Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wispy wool by Tilo

Do you like to keep your neck warm?
GRRR  I feel positively beastly when I am cold.
I admit that I am miserable and grumpy when my feet, hands and neck are chilled.

If you've been following my blog for awhile you'll know I do love Hermes silk twill scarves but they do not keep me cozy when the temperature dips.
Wool or cashmere needs to be on the job.

Recently I purchased a whisper soft 100% wool scarf which is made on a loom, and is colour and wash dyed.
Each scarf is slightly different and the patterns and fabrics are stunning
made by the company Tilo.

you can wrap this twice for sumptuous comfort
or leave it long and loose


grey and black 
a great combo

~ ~ ~

Probably the best hostess recipe book that I own
 reliable and delicious 
it makes "entertaining"easy.

Printed here for 

The dip got rave reviews!
(and it's a cinch to make)

Hope that your week is off to a great start.
Stay Warm and Be well.
 ~ ~ ~


  1. What a lovely and versatile scarf. Looks like linen in photo. Well chosen: warm and elegant.

  2. Oh my, I love that scarf. Mind if I ask where you bought it. I live in Toronto, and noticed on their website that they mentioned Holt Renfrew sells their products.

    1. I bought it at a local small gift shop on The Avenue. They have some pretty nice gift items and cards and they seem to stock things that I like! If you are in Toronto Holt Renfrew is probably your best bet.

  3. I love the scarf. I may have to search for one. I have many scarves, but few of such high quality. Perhaps its time to invest.

    Love the picture of your beautiful cat.

    1. Both cats are very photogenic, they just need to be still to have their pictures taken.
      So many I have to delete because they are blurry!

  4. I popped over to the Tilo site and they are lovely!! I'll have to hunt them down. The patterns are so great.
    Thank you for the recipe, it's got all my favorites!,
    Black and grey look fabulous together, on you and Chester!
    Stay warm and cozy today.

  5. Life is so much easier, when you choose the colors of your pets for clothing, yes ; )?
    The scarf is perfect.
    I too get a stiff neck of the slightest draft, let alone a windy weather. But - I wear an old fleece one at the stable, as it can/ has to be washed often.
    At home, I wear a shawl to keep me warm, this time cashmere & wool.
    Just wondering - if I am this sensitive to cold already now, how will I ever manage in the future?

    1. I hope we can still afford cashmere in our dotage!

  6. Mette is correct about life being easier when colors of pets and clothing match :)

    I get cold very easily and always have a wrap handy in the winter...even in the summer due to over air conditioned buidlings. Just acquired a dark gray cashmere/camel sweater and look forward to trying it out when our temperatures drop.

    Love your kitties!

  7. Beautiful scarf. Do you knit? I love to knit scarves as it's fun to mix colors and patterns and they go quickly. Even in LA, I use a scarf around my neck for warmth once summer is over. Like you, dislike cold necks, hands, and feet! The dip looks great and would probably be good with raw vegetables too.

    1. I do knit a bit and have made easy things like scarves over the years.
      I find it very relaxing to knit.
      Veggies would be great with that dip!

  8. Gorgeous scarf. So soft and pretty.

    I have that same cookbook. Lots of good recipes. I don't know if I've tried the dip you mentioned, but will check it out.

    Stay warm and cozy.

  9. I have that cookbook - and all the versions that came before it. They are thumbed and stained and worn with use!
    The scarf is gorgeous - and I wonder if I saw it today???

  10. Gotta love those old Best Of Bridge books!

  11. Hi there!
    Just stumbled on your blog. So.... you like black and white, you are Hermes addicted, you love pearls and you fall for French things? Oh my!You and I must be relatives !!!
    This grey scarf seems so cozy. Does it come into brown ? It would match my chocolate lab color...
    Have a great day!
    Anne (Playing With Scarves)

  12. Just visited your blog...
    it's wonderful and we do have a lot in common.
    I didn't see it in brown but there are some in patterns with brown and autumnal shades.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. It's all dedicated to scarves. Can't wait to read your comments!
      All the best,
      Anne (Playing with Scarves)
      PS. No worries about the scarf color. I can dye my dog in grey... Not sure she would like it though!