Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Stop Blending In" or Accessorizing the scarf on Easter weekend.

How are you warming up your wardrobe for Spring and Summer?
Have you embraced the new focus on the Bright Shades that are popping up in every shop?

The black, white and grey gal that I am is taking baby steps adding colour and doing it very prudently...
I do not follow trends per se but I do not want to look like I have "given up" either.
So I walk a fine line...a line which I am sure that many of us almost 60's walk.

What I choose to wear is a reflection of who I am, what I consider to be an honest representation of my tastes and socio economic class, the middle class, conservative, and becoming more mindful of consumerism and frugality.
There is an inner struggle going on, a voice that me,
when on the other hand the level head says you do not "need" it.

Do you want it?
Do you need it?
Will it last for many seasons?
Is it something that will give you pleasure every time you put it on?
Is it well made?
Does it flatter?

All these thoughts co-mingling together as I stand admiring a simple scarf...
A scarf, I know! How silly!
I hesitate as the clerk comes over and gushes about these scarves and the wonderful colours that they come in...
she has 3 of them already and loves hers. I move on...
circling the department and come back,
not once but twice.

Mr. HB mentions that he likes the green and blue together.
Really honey? That definitely sounds like encouragement.
That casual observation might nudge me just a little.
I put the scarf up to my face, yes the colours work...
tha fabric is dreamy, soft and wispy.
It's not too expensive...
it's versatile and pretty.
It would perk up my greys and blacks.

Nordstrom's scarf
a wispy dreamy scarf
a little bit of soft colour to light up my wardrobe.

I'm thinking now that I will need to pull out my ethnic silver and turquoise earrings
they now have a partner!

ah yes!

maybe NOT!



Haggis anyone? 

Vintage Bakelite ~ when I'm feeling artsy.

Hosting out of town guests...
maybe strangers in a strange land?

an after 5 soiree...

walking the dogs...
NO! I have two cats.

date night...

afternoon tea with Mother

This scarf is so versatile!
I am imagining all the outfits that I can wear it with so it's a wise and prudent purchase.

Storing a scarf when not in use is minimal.
Our wee Humble Bungalow has teeny tiny cupboards 
so I always need to consider that when I buy something...
where will it be stored when not in use?

Do you think before you buy something?

I had fun with this post and I hope it might have made you smile.

On the news front...
Jumping for JOY!
a new grand baby is on the way!

Happy Easter!

~ ~ ~
A Very Happy Hostess!


  1. Is that one scarf with three colors? It's gorgeous, and yes, it's the kind of thing one could wear almost anywhere. I imagine those colors look stunning on you and it's perfect with all of the accessories you've shown.

    1. Yes it is one scarf! Nordstroms have various colours all the shades in like colour families are blended into one scarf. Under $50 too so a win win!

  2. It's a beautiful scarf, and one that will give pleasure and make you feel very 'up' for seasons to come.
    A new baby - JOY!!!! Our daughter will have her baby in August - so perhaps we'll take a Nana walk along Dallas road in the fall!

  3. Beautiful colours - so glad you indulged - and why not? They will be really versatile and will as you have already shown us go with so much. Happy Easter..x

  4. Those are beautiful colours. They will suit you well. Do you have one of those Ikea scarf holders? I organize my scarves by colour at home. Congratulations on your new baby.

    1. Madame La-bas,
      I store my Hermes in their original boxes but the others are shamefully folded in the order that i last wore them!

    2. No IKEA scarf holder here in our time i go across the pond I'll take a look at them.

  5. Love the captions! I can't wear scarves, I make the exception for snow days but I have too much hair and scarves just add to the fussiness. These colours remind me of the ocean, always a good thing.

  6. Lovely post, L. and congratulations on the grandbaby news!

  7. Your Mr HB is so right, the blue and green do look lovely together, maybe you could twist them to wear in a different way for another style.

  8. Congrats on your new grandbaby! I happened on your blog just recently; I also live on the BC coast and am close to your own age, so I have found much to relate to. I love your new scarves. You did buy two, right? I love your jewelry and had a good laugh at your sense of humour. I agree with the comment above that likens the colours to the ocean. I love anything in colours of the sea. BTW, your recent post about receiving negative comments... that is so despicable. I think you look wonderful and elegant and you are brave for putting yourself out there on your blog. I will keep coming back! Cheers, Violet.

    1. Hello Violet
      Welcome to the Humble Bungalow Blog!
      I bought only one scarf that has various blends of blues and greens.
      It's fun to "meet" other women who live nearby. I hope that you'll enjoy popping by and feel free to comment.
      I honestly feel that the comments are a gift...

  9. Great baby news : Congratulations!!
    I´m happy that you found yourself a new, fresh scarf, as you like scarves. No, it will not take much space. Your purchase is accepted : ).

