Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ooh La La! every woman can feel beautiful...

I am savouring Jamie Cat Callan's most recent, soon to be published novel "Ooh La La."
Each chapter is delicious and I am indulging like I would eat a chocolate,
slowly letting it melt in my mouth.
Jamie takes us on a journey where she shares the secrets of French women and their secrets to feeling beautiful everyday...
she has interviewed many women while doing her research and I love to hear their "voices" on many topics. I am halfway through the book and look forward to the next chapters...
but like any good book when you reach the end, you are left craving for more.
With this in mind I am pacing myself because I do not want it to end!

Pretty pink native lilies are in bloom in a field nearby our Humble Bungalow.

My orchid is re-blooming...
these plants are really a bargain
  they bloom several times a year for many years 
all they need is water once a week and some filtered light
I'm tempted to pick up another one as they are on sale at the flower shop.

Our garden has many hellebores
this one is a mass of blooms and shows no signs of stopping.

I've seen the black variety of this plant in the gardens at Van Dusen in Vancouver 
I have yet to track it down locally but it is very definitely on my wish list!

Our asparagus patch is in it's second year and we must not harvest any until the third season.
It does make my mouth water just thinking of how delicious it will be when we can pick some.

It's raining cats and dogs outside this morning and I am hunkered down under the down duvet...
indulging in a little rest and relaxation.
It's been a long work week that found me very tired by Friday.
Mr. HB suggested we go out for dinner last evening but I was too tired to get dressed up 
so we ordered in some delicious Chinese food and I read more of Jamie's book.

In her book she stresses that all women should feel beautiful 
regardless of their physical size or their financial state.
I am loving her tips and the insights into the French Femmes
which focuses on "la femme d'un certain age."

Au revoir
 from this femme d'un certain age!
~ ~ ~
(there's a book on the bedside table calling my name!)
I'll be back soon and in the meantime I hope that you are well and in good spirits
have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Jamie Cat is right. I must show you the shoes that I bought today. They look like the ones that you bought in Seattle.

  2. I'm not sure which I like better, your hellebores (I cannot wait to plant them in my redesigned garden!), or those wild lilies. Go for the NEVER regrets a beautiful growing thing. Just keep Chester from using it for "batting practice!"

  3. I find my self reading slower to savor wonderful books. I'm looking forward to this one. Is spring there yet? I want to come up to the Island soon. I miss the beauty so much.
    Not harvesting Asparagus til the third season would be a challenge! It's my favourite vegie.
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend.

  4. Oh it's been a wild weather day...hail several times and loads of rain (liquid sunshine!)
    It is cold and damp but when the sun comes out the flowers look wonderful.
    We have tulips, daffs as well as grape hyacinths, the dogwood, cherry blossoms and lots more!
    Bring your cashmere north though as we are experiencing some chilly days.

  5. This book sounds great, when it comes out I must get a copy. Your Hellibores are beautiful, you live in the perfect climate for them...I envy the wonderful rain.

  6. I hope your weekend has been as cosy as this post.

  7. I'm going to purchase this book on Kindle ASAP.

  8. Oooh what a good recommendation - thank you.. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting a book to end. Will have to wait a bit before buying as ploughing through Nelson Mandela's autobiography atm for book club. Most jealous of your asparagus! S x

  9. I agree with you about enjoying a book slowly. It is as if you are living inside the book. It snowed yesterday morning at my home which was quite beautiful.

    I bought 20 field negrita tulips today and soon our organic gravenstein apple tree will be in bloom. Your photos are gorgeous.