Monday, April 22, 2013

Bloggers, Google, Rosenthal and Linen...

I met up with Susan Greig from the blog Arts and Crafts Bungalow at the gorgeous home and garden of my BFF and her husband who own WaterGlass Studios.
Susan is a very talented artist as well as being a gifted writer.
We had a lovely visit and I hope she will come back and spend some time here and visit in our Humble Bungalow.

On my way home I swung by a garage sale and spied an unusual looking vase...
one that strangely reminds me of a woman's breast!
I'm seriously not kidding!

Is it just me or do you get the same impression?

Rosenthal Studio Line designed by Tapio Wirkkala
called the Pollo Vase and it is quite popular among mid century modern collectors.
Lovely daughter has one or maybe two of these vases.
The bottoms are rounded and once they settle in place do not rock...
I think it will be perfect for one solitary bloom but hasten to think the cats might bat them about with their paws so I will need to be mindful of where I put this...

I've been on the lookout for a linen apron ever since I saw one in Vancouver at The Gourmet Warehouse.
I didn't purchase the one I saw there as it was $120 and I thought that a bit too much at the time.

This apron was just a tad under $50 so it came home with me!

It's a bit stiff right now but after laundering it will soften up and will offer years of service
and I'll feel a bit more chic wearing linen than my cotton one...
which has seen many stains and better days!
~ ~ ~
Mr. HB and I spent quite a bit of time outdoors working in the Humble Bungalow Garden.
Mr. HB is redoing our sundeck so there is a big mess in the yard...
lumber, sawdust, and tarps.
He's redesigning the railings and rebuilding the supports
and using pressure treated wood as this was not available when we built the original 25 years ago.
It's a big job and I am excited to see the end result...
I think we will have a BBQ and invite some friends over to help us celebrate when it's finished.

 thrive in our bathroom
It must be the moisture from the shower
and the dappled sunlight from the window.
If I didn't love this plant's blooms so much I think I'd clip one stem and pop it in the "boob vase!"
OMG did I just type that? 
I thought it...
 now I wonder if I should delete that comment...

Tapio Wirkkala apologies to your design
I hope that you are not offended.
~ ~ ~

Some associations are forever...

I cannot read this phrase without thinking of Julia Child...
her parting words on her television series have stayed with me all these years.

What are you cooking for dinner tonight?
Bon Appetit!
~ ~ ~
Did you get distressed this afternoon when google went down?
I thought that's the end of my blog.
The smart folks have fixed it and we are back in action.

Thank you google geeks!


  1. Chère Hostess, your blog often reminds me of things of a time past that I have forgotten. Tapio Wirkkala designed china and glass mainly for iitala in the 70's. I had a set of his Gaissa glasses which I valued dearly. I even kept the iitala sticker on them. Your vase is beautiful and will serve you will now that the flowers are in bloom. I always wear an apron while doing domestic chores because I like to dress nicely at home. Your linen one will indeed be très chic. I have entrusted my orchid to daughter while I am away so I hope that it will still be blooming when I return. Bonne soirée.

  2. You are too funny - boob vase! I actually think the top looks like rows of necklaces around a slender, albeit headless, neck. Love your new apron - very chic.

  3. It reminds me of a beautiful bird that has lost its head.

  4. Pretty things which would also make great gifts.

  5. Beautiful and sensual shape, very organic. I believe he's a Finnish designer?

  6. Hmmm, I never even noticed the Google outage. . . I do think, from time to time, that I really should be backing up some of the stuff I've posted over the years . . .
    That's a gorgeous vase which will fit very well into your Bungalow Aesthetic -- I brought home a few more vases when we sorted out my Mom's stuff, and I've got to get out in the garden with my secateurs to snip a few of the spring blooms. . .

  7. What a great post full of all kinds of fun things...I love your "boob" vase, it really is a great design. We must be thinking alike because my deck is being rebuilt now too, in fact they are out there now making lots of noise and even more mess! It has needed doing for several years and it be nice to step out there and not have to worry about falling through. The new biography about Julie Child, "Dearie" is a real winner for any Julia fan; I think you would enjoy it.

  8. Took me a while but got there in the end. Yes it really is a boob vase!

  9. What a quirky vase (boob vase made me laugh) makes a great conversation starter.Judith

  10. I didn't know about the google problem - time to back up, I guess!
    The vase is very appealing - my immediate thought was that it is like something from the sea.