Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gifts...that keep on giving.

This past weekend was sunny and warm, a perfect time to be out and about, pottering in the garden.
Mr. HB and I drove out to Brentwood Bay Nursery to redeem the gift certificate that I received from my family last March on my birthday.

I like to shop there because they have such great roses!
Lots of selection, many are of the David Austin variety.

Meet Madame Hardy
a pure white rose with a myrrh fragrance.
Mr. HB dug her into a bed in the back
out of harms way from the deer.

As long as the gate stays closed our plants should be safe from those hungry foragers.
Did I mention that our front yard is their new salad bar?

It's fortunate that we took Mr. HB's convertible so we could bring home our new Star Magnolia!
We had to take the backroads so we could drive slowly.

Planted in the front garden so it's sweet scent would greet us when we walk by...

isn't it pretty?

such a delicate dainty flower

many blooms are yet to emerge from their fuzzy cocoons

I've always admired Magnolia trees and find them startling in their beauty.
I wonder if the deer like magnolias...

I hope this one settles in nicely and grows roots.
Greeting those who walk by the Humble Bungalow Garden.

Hope that your week is off to a great start...


  1. Stunning magnolia! And I love those full-petaled roses too. I'm thinking about pulling up a couple of "duplicate" rose bushes and replacing with something more interesting.

  2. That magnolia tree is spectacular. I do that too - drive with the top down slowly so the plants can be on the back seat. Time for me to plant new herbs.

  3. I have heard such lovely things about Madame Hardy from a friend who says she is his favorite. I wrote to you about it earlier. He turned his nose up at my beautiful Graham Thomas. What a snob!!! lol I actually appreciate his love of the old roses very much. Graham Thomas is still a bit miffed, however.

    Oh, I hope the deer leave your magnolia alone. I am guessing they will because she is an acid lover and they seem to leave them alone in general. I have been a very good sport about the deer and my tulips. On a brighter note, the neighbor's chickens have eaten all the slugs. I LOVE them. Let's just hope they never ever ever get a rooster again.

  4. Looks really nice your post! :-)love the first pic, thanks for sharing!

  5. Plants really are gifts that can be enjoyed year after year. I hope that you and Mr. HB are the ones to enjoy the roses and magnolia, and that the deer do not.

  6. Such a pretty magnolia tree. I do hope the Bambis of the neighborhood don't take to it.
    My husband and I are thinking about adding more plants to our front yard. It looks fine the way it is, but I would like to add more color.

  7. I have Madame Hardy and while she is a lovely quartered white with green eye, she does not rebloom like the wonderful DA's. Thanks, Hostess, for a glimpse of what is to come.

  8. How lovely. Spring is coming slowly to northeast Ohio, so we aren't planting yet. I love looking at your roses.

  9. No chance of planting in Northern England yet, all the buds are still tightly closed and it is too cold to even think about pruning. Your magnolia is beautiful, mine is still hibernating!!

  10. Magnolias always take my breath away.

    Where I grew up the season is so short. The only time I ever heard my mother swear (more than "oh, shoot") was when the neighbour boys came by and plucked every last bloom from her treasured magnolia, on the first day it bloomed. The air was blue!

  11. Ooh, ooh, I might have that same Madame Hardy....must go look. And I think the magnolia is a perfect touch.

  12. The magnolia is lovely - the little sister of one I have in our back garden. Before we fenced it was one of the only trees the deer left alone.