Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cashmere come to mama...

I knew the warm sunny weather would have to come to an end.
Today we have a grey day with masses of fog draping and weaving their thick blankets in and around our bungalow. You can hardly see outside the windows.
It's frightfully damp and the furnace has come on...

I've gone shopping, from my bed.
Swiftly to Land's End for a warm cashmere sweater in a foggy shade of grey.
"Alpaca Heather."
Perhaps influenced by the weather and the need to be comfortable and cozy, cashmere to the rescue.

You can see my new cardigan details here
 if you are quick you may be able to get that 40% discount like I did!


I highly recommend Land's Ends for their cashmere. My black cardigan is so cozy and is performing well with minimal pilling and washes like a dream retaining it's shape when laundered in a warm water bath of sudsy Aveda Shampure Shampoo and laying it flat to dry.

I hope you are warm and cozy today...
if you are chilly there is always cashmere to the rescue!

Thanks for popping by...


  1. Sounds like we are experiencing the same weather today. A little cashmere and Lands End? Sounds like just the trick for today!

  2. I've not tried Lands End cashmere, but if I can get the 40% off I think I need to buy two, don't you?
    Have a cozy day.

  3. What a great price. Cashmere is too warm to wear here very often, when I do get a chance I love it!

  4. Aveda Shampoo? Who knew? Great idea. I always love Lands End. So comforting.


  5. We have disappeared in mist as well, it's rather beautiful first thing in the morning but by lunchtime i am fed up with the low light levels.
    Cashmere - I love it! :-)

  6. Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Hostess!!! I forget about ‘our’ Thanksgiving being Down Under, as it’s often not noted in my Australian calendars Perhaps it’s something I need to resurrect for my boys. I always did a Thanksgiving dinner the first few years I was here – I’ve gotten lax. Nothing wrong with giving a little thanks and having a special dinner with those we love.

    I think I need to purchase a cashmere sweater. It is so cold and rainy today. Melbourne’s weather has taken a turn! xxx

  7. Same grey murk here,bought a brora cashmere v-necked long cardigan in the colour heath... grey murky colour!!while in London at the w/e.

    Do you think the weather is making our choices for us?(laughing)

    HB said if I went out in it I would disappear into the grey gloom!! Ida

  8. Cashmere feels so good on. Just let them hang out in fresh air after use for a short period, and you have no need to wash them frequently.
    Your choice of color sounds perfect.

  9. I just bought a cashmere sweater/poncho in a gray called titanium. Something about gray cashmere is so cozy.

  10. My LE cashmere is fine, and has washed well but I don't find the styles or colours as appealing as Eric Bompard. I wash it in Johnson's Baby Shampoo (any baby shampoo works beautifully).

    1. I get emails from Eric Bompard and have never bought any of their cashmere...the price point is one husband seems much more comfortable spending that kind of money on me than I am.
      The Scottish Johnson Co. cashmere sweater that he gave me was over $400 and that was 8 or more years ago...
      I am a frugal girl at heart.

  11. Hello Hostess, how did you get 40% off? The ad says 40% off shoes. Did I miss something?

    1. Yes the offer was only for a short time, stay tuned as Land's End offer regular sales and discounts.
      The Cashmere is worth waiting for...

  12. Mmmmm yummy antidotes against the cooler, damper weather -- Shampure is such a delicious gentle scent and cashmere, well! Enjoy!