Friday, October 26, 2012

Orange and black...OOTD

It's a cold blustery October afternoon.

Halloween is on the horizon
and with no wee ones in the house I do not fuss much with the decor.
It's a shameful lack of energy that is behind my lack luster efforts.
Look at this
lazy nod to the season 
a lonely orange pumpkin sits
waiting by the door of The Humble Bungalow.

Janet has spruced up a pumpkin with paint and sparkles
she got the idea from another blog.

We have a set of pumpkin lights that we will string in the window
and yellow danger do not cross tapes.
That's about it.

looking rather witchy
 black garments abound...

Ralph Lauren pants
Stuart Weitzman black patent leather shoes with velvet bows 
black with white spidery patterned top ?
(it had an irritating tag that chafed my neck so it was cut out immediately)

How about an orange feather boa 
or a scarf?
I need a punch of orange for our school black and orange day.

Some staff members go all out and dress up
with holiday themed earrings, necklaces, 
ties that light up
orange nail polish
over the top make up
and while it works for them it just doesn't feel like me.

I do not want to be seen as a poor sport but I have never really taken to dressing up
my style is much more sedate
boring perhaps, conservative definitely!

Yet I do need something and I am on the hunt for just the right orange accent...
any ideas?

Tish Jett has a fabulous orange tote on her blog today which is quite tempting.

I'm not sure that I have ever owned any orange garment
unless one counts that smattering of orange on my Lanvin scarf
(you can see it on the sidebar of my blog)

I am planning to hit the stores this weekend
what would you suggest?

~ ~ ~

Have a delicious weekend...
I think there will be some chocolate on the menu here.


  1. If orange isn't a color you usually accessorize with, I wouldn't go wild. Maybe the boa in black or orange and orange nail polish would work. Our Rite Aid has both. Or perhaps inexpensive bangles, if you can find them, in orange.

    I love orange and have a few things that I could go to. Too bad I live too far away for you to borrow :)

    1. I would love to borrow something from you too Kristien!

  2. I think a boa is a great idea. It would definitely be a fancy-dress item for you, but not over the top. You'd be part of the fun but you might not feel too costumed. Have fun!

    1. I didn't find a boa in orange... There was every other colour where I shopped but I did find an orange item.

  3. Hostess, love that photo of you. Should consider using as profile photo at top of page. Love your blog. Thanks so much. Boa or orange nails a good idea

  4. I think I'd get an orange ribbon (about 1/2" wide) and tie it around my neck and make an off center bow. If you found some inexpensive Halloween charm (like a skeleton to hang from it, great, but sort of chic and sexy on it's own. I used to love to dress up for Halloween, and did some very inventive costumes. When I was pregnant, I went to a Halloween party as a Q-Tip.

    1. We used to go all out when our kids were small and both of us had costumes. Dress up parties are really popular with the younger set. A Q-tip sounds very creative!

  5. Oh, and love that close up of you also - you look glowing and beautiful.

  6. I love orange and I have got several touches of it in my wardrobe. Why not wear an orange top under say a black V-neck. You could team it with your beautiful Lanvin scarf.. First day of cold here in Paris ; until now it has been untypically sunny and warm, a bit scary really !

    1. I bought an orange pair of gloves and will probably wear my scarf with them.

  7. what about an orange scarf tied as a headband and then wear one of your all black outfits? i think it would look stunning on you!

    1. I have tried to wear scarves as headbands and they slip off...there must be a trick to tying them so the silk doesn't shift.

  8. Why not orange socks? With what you are wearing in the photo? Which, BTW, looks great. Alternatively, a piece of costume jewelry, a large orange bib necklace?

    1. I did look for socks but I didn't have any luck in orange...bought 2 pair of black cashmere blend ones!

  9. I agree with Karhy, you do look glowing. Obviously your regime is doing wonders for you, as you radiate in the best way! I detest orange and yellow. And theme dressing. I think you should wear the Lanvin scarf with one of your pretty cardigans and call it a day!

    1. I like to keep things simple and your idea is more in keeping with my thoughts too.

  10. I´d suggest wearing all black. Maybe you could find a cheap necklace with big orange balls. While shopping get your nails painted orange for free, maybe a cheap orange lipstick ( for the special day ).
    You could use it as an eyeshadow as well?

    1. Oh wow!
      I do like the orange nails but can you imagine orange lips or eye shadow?
      I'd really be light years beyond my comfort zone!
      That's too funny!

  11. The only sign of orange in my part of the UK is a wheelbarrow of pumpkins for sale outside a cottage in the village.

    Have fun whatever you wear. Ida

  12. I have to admit I'm not very keen on costumes. Some of my colleagues dress up for classes on Halloween, but I'm content to keep the festivities to carving a jack-o-lantern and handing out candies to the trick-or-treaters. Quite honestly, I'm a bit bothered by how the children's celebration has been co-opted commercially over the past several decades, so that now we're decorating our homes and buying costumes and accessories, etc. Colour me Scrooge, but I look at much of this stuff and can only see Future Landfill. Whoops, that turned into a bit of a rant, didn't it? Maybe it's time to steal some of the trick or treats!

  13. I usually wear orange in the form of a scarf. I did just buy some bright orange cords tho - I love them!

    I heard there was an earthquake out your way...hope you are safe and sound!

  14. We are fine, thank you. There was some alarming coverage on the CBC that I stayed up to watch just to make sure we did not need to go to higher ground. It was a big one at 7.7 and surprisingly we did not feel it!