Sunday, October 14, 2012

And the beet goes on...

Beets are best served fresh and we have enjoyed our garden's bounty this summer.
Sweet and delicious served simply with butter, a grind of pepper and a few crystals of sea salt.

With the weather finally slinking into fall
the fog, the damp and the rain...
It seemed like a good time to pull out the rest of our beets and do something with them.

red beets

yellow beets

Pickled beets
a real treat
which we'll enjoy over the winter.

Do you remember Sonny and Cher?

They look so young and in love in this video clip.

Can you see the massive spider's web that has been woven outside our living room window?
It's so intricate.
No sign of the spider though...
I've noticed many webs strung and woven in the garden recently.
Which makes me wonder where these spiders have been all summer long.

When I looked at this web I thought I'd recently seen this design up close.
Then I remembered that I have a pottery bowl by potter Terry Ryals.

celadon green

look closer

The pattern looks rather weblike
perhaps he was inspired by a spider's handiwork.

I don't know how he has achieved this effect
perhaps it's in the firing or a very specific kind of glaze.

All I know is that I do like the finished product.
You can find his works locally in galleries and on Salt Spring Island.

I love to browse galleries for unique gifts for friends and family.
And on a rare occasion I find a treasure that comes home with me!

~ ~ ~

Hope you are having fun and enjoying your day.


  1. We love fresh beets too - and fresh from one's own garden means they're the freshest.
    Spiders - they weave wonderful patterns, but they like to bite me, so they are not welcome at Pondside!

  2. I love roasted beets with butter too, I'm so glad that they are in season.
    Oh thankfully we don't have spiders that bite here, yikes, I really can't imagine that.

  3. oh my gosh leslie i love beets. yours are probably so delicious b/c you grew them yourself. roasted with a little olive oil and garlic, yum!!!


  4. What colorful beets! They must taste so good right out of the garden.

    That is a lovely spider web....but maybe a little too close to the house for my peace of mind!

  5. My Mother and Sister both love beets. I personally cannot tolerate the taste. Weird isn't it how we feel about some foods?
    I think spiderwebs are particularly beautiful when it is foggy and moisture hangs on them. Spiders scare the bejezus out of me and I will scream at the sight of them. I know they eat other bugs, but they are still scary.

  6. Lettuce
    The Beet!

    Saw that on a t-shirt on Pinterest and couldn't resist sharing! :)

  7. Love beets. Love the spiderweb. Sonny and Cher? Not so sure.

  8. I wonder if the pattern on your bowl is crackle glaze?

    Another beetroot lover here.Ida

  9. Adore beets and will order anything beety in a resto. But DH hates them ("they taste like mud!") so occasionally I'll roast some for myself at home- but they are not on the menu. One of our few divisive food things. Poor Sonny- a life that segued into public service but then, a tragic accident.

  10. I love roasted beets, but my husband doesn't at all. Like Duchesse, it's one of the few foods that we divide on - maybe the only? Beautiful spider web, and I believe the it's the glaze that's made to crackle.