Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wooly Ramblings...a bookish post.

I found something orange to wear with my Lanvin scarf for black and orange day.
Very sedate and classic, a bright punch of marmalade ~ mitts
gloves really,
 I've never had fingerless ones before.

Don't you love something new and different?
At 57 going on 58 it's refreshing to know that there are surprises still to be experienced.

soft wool fingerless gloves
I'll still be able to work while I wear them
plus they are not gaudy and I will be able to use them in my daily life this winter
so it is not money wasted buying something for a one time use.

While searching for my orange accent 
I found two pairs of cashmere blend socks.
I love cashmere and these socks are wonderful
soft and cozy
I could cocoon all day in these.

I picked up a new novel
this has come with a high recommendation
from the bookseller on the Avenue.

Have you read any of his other novels?

He lives in Cornwall and had his degrees from Oxford.
I am hoping that this novel will be a treat.
If so I'll be getting my mitts on all of his books.

I'm wondering too if Julian Fellowes is going to write a new book
of if he is too busy with Downton Abbey.
If you have never read his book Snobs run don't walk 
book off a weekend and get lost in the world of the aristocratic English lives of the privileged.

What books are you reading now and what would you recommend ?


  1. Fingerless gloves are so handy, I'm reading a science book about viruses just now, it's a can't put downer.

  2. Cute mittens and oh the socks, you´ll love them.
    I´m supposed to finish a book which won the Finlandia Literature prize last year ( half way on it ), Cabin 6 in English by Sofi Oksanen, as I´ll attend a literature conversation group about it soon.
    A long train trip to Siberia..

  3. I have just started Life Class by Diana Athill an English author also an Oxford graduate.
    Her words "to understand,to be aware,to touch the truth" made me want to know more about this woman.

    Have been tempted by the fingerless gloves but not sure a good idea for one who suffers with cold fingers.Ida

  4. What a pretty cover to that book. I have been reading tough books with very harsh graphic titles, your one looks so comforting.

  5. Right now I am reading "To the North" by Elizabeth Bowen and loving it. I already own "Snobs" by Julian Fellowes and now will read it after your recommendation. I don't have the book you are currently reading but have heard about it. I hope you will give us a book review when you are done.

  6. I've been reading Kate Morton's books. Love them.

  7. I love my fingerless cashmere gloves. My cat gave them to me for Christmas last year. ;)

    At this time I'm reading "Mrs. Tom Thumb" by Melanie Benjamin, "Lillie May Nicholson 1884-1964: An Artist Rediscovered" by Walter A Nelson-Rees, and "Manhattan Monologues" by Louis Auchincloss.

  8. I've long wanted to read the Patrick Melrose series...I look forward to seeing what you think; I might have to bump it up on my list.

    Have you read Past Imperfect by Fellowes? I read it along with Snobs when they first came out. I liked one a bit more but now can't remember which. :)

    Currently reading histories of the Middle East...A Line in the Sand by James Barr is great.

  9. I'm a bit of an avid reader. This year I loved The Dove Keepers by Alice Hoffman and The Age of Miracles. I am also addicted to good reads, and feel like a horder, as I have over 800 on my want to read book list.

    Julie Q

  10. I'm reading "City of Women" by David R. Gillham. It's very good, but I'm in a bit of a knitting frenzy in my spare time, so not making much headway with the book, but I do know, it's a keeper. Love your fingerless gloves.
    My art studio has no insulation, so I paint in fingerless gloves all winter long.

  11. You have just reminded me to look for some fingerless gloves...I had them on my wish list a couple of months ago and plain forgot about them. Yours are darling!
    I am reading "The Kitchen House" and I love it. It has been keeping me up until 1:00 a.m. for the last two nights!

  12. The gloves were a perfect compromise! Good thinking!
    Right now I'm reading gardening themed books - A Gentle Plea for Chaos by Mirabel Osler and The Morville Hourse by Katherine Swift. I'll have to look for the book you suggest - I love to hear of something I've not yet tried.

  13. You must read his previous Patrick Melrose books before you read At Last as it is the finale. I enjoyed them very much, though the father is one of the most loathsome characters I've encountered in a book!

  14. Wow! What a great list of recommended books. I haven't read any of them. What a treat! For another terrific writer from Cornwall, try Patrick Gale. "Notes from an Exhibition " is probably my favourite. And, I will admit to the world....I adore Nora Roberts. There! I've said it!!

  15. I picked up three books at the fleamarket yesterday: Myself When Young by Daphne du Maurier, Jennie Churchill by Anne Sebba (who recently wrote about Wallis Simpson) and Highland Fling, Nancy Mitford'sfirst book. At £2 each, I felt I'd really scored! Sat down and read the first one in front of the fire while the wind blew the rain around outside.