Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pins, pans and perfume....

Life around here is nothing too out of the ordinary.
It's ticking along with a more regular rhythm
we are not complacent
just catching our breath
after some recent family medical issues which finds us breathing deeper with our pulses are slowing down.

The Fall weather has arrived with a vengeance
bringing with it gusty gale force winds and the trees are shedding their leaves swiftly.
The old furnace is rumbling as it chugs out warm blasts of air.

Sunday dinners will mostly be roasted and they will certainly be comfort food,
in the sublime form of prime rib of beef, free range organic chickens and the occasional ham.
(vegetarians and vegans look away)

Turkey is reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I do love a great roasting pan.
Luckily / fortunately for me Mr. HB believes in good tools...
so it was last Sunday that found me unwrapping a vast box bearing...

a sturdy roasting pan
"All Clad"
stainless that will accommodate a turkey, chicken, rib roast or a large lasagna
this will be in use on a regular basis in The Humble Bungalow Kitchen.
Thanks Honey!

I have been wearing my vintage pins lately...
if nothing else they start a conversation...

Baroque pearl
circa 1920
a gift from lovely daughter
I LOVE this one
it's simple and sparkly
and goes with most everything I own.

Gilmour tunic top
Lands End leggings
Hush Puppies leather boots
"Orange" vest

please accept my apologies as
I look tired
I have been busy de-cluttering the downstairs 
as well as being a social butterfly...
I know I have been burning the candle at both ends
( I have made a reservation at the spa...)

a new discovery...

"Passionate Night"
pillow spray
I have never heard of this before and I love this scent.
It is available in a candle or this spray
sadly no perfume...
if it were I'd be buying up a few bottles as the scent is lovely
and I did slumber deep with this scent wafting up from my pillow.

I cheated and spritzed some on my vest this morning so I could enjoy the subtle scent throughout my day.

It's subtle, kind of musky with notes from the Orient.

What perfume do you wear?
Have you worn this for a long time or is it new for you?
Do you like to keep your scent a secret?

~ ~ ~ 


  1. No perfume for me but I covet your new pan, the Sunday roast makes a return here too as of this week, grouse I think to start off seeing as they are in season.

  2. I too covet your pan. Lovely. I wear Bois De Isle and tell no one but my blog friends!!

  3. I could no more wear one perfume than I could wear the exact same clothes, day after day. To those who say "oh, but I want people to associate me with a signature scent," my children will pick up an item of clothing of mine, or hug the greyhound, and remark that it/he smells like me...considering I have about 2doz frags in rotation, they say "my smell" is totally unique. As for the roasting pan, we vegetarians put them to good use roasting squash, stuffed peppers, asparagus, and mounds of greens!

  4. I've been wearing Allure for a while now, but recently began using Beauty by Calvin Klein as a daytime scent. Today, at therapy, the therapist told me that my scent was lovely and wanted to know what it was, so I guess its working. Love the pan which reminds me that I need a new one. I lost a bunch of things in the floods we had last year at this time.

  5. My favourite perfume is Hermes Rose Ikebana - and on my Christmas list is Byredo's Gypsy Water.. Both light and floral and a bit green too but refreshing .... LOVE your beautiful vintage brooch. Beautiful. x

  6. I used to wear L'Interdit by Givenchy, but have not been able to find it. So I went to an old favorite; Miss Balmain which I first discovered in Paris when I was a student.


  7. I get compliments every time I wear the Durance Verbena perfume. I have you to thank for my new favorite!

  8. Have worn Chanel No 19 for 25 years but recently trying Chanel Chance (Au Tendre). I'm a longterm vegetarian but love your new pan! xoxowendy

  9. It used to be, ISSEY MIYAKE, L' EAU D' ISSEY . . .
    Most usually it is Marc Jabobs, original . . .
    Sometimes it is PRADA, Amber . . .

  10. Here on the East Coast of Canada, it is almost impossible to wear scent of any kind. Truly. There are signs posted in doctors offices, hospitals and other public buildings. NO SCENT ALLOWED. In fact, if you enter hospitals it is "suggested" that you bring no products with scent. And from what I've read, Halifax is foremost in this campaign. In talking to clients all over the world, it is not a problem elsewhere. And now you say, not elsewhere in Canada.
    I studied perfume a few years ago, and made my own from essential oils in cream form. But commercially, Aromatics Elixer and Youth Dew are my faves.
    From Eastern Canada

  11. I've had an All-Clad roasting pan for many years. Couldn't do without it. I do like to keep my actual fragrance secret, but it's by Le Labo which has many different scents.

  12. I always enjoy cooking more in the cooler months ~ your new roasting pan is great and I am sure you will be whipping up some very yummy treats in it.

  13. What a beautiful roasting pan,does your HB cook? Ida

    1. Mr. HB mans the BBQ in the summertime and has a few pasta dishes that he will make on a rare occasion which makes them such a special treat!
      I do the lions share of the cooking but I do like to be busy in the kitchen so it's not really a hardship.

  14. A good roasting pan is a true thing of beauty.