    I am trying to minimize my shopping, trying hard not to buy everything I like - so that I could once in a while afford something special, something lasting, something I´d really wear/ use.

    1. I think that your restraint is honourable and you do have lovely pieces as a result.
      These scarves are an economic way to add colour ...if this were a Hermes it would be a different story :-))

  10. I am so happy for you. In 2012, we added two grandchildren to the nest for a total of three. It's been lovely. And the scarf is a beautiful color for you and a very wise choice.

  11. Before buying, I think, "What would be sitting in my drawer unworn if I bought this?" I try *very* hard to only buy what does not 'stand in' for something I already have. Occasionally, fall in love and think "what the heck", but am far more restrained in my 60s than ever before.

    And though I admire your intensely blue scarf very much my "envy" is for that other news! Very best wishes to your daughter for a smooth pregnancy.

    1. I know a baby is much more exciting than a new scarf!

  12. Exciting news...congratulations! I adore the scarf and the colors you selected. It looks very soft and springy. I love the way you changed it up for every possibly occasion. Scarfs are pretty much my everyday accessory for school. I have found my necklace are either clunking a student in the head of tangling in hair. Scarfs are a safe choice. Happy Easter!

  13. Lovely colours Hostess. Like you I love the black and greys. I found over the summer, that a couple of bright cardigans and tshirts were nice and I could mix and match with my other stuff.

    Enjoy exploring new spring clothes.

    Julie Q

  14. What a beautiful scarf!

    Happy Easter!

    SSG xxx

  15. Really gorgeous scarf - so ocean-y. Your husband has great taste! Congratulations on the new grand baby. My daughter is due 10 weeks from today, and my DIL about 16 weeks away. Both are having girls, and they're our first grandchildren. We're beyond excited. I've been knitting like crazy! Happy Easter.

    1. Oh you are going to love being a grandparent! It's the BEST!

  16. I love your new scarf - such lovely colours! It can be tough to introduce colour when you're used to wearing neutrals - I work with several women at my job (IT company) who are terrified of colour, so it's taken a lot of coaxing to get them to experiment and not be afraid to have a little bit of brightness...and that maybe that bright colour is not so bad afterall!

    Congrats on the new baby on the way!

    1. Sheila you are an inspiration and we love how you are leading the way!
      Those gals are fortunate to have you in the same office...

  17. Great colors! Congrats on the new expected grandbaby!

  18. Scarves are versatile indeed. I just bought one with stripes to pop the color in two different blouses I have. Same colors as your scarf.

  19. Beautiful colours in that scarf, Hostess. You'll look lovely. And a new grandbaby - such JOY!

  20. Your new scarf is lovely. I was interested in how you described yourself. I would hardly call you 'middle class'. Your home, boat, yatch club, trips, shopping, Hermes, Tiffany.....that is not middle class. It seems you are uncomfortable with your financial security and shouldn't feel that way. You are blessed. There us a difference between humble and downplaying ones assets. Many people woudn't think $50 was an inexpensive scarf. Please be honest and proud of what you and your husband have accomplished.

    1. I honestly feel that we are very ordinary in many ways...
      we have made sacrifices to be able to own a boat and there are a few extravagant things that we enjoy but we really are not wealthy people. I love to get a bargain and shop in thrift and consignment stores.
      Gratitude plays a very large role in my humble life.

  21. Happy Easter,and congratulations on the new expected G/baby.Judith/Ida

  22. Congratulations! Happy Easter!

    Recently I ordered two sweaters from Nordstrom. I received two pairs of toddler Nikes instead. But they shipped quickly. :)

    I love the scarf. I still happily remember my first two scarves in high school from my mom.

  23. Dear Leslie, I was so happy to hear about the impeding arrival of your new grandchild. Babies just bring do much happiness. I just held my new nephew and reflected on how tinily perfect he was and how 30 years ago I held my brother who was the same. Your scarves are lovely and I like the blue and green together. I think we all need colour in our lives. I am thinking this particularly as we head into Winter here and it is all black, black, black as far as the eye can see. love Lindaxxx

  24. I love you new scarf. A lovely way to bring in colors. I will also buy some cotton tee shirts to add color. Congratulation on your new grandbaby!

  25. Now this is a seriously tempting scarf indeed - it's in my basket now at Nordstrom's, but I'm vacillating about spending the extra for shipping to Canada - not too much longer before one opens here on our side of the mountains :) I love your accessories to the scarf - even the wee Scotties (we grew up with one). And congratulations on the baby news!

  26. Hi Dianne,
    It will be interesting to see what Nordstroms North will stock and if it will be as large as the Seattle flagship location. It may mean more ferry rides to the sounds like you are much closer!

  27. Congratulations! That is wonderful to hear you're going to have another grandchild.

    I was told by someone in the silks department at Hermes, not to store scarves in the boxes; but do keep them from exposure to light. perfume, and oils.