Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy daze....

On the most recent trip to my hairdresser I had a cut and a few minimal highlights to help ease the growing in of the grey hairs...
short of shaving my hair all off there is no real easy way to go grey gracefully.
Having dyed my hair for years it is a bit alarming to see just how much grey that I have!

I am happy that my hairdresser is guiding me through this journey.
She has many clients that are doing the same and she herself has silver hair which looks stunning.

The area around my temples seems to be where the bulk of the grey is growing
the rest is rather like tinsel a little bit here and there.
I hope I don't end up looking like a badger!

Maintaining a shorter cut for now seems like the easiest solution 
when all the colour has been cut off I can choose to grow it longer.
I think it will be several months yet...

Here's my salt and pepper linen scarf
I love linen!

I do not own any linen clothing but have done so in the past.
I am thinking of investing in a linen dress for summer as there is nothing cooler that wearing linen in the heat.
I don't even mind that linen creases
and I love how it softens up after laundering and years of wear.

My tea towels are all linen
I would not dream of using anything else to dry my dishes.

Do you know what I keep in this grey felted wool bag?

Why my knitting of course!

I dabble in dish cloths...
cotton, of course
 one of my quirks
they have to be cotton.
I know what you might be thinking...
The Hostess is a snob!
I AM fussy
 I know what I like.

Are you fussy too?
What are you fussy about?

The Easter weekend weather has been glorious ~ warm and sunny.
We have been out in the Humble Bungalow Garden messing about in the dirt.
It's springing to life before our very eyes.

I've got some new things 
so don't be a stranger and come back soon
until then...
it's a happy daze around here.


  1. I've just come in for a break, after messing around in the dirt. One hydrangea transplanted, one Elderberry transplanted, one big, green, unnamed plant transplanted, roses fed with compost, begonias potted up and a WHOLE LOT of weeding!
    I'm a snob about my hair - have never coloured it and rather like the way the grey is coming in. A friend is going on a 40 day trip and has to worry about her roots - not I :)
    I'm also a snob about napkins - never paper, except for a picnic.
    There, you have me, in all my snobisms!

    1. I forgot napkins!
      It was a grand day for is the house hunting coming along?

  2. I am fuzzy about colors. Everything has to be color coordinated in my wardrobe.

  3. PS. Like your knitting purse.

  4. TY for sharing your hair journey!!! When the grey showed up on me, I said "pfft! let it grow in and I'll see if it like it - then - if I don't - it'll be a much lighter color than the original so maybe I can even go BLONDE!" I'm sticking to that, but I had no idea how tough it would be - you see, I forgot///didn't think about it, but (at least on me) grey hair is coarse and dry, very different from my natural brunette - yuck! So we shall see - mebbe you have the best solution ...? ....! ....

    Well, I'm a writer, so I'm fussy about THOSE THINGS ;) You see, I write longhand ... so it has to be the right pens (write?! pens, lol!), the right type of paper - and I need scissors and tape, too, for editing purposes :)

    1. I like those rolling gel type of pens that glide along the paper...sounds like you've got a book on the go. Have you published one? I am always looking for a good novel.

  5. I'm super fussy about fabrics too, I can relate!
    Your hair looks great, love your new photo. xo

  6. I'm very fussy about everything, trying to think of something I'm not fussy about and can't at the moment. Luckily my husband is too, so I guess we don't notice it as a problem in each other? You're very brave about your hair. I just can't do it. You might have guessed I'm fussy about my roots too - have them done every two weeks. I've been knitting like crazy too. Baby sweaters, blankets, and (since I'm tired of small needles) I'm knitting a great cowl scarf for the fall with doubled yarn on size 13 needles. You look great - so glow-y and dewy.

    1. Being fussy isn't such a bad thing really...
      can you imagine what it would be like if we cared not a fig for anything?

  7. I still colour my hair but I'm watching how others go grey, because I know that one day I will. Just not quite yet.
    It was a beautiful weekend for gardening - we had company until noon today, so I just transplanted some foxgloves from my daughter's house, and raspberry canes are now in the new bed.
    I'm fussy about freshly sharpened pencils, neatly made beds, setting the table, spelling, and using cloth napkins. My family could probably think of many more things, but I'm not going to ask them.

    1. Your comment made me smile...I don't think I'd ask my family either!

  8. I noticed you had your hair cut shorter and I was thinking how much I like it. I can't get enough of all the wave you have - mine is pretty straight (okay, very straight. sigh).

