Saturday, April 20, 2013

Staring out the window...

I've been so busy lately that I feel that I have been neglecting my blog.
It may be that I have been mismanaging my time or that I am trying to pack too much into each and every day.

I don't know if you read Faux Fuchsia's brilliant blog but if you do you know what an energetic and busy woman she is...
She works outside of the home at a firm that she refers to as Coalface and she has a husband, and an adorable young son. She cooks, entertains and has a gorgeous home and garden. She takes fabulous pictures and her blog never disappoints. Rush on over and meet her and tell her that I sent you!

Are you good at multi tasking?
Do you find that your time management skills are in tip top shape?

I've caught myself staring out the window meditating on life more frequently these days.
It's most likely a combination of world events and the fact that I am on the cusp of a lifestyle change.
Retirement is a big step and I want to do it well.
There are so many opportunities for renewal...
I want to explore new things, get more involved in my community and take an active role in keeping Mother moving and engaging her in some extra curricular activities.
Speaking of which...

I took my students to The Shaw Discovery Centre this week and it was such fun. There was a lot to take in and our special needs students ran from one display to another and back again! It was early and not crowded so this worked out to our advantage. The volunteers were most helpful and their knowledge and information enriched our experience. This ocean science centre has tanks of sea creatures and there is a hands on area where you can actually touch some of the fish, sea anemones, crabs and more. If you get the opportunity to visit the centre go early and bring your young children or grandchildren.
I want to take Isla with me when I go next time!

We went to McDonalds for lunch after and the groups played in the play zone before we had a bite to eat.
It's been a long time since I've set foot in McDonalds and I was most impressed with their welcome.
Our students were so happy and their smiles were plentiful...I cannot show you the pictures as that would be a violation of their privacy rights so you'll just have to take my word for it...they loved it!

Today I am meeting up with Susan Grieg she writes the wonderful blog Arts and Crafts Bungalow.
I'll report back on our visit soon.

I think the people of Boston must be sighing with relief...
their city has been turned upside down this week.
It's all just so sad.

Be kind and gentle as you walk through life.
As John Lennon said.....Let's Give Peace a Chance.


  1. You will find that time management is very different after retirement. Because you don't have the work-day routine,you set your priorities differently. As it is for you, encouraging and supporting my mother is an important part of my retirement life. Even in Paris, I skype her every day, This third age of life is the age of contemplation so staring out the window is fine. We do need peace in our world. Perhaps it is in the education of children, in the contemplation of life and in the caring for elders, that we will find it.

    1. I am impressed that your Mother knows how to SKYPE! My Mother does not even own a computer...
      good for you to keep in touch.

    2. Hi all, I come via gardeners cottage. Had to comment, my 88 yr old mom has two laptops, one computer, one nexus tablet and two printers - oy! We skype ocassionaly, email some, phone some but she loves the snail mail letters the best.
      Good luck in your transition, I will start following you.

    3. Welcome Kit! I hope you will enjoy your time here.

  2. Nice post. I think I have just gotten lazier the older I get and now that the sun is going to come out (I hope) I just don't feel like being inside. My life has been pretty boring lately, hence nothing to write about. I am thinking about retiring shortly too. Sounds like it will be a good change for you!

    1. Nothing wrong with slowing down...
      I think we've earned it after all!
      Hope you got outside in the sunshine's lovely here.

  3. Oh, I can so picture you with your students at the Discovery Centre! It must have been lots of fun for everyone, but it was work for you as well; being alert all the time.

    Please don´t compare your blogging amount/ quality with that of others.
    First, a thirty something ( just try to remember yourself at the time ) has much more energy than a fifty something. Even less sleep is needed.
    And, there always is someone, who tops everyone else!
    When I read your blog, I´m surprised by the amount of things you manage to accomplish, the places you manage to visit, all the cooking, gardening and shopping ( heh )!
    Be merciful to YOURSELF. You have deserved it!

    1. Correction, Less sleep is needed for the younger ones. Our agers need more of it.

    2. I love sleep and try to get to bed by 10:00 on work night and on the weekend I like to sleep in later!
      So perhaps being 50 something means it's OK to just sit and look out the window and ponder :-)

  4. The Discovery Centre is a lot of fun - we took our grandsons last spring.
    I'm a multi-tasked, but I look forward to slowing down next year and setting my hands and mind to one thing at a time. I think that gazing out the window, especially into a garden, must be a very healthy thing to do.

  5. Oh and the gardens are bursting with blooms...they certainly do fill me with joy.
    Have you been to Abkhazi this month? If you plan to go I'd love to meet up with you and we could have lunch or tea together in Peggy's room!

    1. I'd love to do that when I get home from snowy Edmonton. Something beautiful to anticipate!

  6. I think looking out the window is productive time, providing room for things to bubble up that you just have not had time to attend to/learn about. We are at the same stage, and it is truly a fabulous time. There is a sense of loss as well, some parting with professional identity or morphing this identity into "the elder stateswoman" of your profession, but mostly I find that feels good as well. All the best to you, hostess.

  7. I am trying hard to give myself permission to slow down, I'm a huge multi-tasker. I pack so much into each day, and don't set enough time aside for contemplation, etc. I have noticed at 60, although I'm very energetic, I just don't have the same energy that I did at 30 and that's OK. You are going through some big transitions and allow yourself the space to think about it all. I think it's so wonderful that you're planning to devote more time to your mother once you retire. You're a great daughter.

  8. Hi Hostess,
    I think the ability to ponder and just "be" is a gift. I just suggest one thing-watch the quality of your thoughts. There is a big difference between negative rumination and thoughtful reflection! Reading your blog I get the sense that you are the thoughtful type! Maybe you are at a stage where coming to terms with a shift in your roles means thinking it through is important. With every transition we need to decide what to bring with us and what to leave behind (I think William Bridges wrote a book saying this more eloquently)
    Best wishes, and thank you for your voice of reason and kindness!

  9. I don't feel neglected in the slightest!

  10. We all call work the 'coalface' on this side of the world, my own work days really have felt like being down the pits the last few weeks. You blog a lot, so i don't think any of us feel neglected at all.

  11. Neglected no way,am in awe at how many posts you manage in your busy life.Judith

  12. The funny thing about being retired is that it seems like one is busier than ever...just with different things. It seems to me that you fit tons of activities in you day and still have time for contempation and fun. I think that you accomplish an amazing amount.

  13. We often say to someone "take your time" but don't do it for ourselves. So kind of you to think of ways to keep your mother moving; I hope my children do that for me.

  14. Three things: 1. Faux Fuscia's blog is so fun, 2. Multitasking is hard, but I try to do it well every single day, 3. Take your time finding your new balance once you retire. It has been interesting to listen to my mother's take on it, she was a 2nd grade teacher and retired about 4 years ago. It sounds like it has been a mixed experience for her. XO, Jill

  15. The Discovery center is so much fun. I took my 2 year old granddaughter there a month or two ago - she loves watching the fish, playing with the puzzles and trailing her hands in the interactive pond.
    I find that multi-tasking is highly overrated and I try not to do it now, whereas in the past I took pride in it. Now, focusing in on one thing at a time gives greater satisfaction. Which is not to say that I don't have a zillion things on the go, but I try to devote myself entirely to what's before me rather than think about all the other things at the same time.

  16. I don't think you're neglecting us loyal readers at all! Blogging often takes a back seat for many of us when life gets busy, we're uninspired or just need to spend some time looking out the window!

  17. I like the last line of this blog post. How true that is!