Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post 714 or another abstract tangental post.

We have been super busy here in The Humble Bungalow, between listening to the rain gushing through the down spouts we have hosted a baby shower and have been enjoying the visit from Mr. HB's family from up in the Kootenay area of BC.

There has been a minimum of opportunity to blog!
It's funny how I got into a regular routine of blogging. It happened quite seamlessly once I caught the blogging bug...and it has still not waned.
I've noticed quite a few of the blogs that started up when I did have gone the way of the dodo.
Many are blogging less and I wonder if we all get to the point where we have said it all or have very little else to say...
I feel a bit like a proverbial blabber mouth!
I can see by my stats that there are many people out there who read my babble....
and I am curious just what it is that brings people back.

If you have an opinion on this perhaps you'll feel comfortable enough to leave me a comment.

My recent "running errands OOTD"
I know I know
you may be shaking your head right now.
I am wearing LuLulemon Yoga pants
they are so very comfortable and I felt if I wore them with my ballet flats that they might look a bit dressier.

The Fashion Police will certainly cite me for this infraction.
I also wore red Chanel lipstick and donned my scarf....
does that count?
Do I sound like I am pleading my case?
Maybe I am just trying to justify this choice to myself!

This scarf is so simple to tie
if you've never worn a scarf 
cut your teeth on one like this.

Do you like these Simple books?
I have a few of them and they are fun to peruse.
I do see more inspiring details each time I flip through the pages.
One thing I have learned is that accessories are the best way to add a personal touch.

In these fluctuating and uncertain economic times 
I think it's prudent to have a basic lean functional wardrobe.
One that makes you feel great, looks good and flatters, one that does not completely deplete your bank account, and one that is classic enough to withstand a personal economic downturn.
(heaven forbid that should happen but we do need to be mindful and not stick our heads in the sand)

Look the sun made a brief encouraging appearance
and it was as if the sun had been shining all day long.

It takes very little to brighten my day.

What bright spots have made a showing in your day?

Be Well
~ ~ ~ 


  1. Seeing my BF in Guelph,ON was on line and speaking with her on Skype yesterday brightened my day! I am looking for longer leggings with a few tunic tops for a warm, cosy and easy to care for winter wardrobe. Peg - UI

  2. your gentle and graceful blog always makes me feel like joining you in the 'wee' bungalow. Never a 'blabber' mouth and always charming....i feel like friends!

  3. Recently I have tried to cut back on the number of blogs I read to just my few favorites -- and yours is the top of the list. I enjoy the way you write about the simple pleasures of life -- nice soaps, cats, flowers, books, fluffy towels -- and the way your blog is a little bit of everything. I also really love your posts about clothing. You have such a nice, simple elegant style and put things together so well. Yoga pants, ballet flats and a scarf? So nice looking and since I (and I suspect many of your readers) already have these items, you inspire to be creative rather than make me want to go out and spend money.

  4. Your blogs are lovely to read. Gracious and peaceful. The red lipstick covered all your "perceived" fashion sins :-)

  5. Ann said everything I wanted to say - I love your simple, elegant style and I also always enjoy scenes from the bungalow. I just enjoy reading what you have to say!

  6. I enjoy reading your blog very several reasons: visually it is very appealing, my eyes feel rested not strained; you write well on a variety of topics; you love to garden ;) and your not afraid to talk about your weaknesses. Even though we have never met, I feel as if you were a dear friend. Thank you, Marilyn

  7. What a wonderful picture of the sun on your porch! I can imagine sneaking out there to just warm up in its rays for a bit. I have no problem with yoga pants for running errands! You still look nicely put-together.

  8. I always feel a sense of peace and loveliness when I read/enjoy your missives and photographs. This is the beauty of the cyberworld: one can find friends and inspiration in people you've never met.

  9. I read your blog because I think you are lovely!
    What a gorgeous porch you have, it looks like the perfect place to sit and have a chat.

  10. Your blog is my favorite of the few that I read on a daily basis. I admire your style and especially enjoy your OOTD posts. -Kathy

  11. Well, I've recently found you, so I'm not tired of you at all. I relate to wearing my lulu lemons and trying to dress them up. I think the ballet flats, Chanel red lipstick, and scarf do it for me. I won't turn you in.

    Interesting to me about the bloggers who are blogged out. Im just starting so I'm wondering what made them stop?

