Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flags.....did you know?

Just wondering if you are flag savvy...
there are so many flags in our world and I wonder how many of us are familiar with them.
I know only a few...

Vintage British flag

I love to see flags waving in the breeze
it's a wonderful greeting to see our Canadian flag flown in cities in the USA and other countries.
I think it's a friendly gesture.

I never knew there were so many rules about flying a flag.

In The Humble Bungalow we fly the flag on Canada Day...
(this is not the correct way to fly a flag)

Friends of ours who have a lovely home on the waterfront on one of the Gulf Islands 
hoist the flag when they are in the house...
rather like the Queen's staff do when she is residence!

Many cottagers do the same on their lake front properties and we boaters fly the flag when we are cruising.
An American courtesy flag is flown when we are cruising in US waters.

Signal flags are flown which spell out the name of a vessel.
Cocktail flags indicate you are welcome to pop by for a drink.
Commodore flags
Power Squadron flags

Yacht Club burgees
on the water there are many many flags flown.

Flag etiquette states one must lower the flag at sunset.

At Roche Harbour in the San Juan Islands
there is a colors ceremony where all gather to watch the lowering of the flag.
It's so patriotic that one cannot help but be moved by the power of this event.

Mr. HB and I were walking along the seafront just a day or so ago 
and we were both expressing our gratitude for our home and it's proximity to the ocean
the spectacular scenery
the gulls flying
the salty breeze
and the polite people that greet us on our way.

I recently stumbled upon The Maple Leaf Forever 
sung by none other than Micheal Buble.

I hope that you have a fabulous day!
~ ~ ~


  1. At Pondside the flag flies daily. The Great Dame honours visitors by flying the flag of their province or country - he also has a collection of US state flags. The Danes are great flag fliers!

  2. We fly our Aussie flag every day on our house. According to protocol (as far as I remember) it can be left up overnight provided it is spot lighted. It shouldn't be dragged on the ground, I get upset to see people drape flags around their shoulders on national days, sporting events etc like it is a beach towel. Oh well, at least they are "flying" the flag. PS I love the Canadian flag.

  3. The only flags I can ever immediately recognize are USA (of course), Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, and the Confederate flag (I live in the South and you see one on every corner.) It is amazing the great number and variety of flags around the world.