Monday, October 22, 2012

A Rainy Monday afternoon post ~ random thoughts.

L'Occitane Almond Milk Cream smells delicious and is so full of moisturizing properties...
I highly recommend it as it delivers on it's promise to soothe and hydrate dry skin.
The L'Occitane Shea Butter is fabulous too, especially the hand and foot creams.
Have you ever tried their range of products?
They have a fabulous website and now there is a shop located downtown in our city.
It's a sensory treat to walk in and sample their wares and the knowledgeable staff are ready to assist.

It comes in a convenient size and lasts quite a long time.
A little goes a long way.

The jar is quite attractive so there's no need to hide it away.
I keep it on my bedside table to remind me to use it.

Organic Angelica Water and Essential Oil
Eye Roll On
(Patent Pending)
Suitable for sensitive eyes.
For the delicate skin around the eyes.
~ ~ ~ 
On the box it states that with use it will 
~ reduce the appearance of fine lines by 18% ~
~ reduce puffiness by 11% ~
~ reduce dark circles by 12% ~

I'm hoping that this will perform as well as the box suggests.
The skin around my eyes is starting to look more crepe-y
and I have some puffiness when I wake up in the morning.

~ ~ ~ 

I've got lots of random thoughts and a rather disjointed blog post today...
perhaps it's because I had a super busy weekend of preparing and hosting the baby shower.
Which I will post about on another day...

Foliage is standing in for flowers today.
I may not have mentioned this but Chester thinks flowers are to play with and will not leave them alone.
So far every arrangement has been "de-arranged."

Here he is helping me do the laundry, ready to pounce.
If he's not in the laundry basket 
he's on top of the clothes.
I think he's more like a dog than a cat as he follows me everywhere
and Pepper is never far behind!
~ ~ ~ 

New book
some easy reading
The book is rather like a clutch purse.

I do enjoy Candace Bushnell's style.
I loved "One Fifth Avenue" and "Four Blondes."

Last year I read the "Carrie Diaries"...
these books are what I consider to be  "mental snack food"
a light entertaining read
nothing that requires too much energy...
pure entertainment.

It's what I need and crave after a busy day at work.
(and a freshly brewed pot of tea.)

I've got my tea, the cat is on my lap
I  can hear the rain coursing through the down spouts.
It's a wet day today...
It's warm and dry in my wee Humble Bungalow
I am feeling grateful for a roof over my head and food in the fridge.
~ ~ ~ 
Our local community food banks are having difficult keeping their shelves stocked.
At school we are having a food drive.
It was suggested that each student donate one can of food 
with over 500 students enrolled in our school that would be a substantial boost to help.

I think many families will bring more than one can...
it's the least we can do.

Hope you are snug safe and warm.

~ ~ ~ 


  1. I love L'Occitane products! Their shea butter hand and foot creams you mentioned are better than any I've tried. I particularly love their foaming face wash. It's so gentle yet thoroughly removes all my makeup, including mascara!

    Oh, and all their lavender products are divine! Once you try these products, with their natural scents, you can never go back to synethically scented soaps and lotions again. Mary

  2. I love the scent of L'Occitane and have lingered inside the new store more than once.
    I crave home, hot tea and a cosy fire on a day such as today. Alas, I had a full day of work, three loads of laundry on my return home and a duty call to my MIL in the some time for myself!

  3. I love the L'Occtaine almond scent. It reminds me of the old Jergens which also had an almond scent. Rainy and cozy here in California too .

  4. Oh no, now I'm just going to have to try L.Occtaine; I adore the scent of almond lotion.

    Chester looks like he's up to no good; adorable and mischevious.

  5. I rarely buy any products, it's my major "save" area, but my mum uses their soap.
    It all sounds very cosy in the bungalow, we are having the most beautiful autumn over here.

    1. Stop hogging all the good weather up there,and send me some,HB calls these misty mornings 'Scotch mist!! Ida

  6. I have started to sing 'mud,mud glorious mud'around the house,the rain pouring off the fields,mud from farm tractors =mud in my house grrrrr.

    BTW the only almond oil I use is to message my nails at night with good results.Ida

  7. I've used L'Occitane since I discovered them at the store in the King of Prussia Mall in PA. I use their Immortelle line of face wash, day and night creams. Love the scent and their creaminess. Going to Syracuse today for a little, rainy day jaunt and now will have to stop in to the L'Occitane store to check out the Almond products.

    1. Big disappointment- L'Occitane is not in the new part of the Syracuse mall. Will have to wait until I go to Massachusetts.

    2. Well if you have no shop to go to they will send you some samples from their website!

  8. I'm never without a small tube of l'Occitane's hand cream in my bag. Buy them in the triplet packs, and then buy the big size for home. The triplet packs make a nice GF gift as well -- always seems to be appreciated.
    We've really settled into the rainy season, haven't we? Drought? What drought?

    1. The spawning salmon need the rain and it's time to wear some of my boots!

  9. Your posts always make me feel calm and cozy. Thanks!

    1. Oh that's a lovely thing to say Kathy. If you lived closer I'd ask you to meet for tea.

  10. Added bonus when jars are attractive. Does Chester de-arrange potted plants? We are enjoying rain UI too. I love the sound of rain in the downspout when I am inside safe, dry and warm. Peg - UI

    1. Chester did knock over an orchid and it spilled dirt all over the floor...
      the Weller arts and crafts jardinere was safe which is quite a surprise and a relief.
      He does nibble the fresh basil on the kitchen window ledge but he leaves the rosemary alone.
      You wouldn't believe how active he is!

  11. I am also from BC, married, 57 and a grandma who recently bought a 1920 Arts and Crafts Bungalow. I hope to improve the street appeal as it has a side entrance which doesn't look quite right to me at the present although I am in love with the interior. Thanks for any suggestions you may be able to give. I could email a photo. Regards,

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Sounds like we have a lot in common! Please email a photo or two and I'd be happy to look. I'll show them to my clever HB who has an architectural eye. BTW I just checked out your photography blog and I am very impressed with your photos.

  12. I will have to try their hand cream, with all of the gardening I do I need all the help that I can get.

    Chester looks so cute "over seeing" the laundry, I can just see him waiting to jump in with all of the newly dried clothes. (-:

    1. I hope you'll like it as much as I do...I slather it on before putting on my garden gloves!

  13. I like Occitane products- do the cats tend to lick the hand creme off your hand? Mine found it irresistible.

    1. No they don't but when we had a friend over for drinks in the summer she had some lotion on her legs and Pepper would not stop licking her legs and she got the giggles and we had to lock Pepper away in another room!

  14. I love L'Occitane products, the Shea Butter lotion works wonders in the winter time. I also like their lavender soap and hand cream.