Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pretty in Pink...

Walking about in South Fairfield in April has a bonus...
there are the ocean views and there are the blooming trees.....

Look up!
Look way up.
Like pink cotton candy
frilly and frothy petals.

Closing in on the blooms...
and they are sweetly scented.

Pink petals as a snowy pavement.

Pink magnolia on the next street...

I openly wept at work.
In Music, 
an autistic student danced with joy and abandon with another student...
he smiled broadly and kept an eye on the moves that he was to follow.
We all watched and I held my breath...

The entire class applauded and I was overcome with emotion.

My glasses steamed up and I put them up on my head 
I had no tissues
so I tapped my nose with my hand and hoped that the kids did not notice.

I think that things are just going to get way more emotional as the days go by...
and I know I have 2 months left to work!

I feel that I have given my best to these students over the years.
I hope that I have paved the way for their continued success.

Saying goodbye will be bittersweet.
Thank goodness I have a few weeks to prepare.
It will be fun to see what the next chapter will bring.

Smile at a stranger today!


  1. When in Victoria last week, we traversed on foot all through James Bay and Beacon Hill Park. The flowering trees and shrubs were gorgeous. We then did a loop out Dallas Road and back through Fairfield, and the streets just blew me away. Perfection! Thanks for capturing these images.

    Change is in your near future, yes? Transitions are never easy for me, but honor the emotions that come with the changes.

    Sue xo

  2. How beautiful, you have such a way of combining words and images - perhaps some of your new chapter might bring more writing? Hopefully the next few weeks at work will bring lots of laughter too as well as those touching moments. On the other side of the mountains our ground today is white with snow, and we're still waiting to see leaves, let alone blossoms ....

  3. Your students will miss you. I have a friend who is a music teacher who does not want to retire because of those moments. I love those pink colours of spring chez nous. You will get more emotional before you finish at school but you will figure out how to incorporate your passions into your retirement.

  4. Is there ever a time over there when nothing blooms? Such great flowers - on trees!
    A very touching story from your school, something you can remember with some pride yourself!

  5. Wonderful post! I love your photos of the blossoms and your story about the student dancing. Beautiful moments in life!

  6. Hostess I wish you well as you transition through this emotional time. Thanks for sharing all of this beauty with us!

  7. A lovely moment, and a reminder of the purpose your work has served. Yes, there is mourning for leaving, and you'll have so many memories to take with you.

  8. I can't get enough of those wonderful blossoms in Fairfield. Our magnolias and fruit trees are a little later, so I have quite a long season of delight.
    Your transition is closer and closer - I find myself just a touch envious!

  9. What beautiful blossom photographs.. and I know I would have shed more than a tear if I had been in that room with your students too. Wonderful. S x

  10. What a beautiful scene of interaction and engagement that must have been with the autistic child dancing with his friend. A moment to treasure.

  11. What a rewarding moment that must have been! I tear up at the slightest hint of emotion, no shame in it.

    I love this round of the pink blossoms - they're so beautiful!