Wednesday, April 24, 2013

White Wednesday or April 24, 2013

A co-worker mentioned at coffee break that there were about 10 weeks left before school was out for the summer holidays...
I did a quick computation and give or take there are about 50 days left for me in my current job!
After 25 years this seems almost surreal.
I don't want to start counting down yet as it seems far too soon to get fixated on my departure.
Just let me do my job and maybe on the last week I'll focus on the days, hours, and minutes.
My preference is to just walk out the door with no fanfare or fuss...
a retirement event is planned as several of us are hanging up our hats but I really shy away from the spotlight.
But enough about me.

How are you enjoying Spring so far?
I've been noticing the wonderful light coming in through the windows.
(also noticing that the windows here in The Humble Bungalow are dirty!)

Do you follow Faded Charm Cottage?
It's another White Wednesday!

White and shades of white are lovely accents that seem to ooze relaxation....

Sea shell

Coral and a mollusc shell

My neighbour put this tin planter out on her boulevard
as it was "free for the taking" 
I scooped it up
and promptly bought some white geraniums from the nursery.

Our rhubarb has sprouted something rather fierce!
We have a bumper crop and Mr. HB went on the internet to see what this might be 
and decided that it needed to be cut off 
or the energy would be diverted to the flower rather than the plant.

I've been following Madame La Bas's journey in Paris.
You might just like to tag along too.

Take some time to breathe deeply and look around your life
what makes you happy?


  1. When my husband retired from teaching after 37 years, the reality didn't set in until September when the new year began. We went south for a two week vacation and eased the discomfort.

    Spring has suddenly sprung albeit a bit chilly. Buds are on the trees and things are looking a tender green. I spent yesterday cleaning up sorely neglected flower beds. Much more to do.

    My neighbor has just started a Wednesday Wine Day, where invitees bring a bottle and share in the tasting. I can't attend this week, but am looking forward to it as a fun way to get together with neighbors and enjoy the season.

  2. I hope you enjoy every moment of it! A new and exciting adventure will be waiting for you! Constantly try to learn new things!

  3. The school year is quickly coming to an end - how fast it goes. You have done a lot of thinking and planning about retirement and that's a good thing to ease you into the transition.

    Our rhubarb plant has gone to seed like that for several years now. It looks so weird. I just cut them off and the plant keeps going.

    These are gorgeous days!

    1. I had Mr. HB chop that seed head off...I spy another coming up in the neighbouring plant too!
      Oh the weather has been lovely, does one's soul good.

  4. I never wanted to be one of those counting the days teachers. It's good to retire when you still enjoy the students and the job. I retired at 59 and I'm so glad that I was able to spend time with my parents. I still love books and teaching ESL so probably I will volunteer when my journeys are over. I love those white geraniums. I have over-wintered my French red geraniums for two years and Monsieur tells me that they are in bloom again. Thank you for the mention in your post.

    1. I plan to over winter geraniums when we build our green house...the cats munch all my indoor plants except my orchids :-(

  5. Just 50 days! Oh my. It will be such a big change for you. All good, I am sure.

    White Wednesday didn't include the boob vase? ;)

    I am so glad spring is here. I love winter, I really do, but I don't get out enough when it's cold and rainy out and that's not healthy. I wish it would just stay spring until October when fall arrives. I don't like going out much in the heat either, as far as exercise goes. This weather is just perfect!

    1. I imagine early morning before it heats up is the best time to get out for a walk or a hike...
      our weather is much cooler here and living near the ocean there is uaully a breeze coming off the water. I'm eager to see your new blog changes too! How exciting for you.

  6. I think it's important to let people say goodbye and thank you. If you think of a gathering as something you are doing for them, you may be more comfortable. I moved away without permitting some goodbye parties (along with some I did); there was only do much of that I could take- but I wish I'd been more tolerant.

    1. I'll take this under advisement Duchesse! Thank you I do not want any regrets.

  7. I do hope that your last classroom days are memorable and good ones, and that the next stage of your life gives you as much satisfaction - being home full-time has much to say for it too :) And thanks for the "white" inspiration - at a thrift store yesterday I bought two lovely Wedgwood creamware scallop plates for a song, and with thoughts of your own photos and the ones you've linked, I can see in my mind a lovely table setting for afternoon tea featuring those plates coming together.

    1. Oh what a lucky find! You won't regret buying white's so versatile.
      Don't you love a bargain? I do!

  8. Hostess - I'd have to make a big chart for my wall, and be dancing a jig every day as I put a big cross on the each day. How exciting a countdown for you.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. OK I'll start peeking at my daytimer and maybe make a few wee X's :-))

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