Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving thoughts and Flowers...

Thanksgiving was a blur of cooking and company.
Family, food and flowers...

There are leftovers in the fridge, the silverware and china has been washed and put back for another gathering.
So much preparation is required, new recipes tested and then served with love and care.
It always amazes me how fast it's over...
laughter and hugs,
an adorable red headed grand daughter,
an 84 year old Mother who is now also known as Nana
our grown kids
a husband who generously rolls up his shirt sleeves and gets busy in the kitchen after the guests have all left...
we sip wine in between washing and drying
chatting and sharing the joy that family brings to our lives.

Family mean so much.
They are at the very core of my being.
I am sitting here with my mug of coffee, a tear in my eye and a heart full of JOY.
The Bungalow is quiet but I can still hear the sounds of the family if I listen really carefully
it's as if the walls have ears...

Lovely daughter brought these.

These roses are the last flush of Climbing Royal Sunset.

I hope very much that you have much love in your heart.

It's a great day to go out and have yourself some serious fun today.

In gratitude,
your Humble Hostess


  1. Sounds like a lovely gathering, Hostess. My kids are still young, so Thanksgiving involves some wrangling to keep them all at table. I'm enjoying this stage of our family, but I do look forward to the future when they will come home for the holidays as adults with their kids of their own!

  2. Glad you had an enjoyable,happy,family Thanksgiving,beautiful flowers.Ida

  3. Your day sounds as beautiful as the Climbing Royal Sunset.

  4. It appears all had a good time and there was much to be thankful for.


  5. Sounds wonderful and how great to have your granddaughter there to, makes it even more special. I'm just beginning to gather some of my old favorite and new recipes for our Thanksgiving in late November. It'll be our first one in our new home, and I'm really looking forward to it. This post got me going.