  9. Still freezing here in the east, we had snow today! Just a flurry but still not nice enough for gardening yet.

    I have linen tea towels that my mother wove. I hope they never wear out.

  10. I'm with you in hair and dish towel solidarity! Good your hair person has experience. Mine is very supportive, it really helps.

  11. You are so lucky with your wonderful coloring you will look sensational with a bit of silver in your hair and the curls will just add to that. The only thing I am fussy about keeping things neat and tidy, I hate things lying about. Miss Twiggley sends her hellos to your feline friends.

    1. Hello to Miss Twiggley
      If memory serves she must nearly be full grown.
      Chester will be one in April and he shows no signs of slowing down...he is still into everything!

  12. Dear Hostess, I love cotton sheets and duvets, no poly mixes. I like my Emma Bridgewater plates, and my friends are allowed to use them, but my family get the cheap imposter plates, as they don't know the plates were $50 each (sounds bad I know). I also only buy one brand of undies, and love them. Even if I got given a fancy pants set, I still wouldn't wear the bottoms, although I do like me a fancy bra.

    Julie Q

  13. Absolutely cotton, that's not being fussy that's just the best fabric for dishclothes. Goodluck on your hair. I let mine go grey years ago and I love it. I did keep it very short while it ws growing in. Now it's longer. But you'll see what works for you.

    You go girl!

  14. I had no idea that linen softened up till Dani told me, I've always found it too scratchy to wear.

  15. I took photo of with a woman exactly my age standing beside me, and when she saw it, she said, "But I look like your mother." Sometimes grey is the best choice, sometimes it's a different colour. I kind of dread the day when I can no longer be a redhead.

  16. Placing highlights in your hair, is a good decision. I´ve only had my hair color-rinsed a few years, and find the idea of coloring or not to be everyone´s own choice.

  17. I'm fussy about an orderly house, food from fresh ingredients everyday, cloth napkins, superior undergarments, and a list of other things. But there's a Relaxed list, too! As for hair, I have silver threads amongst the brown and don't mind them at all.

  18. I've had the "going grey" conversation with my hairdresser. She's young and hasn't started to grey yet. I've decided to put it off until I am 70. Or I will have her lighten my blond. I have some time to think about it. If you find a linen dress, do tell. I am opting for dresses and skirts this summer and would love a light grey linen skimmer. I have a scarf that would look so nice with it. I must say that I couldn't think of anything that I am truly fussy about. I'm sure Mr. K would have some ideas.

  19. This morning I had a heated croissant and coffee with hot milk. I used china and a cloth napkin. But I'm not fussy at all! :)

  20. Sheree...
    Your morning repast sounds very civilized.

  21. Most of my Summer clothes are linen,trousers,tops...find they soften and are less wrinkly as they age (wish I was!!) Boden & Bora do some great linen dresses.

    I intend staying a red-head until my last breath,grey no way.Each to their own.You are so brave,thank you for sharing your photos on your journey.Judith/Ida

  22. I am fussy about quite a lot of things at home. My sheets are all white with a little blue trim and I prefer them to be cotton and ironed. I am going to have to find a colourist in Paris, so I wonder about making the change here.
    I've already returned to curly this year and the customs officers look twice at my passport. As long as I don't look like a schnauzer which could be the case because my mother isn't all white. Your silver will look wonderful with your blue and green scarf.

  23. Good luck on growing out your hair -- I did it 2 years ago and am glad, though it was a very long process. Now I have complete freedom as to shampoo, products and swimming! Be prepared for some lukewarm feedback as many people will feel that gray/silver/white hair is too aging. I feel that my face looks my age (53) so that's what counts!

    1. I have found I received nothing but compliments- all except my own sister! i am only 45 and have very silver hair around my face and the rest is steely. It only ages you if you dress like an unstylish, old woman, so the trick is to keep trendy!

  24. I grew mine out last year. It is an incredibly tedious exercise, but persevere as it is so worth it in the end. I can't stand hair on my face- it feels like spider's webs o me, so had to have it long enough to tuck behind my ears all the time, so couldn't go really short. I now have an amazing collection of hats that helped me through the process!! Now I just have to get some length in it to be able to clip it up and off my neck. I can't stand it this short.

  25. This post made me realise that I'm fussy about so many things, it's quite possible, I'm a nut case.
    I am extremely fussy about bed linens. They must be cotton, linen, silk, and eiderdown. I'm so fussy about linens I purchase them for my best friend to use when I visit, as she buys a poly blend that are way too scratchy, for my fussy skin. lol.