busy too...
We have quite a few major projects planned...
a new roof, 
a sun deck repair and rebuild 
and a green house at some point.
~ ~ ~
I am so disturbed by the recent events in Boston at the marathon.
I'll never really understand the use of violence...
I admit to being naive and I do live my life by the Golden Rule.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Spread Peace in your daily round this week
the world needs balance and I feel we can all do our little bit to help.

~ ~ ~


  1. So odd to hear that accent on a kilted man!

  2. Having good tools and attractive clothing to work in makes a difference At home, I run up and down the stairs as many times as possible to make my housework a form of exercise. Music gets me in the spirit. I bought some lavender surface cleaner in the Okanagan last year and the apartment smells lovely when I'm done.The
    Boston Marathon Incident is indeed terrible. For those runners who have worked so hard to qualify and those friends and family who were there to support them, it must have been a nightmare.

  3. Oh boy, you should see the mess around our place right now. A total catastrophe.
    What to do?
    How to eat an elephant? Answer: one piece at a time, lol.
    And - about the guests? As long as you don´t mention the dust, they won´t even notice it : )!

  4. It broke my heart to see the Canadian flag laying on the ground at our marathon. Much love to everyone.

    This is our nightmare.

  5. The Men in Kilts founder was our neighbour for the longest time, he started the company with his brother. They have moved out to the White Rock area so don't see those spiffy plaid vans anymore.

  6. Hostess, your question about the leaf blower brought to mind the time my husband and I used the leaf blower to clear out the years of dust inside the string case of our baby grand piano. OMG, it made a mess of things everywhere else in the house, but it certainly did the trick (as nothing else had) on the piano!

  7. I'm a fan of men in kilts!

    I'm very grateful that a close friend of mine did not participate in the marathon this year.


  8. My daughter a son-in-law have just listed their 60+ year old red brick 3 storey house - complete with a full basement - for sale... Now the place has to be kept in pretty good shape for the real estate people and, of course, hopefully, new purchasers.... However having an active three year old running around..... The Molly Maids have been called in once a week, window cleaner booked, a 1-800-JUNK number called to dispose of "stuff", a storage unit booked, and a list made out for sale on Kijiji. I am so happy with my dust bunnies and not so clean windows!! no stress there. I do enjoy your column very much.

    1. Thank you eleni!
      De cluttering is a big job but one that is so theraputic...
      you sound very relaxed and happy.
      I must try to get zen with dust!!

  9. I do love Sweeping Beauty. I almost can't talk about the Marathon. How much of this can we absorb?

  10. We are in the midst of a renovation, so dust is a big part of life by the ponds. I am getting very tired of it!

  11. I love doing washing and drying too, although my machines aren't as flash as yours Hostess. Spring cleaning is always fun and it is nice to have the windows and doors open.

  12. My wood floors are a sort of natural color - hides the dust bunnies better. Very shattered by all this violence, I can't even read or watch news about Boston.

    1. Kathy, I regret watching it. I just turned on the TV to watch a cooking show before I knew.

  13. Do you by any chance have pure wool area or throw rugs? They shed fibers that, mixed with dust, seem like mini tumbleweeds in my house. Their special hiding place is under a chest in my dining room that has carving on the bottom which traps them?

    When my boys moved to Boston ten year ago from upstate New York, they told me about their marvelous Patriots Day and how everyone cherished it. How sad that this had to happen and how cruel. I was fortunate that one watched the marathon from farther outside this year and the other son got called into work. Amazing how many people and children of those I know were there and, most thankfully, are all safe. I love Boston and spend a great deal of time there. My heart breaks for the families of those affected and we all keep the victims in our prayers.

    1. I do have rugs...every rug is wool and they cover the floors!
      I watched the news tonight and I think that Boston has a lot of love and spirit...we must never let the terrorists take away our verve and the right to live life free. My heart goes out to the families...

  14. A 50mile per hour gale blowing here,maybe I should just open the doors and the dust bunnies
    will fly out!

    The pictures shown here of Boston made me cry for the pure wickedness of it,why,why.....Judith