Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MIA or White Wednesday

I have been MIA..
a little longer than originally planned.
We had a bit of a crisis as Mr. HB's 94 year old mother fell and broke her hip.
We have been worried sick and sitting at her bedside in the hospital trying to reassure her. She's' very confused and anxious and even though the surroundings of her private room are modern, clean and calming they are unfamiliar to her.
It's early days and we are not out of the woods just yet...

In the need of a wee diversion I am indulging in a
sneak peek of the newly renovated powder room.
Before the towel racks and all the fluffy stuff is in place.

it's a small room on the lower level of The Humble Bungalow
which will be used mostly by guests and the occasional quick trip in from the garden.

tiny window which needed a privacy treatment for modesty's sake
a custom made blind fits the bill
from Home Depot
at a not the break the bank price

I know what you might be thinking...
not only does the Hostess like to wear black and white she decorates with it too!

It's not the glamourous sunflower shower head like we have upstairs
the smallish acrylic shower stall does not lend itself to luxury
it's rather more like economy!

I will test the shower out when we get the shower rod and curtain installed.

 I realize that I've done a White Wednesday post 
although not a wordless one...
it's completely coincidental i assure you.

See you again when things settle down.
I'm trying to keep Mr. HB and I on an even keel in these stormy times.
So I've been busy in the kitchen turning out nutritious meals
despite the late hour that dinner gets to the table.
It would be so easy to resort to junk or fast food but I cannot abide this habit in times of stress.
I crave warm good food, home made of course.

Be well.


  1. As I am sure you are already aware, falls at an advanced age are very, very serious and scary. I will be sending all my healing thoughts your way and hope that she is out of the woods soon.

    Your bathroom is so elegantly simple. I like how uncluttered it is. The details of the floor tiles, wainscoting and hardware really show through.

    Please keep us posted on your MIL.

    xo, A

  2. Oh I do hope she gets through this all right, how traumatic for her.
    Your home is so calming, I admire you for keeping up the cooking, we resort to toast for weeks on end during stressful times.

  3. Best wishes for a full recovery to your MIL. I'm sure it's helpful to have you near her bedside. The bathroom is functional and charming...a winning combination!

  4. I wish your MIL and her family well. I know full well how illness can cause stress in a family. Feeling so much better today. Peg - UI

  5. Best wishes to your mother-in-law Hostess. I hope that she recovers soon and that in the meantime you can keep the stress at bay.
    Your bathroom renovation is lovely!

  6. I wish the best for your MIL. I know you are both very concerned and feel a bit helpless to make things better for her. It is wonderful that you are spending time with her.
    Your bathroom reno is beautiful. So, clean and sleek.

  7. So sorry about your MIL. Didn't she have another recent fall and break? Will she need surgery for her hip?
    Your bathroom reno is looking great. Good for you for keeping up with fresh food and cooking during this time. Please keep us posted.

    1. Kathy she had surgery as they had to pin it to stabilize it and minimize the pain. Yes this is her second fall, the first one she fractured the bone but it healed over the past 4 months. Her bones are very brittle. We do worry about her health.

  8. Dear Hostess,
    The Reno looks as lovely and chic as you!! Wishing you strength through this tough time.

  9. So excited to find a fellow blogger renovating a heritage listed bungalow, albeit on the other side of the world. I feel your pain. I also hope your MIL recovers from her hip op, it is a very difficult time.
    The Blog a House Built

  10. Oh dear Hostess, your poor MIL. I'm sure the family are beside themselves with worry. In stressful times I find a huge mound of mashed potato and lashings of gravy really hit the spot.
    The renovation looks brilliant.

  11. I'm sorry your mother-in-law is having such a hard time. Older people feel so much comfort in their own surroundings with their familiar things. I'm sure its difficult for all of you. I am sending prayers from across the ocean.

  12. So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, I know first hand how difficult these times can be. I hope she can return home soon.

    I love your powder room, it looks nifty, and the floor is splendid. I have a black and white floor in one of my bathrooms. I also like the black door handle. It all looks quite elegant...and very well thought out.

  13. All best wishes to your mother in law and to you and your husband.

  14. So sorry about your mother-in-law. Mine broke her hip in August and between that and my FIL's cancer, they've had to give up their condo -- both are finding the transition difficult. Like your MIL, the comfort of familiar surroundings is hard to give up. These are tough times, and I hope you manage to look after yourself through it all. Take care. (your new bathroom's very smart!)

    1. mater,
      I must have missed your post about your mom and sorry to hear that you are going through a similar family situation. I am finding it quite stressful and we are in the same city as Mr. HB's mother.
      It must be much more difficult for you to check in on them.
      Take care,

  15. Hang in there, Hostess. Hugs to you all.

  16. You are such a caring person,and am sure you are a great strength to your HB at this time.

    I lose my appetite in times of stress,best wishes to you all at this difficult time.Ida x

  17. Oh my, wishing the best to you all.

    Your pictures from downstairs look so nice and clean. Just keep it simple!

  18. Your bathroom looks so crisp and clean. I love the beadboard.

    Sorry to hear about your MIL. I hope she recovers well. You are so right to nourish yourself with good food and to keep things on as even a keel as possible.

  19. I have never commented before but want you to know that I am thinking of your MIL, and you. Your blog provides me with much peace and serenity and I wish that for you and your family. L

  20. Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying your blog and that you've inspired me to start working on a posting more about my own home.

    I've added links to your blog at my blog
    and hope you will check it out.


    1. I spent some time over at your blog and I was really interested to read all your arts and crafts posts!
      Larry was the one who organized our tour! I'll look forward to reading more about your bungalow.
      Happy Thanksgiving Susan.

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL's accident. It's a time of life thing, I think. I hope things are getting better.