  12. I enjoy reading your blog - I like the "train of thought" style even when it meanders! Thanks for the inspiration regarding dressing for errands.

  13. Lovely outfit!
    I really want to find a copy of that book to peruse!

  14. I agree with everything Ann and Patricia wrote. I read your blog regularly and this is the first time I have ever commented. Please keep on blogging. Jenni

  15. As I've said, I read your blog because I find it charming and calming. It brings me a sort of peaceful feeling.
    I wear yoga pants running around because I often do errands after I exercise. In LA, you can get away with a lot. Your porch is so lovely and cozy.

  16. Hostess, you have a very specific voice, and cadence to your posts. I can see how they come easily to you, and we all know what we're getting when we read. You feel like a friend.

  17. I find your blog inspiring, and appreciate your honesty and openness. I particularly enjoy the photos you often include... add lots of fun and its a recipe for a great blog! Absolutely top of my list.

  18. I know why I often come here--because yours is a CALM blog. I don't always comment, but I do go away breathing more deeply. From my perspective, your life seems so sane and as though you take the time to savor the things I too often pass up.

  19. I love your blog! I enjoy your perspective and your activities AND your chit-chat. Your little Bungalow is wonderful. I appreciate you sharing yourself and your life with us all!

  20. I find your blog easy to approach. There are lots of ideas in one single post. Your positiveness reflects in your writing, making it a reflection of yourself.
    How could anyone resist something like that?

    I too have noticed blogs coming and going. As long as you enjoy keeping your´s going, fine.
    I feel it only natural, that even regular bloggers might feel the need for " a brake " from time to time.
    That too being understandable.

  21. Oh, forgot - I understand, that " regular commenters ", don´t always wish/ have the time / the need to comment.
    As this includes me as well, I feel it ok too : ).

  22. Your porch is beautiful, I love the rhythm of your blog, I find it very calming, it makes the best bolt hole.

  23. Reading your posts is like getting together with good friends for a relaxing chat. It is easy to see why we come back--the opportunity to talk with other women who have similar interests including style, the art of homemaking, gardening and so many issues that "women of a certain age" are faced with each day. I would miss your insight and lovely pictures if you needed to stop, like missing a friend who moved away. Hope you continue.

    And I love that scarf. It is so feminine and light. It must be such fun to wear.

  24. I hope you continue blogging because I always enjoying visiting your blog. I feel as if I have been invited into your home, and we are sitting across the kitchen table chatting over cookies and tea. You make us all feel at home!

  25. I agree with the comments of Kristen62, your blog has just the right "mix" of subjects. You include lots of photos and post regularly. We are of a similar age and live in the same city, I appreciate you naming local shops when you find a treasure. Gonzales beach cottage.

  26. Your blog is like a cosy sanctuary in the midst of dross.Ida

  27. Your blog is very soothing to me! I enjoy checking in each day during my work day in order to take a little break and have some tranquility. Please don't stop blogging! xo Lisa

  28. I have a similar scarf that I just dug out and wrapped around my neck.
    Thanks for the reminder of those little treasures we have hidden away in our closets. I feel like I am wearing something brand new and didn't spend a dime. Love your blog. We also have a 1920's bungalow and your home is quite an inspiration!

  29. That looks like a very stylish errands outfit, it's not as if you were going out to lunch or anything!

  30. Your blog makes me feel as if I am chatting with a friend, a little oasis after a hectic day or a pick me up after a boring day. Love the cats' adventures as well.

  31. I live in Florida, but I
    m of a similar age and taste. I love your bungalow, your roses and your cats. It's lovely of you to share so much with your readers.

  32. I love to visit your blog for I only persue only a few and I feel that your quiet intelligence and exquisite taste is a welcome relief in a world that tends to uplift the tacky. As I get older I want quality in all aspects in my life and I find that your blog readily exemplifies that. Thank-you for your blog :)

  33. Thank you all for your lovely words...
    I truly appreciate each and every one of them.

  34. What a lovely scarf. No other adornment needed. May I ask who made this beautiful item?

  35. Why do I like your blog? I find such similarities between your life and mine - eventhough you are in Canada and I am in Sydney, Australia. We are similar ages, we are both interested in evolving a style which is suitable and smart. We both work in education(I am a Teacher/Librarian at a boys High School).We even read the same magazines!! And we each have cats we love.There are enough differences to make it interesting.(Plus, I love your house!!)Jan