Saturday, October 13, 2012

Feathering the nest and the quest for red ballet flats...

For those of you who have been following for awhile we are in the home stretch on the renovation front...
soon there will be guests in our Humble Bungalow and I cannot wait to share our fresh new space with them.
Personally I am excited to spend some time with our friends, it is long overdue.
They have been abroad in France, the UK and exotic ports ~ there are many wonderful stories to share.

My job is to make sure they are comfortable here in our Humble Bungalow...
we have fluffed up the towels and are ready to entertain...

I asked Mr. HB if this might pass muster and be hung on the wall.
He gave it the thumbs up and hung it for me.
It's the only nod to colour in the wee bathroom.
Thanks honey!

The weekend is here...
I'm taking Mother out for lunch and some shopping
I'm searching for those illusive red flats
I fear that I may need to shop online as I have not seen hide nor hair of a pair in our city
and I have been looking for far too long!

what have you got planned?

~ ~ ~


  1. It looks great. I'm particularly fond of your bathroom tile.

  2. The bathroom looks lovely, I like the tile as well. I am looking for a pair of good red ballet flats too - they are hard to find! Well, actually I have found patent red flats but I want a pair of regular leather or suede flats.

  3. You have given the perfect touch to the bathroom. Lucky guest

  4. Ah red shoes! You must buy them when you see them, I have a few pairs and they look fab with black and white and stripes. My faves at the moment are the lace up, enclosed fit flops. they are fantastic for my plantar facsiaitis.

  5. My gosh you have a gorgeous bathroom! We are tearing up two of ours right now and I wish you were here to guide me, so many decisions in a bathroom reno. I think I'll focus on marble and white and thanks for the idea of adding colour in with art.
    I hope you have a lovely time with your guests, I'm sure they will appreciate all of your efforts and feel really at home.
    As far as red ballet flats, I guess you'll have to shop online, have you tried They carry my beloved Chie Mihara but lots of other brands too, shipped in Canada so no duty and easy returns. xo

  6. Ooh- red ballet flats. Don't know if I have seen them recently. Hope your hunt is successful. This evening, we have Broadway Theater League and a production called, "Midtown Men." These are members of the original cast of "Jersey Boys" singing Four Seasons songs and others from that era (which happens to be my era.) The weather today was fabulous- sunny and brisk, a perfect upstate New York fall day. Happy Weekend.

  7. has red ballet flats, so if you don't find any on your shopping trip, check out their website. Just checked today, and they have plain leather red ones...Love your blog, and the art work! Becky

  8. The Humble Loo is looking fabulous , your guests will love all the attention to detail you have done in there . Red ballet flats sound lovely . I was so happy today on my way home from work I had to have a thrifting fix and stopped in at sally's . I found the most beautiful red leather handbag by Aldo for $12 . Jump for joy I did , the perfect colour , I am going to say an oxblood red , so now I am in need of some shoes to go . I cant wait till you find some . Love the red. Tomorrow I will be hosting dinner for my BFF and her sweety , who just happens to be my brother and a couple of other friends. Roast Beef Yorkshire pudding and all the goodies. French Apple cake for dessert , and Pinot Grigio to toast her special day . Donna

  9. A bath of one's own is the sweetest gift you can give a guest!....and this one is a treat. I love the splash of colour you've created - lucky guests!
    I'm sorry that I can't help with regard to the red shoes. Every woman needs red shoes, so I hope you'll find yours soon.

  10. London Sole for ballet flats. They are the best, trust me :) Hope you're well! xx

  11. Your painting is just the perfect touch for the bathroom. Your guests will be thrilled by your hospitality.
    Enjoy your weekend: ).

  12. So fresh black white,lucky guests,hostess with the mostest! Ida

  13. Your bathroom reno is terrific. Love the tile particularly and your painting looks great there, the perfect touch.

  14. I'm showing this to my husband to shame him into getting our basement finished. More than 2 years in and I still trip over wood and tools getting to the washing machine!

    It looks beautiful! I hope you find your's always the way when we have something in doesn't exist :O(

  15. Not so elusive if you have a Cole Haan store or a shoe store that carries the brand. But you always have good shopping luck with your mother, so I expect to hear of a find or two!

  16. Your bathroom looks great! Love the spash of color the painting added. I have been looking for red flats for a while too...they seem to be hard to find.

  17. oh that loo looks so lovely! what a pleasure for anyone who stays! i love the painting--is it your creation?