Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brooches are back...OOTD

Brooches had fallen off the radar for awhile and now I see they are making a comeback.

Six years ago I would not leave the house without a brooch on my coat, sweater or shirt.
They fell out of favour,
at least in the eyes of the fashion authorities and I think I grew tired of them myself...
coincidence perhaps, as I do not really "follow fashion."

My wee collection has been gathering dust in the jewelry chest.
It would appear that the fashion writers have declared them "back in style."

Today I pinned one on just to see if it would "feel right."
Comments and compliments were numerous...
even my students liked it.

A fellow Canadian, Carole Tanenbaum collects and sells vintage pieces.
She's written a book Fabulous Fakes about her passion for all these sparkly gems.
You can see them online and while you are there stop by her blog.

black tank top by Symplii
dark denim jeans Gloria Vanderbilt
Black patent leather shoes Josef Siebel
acrylic sweater Devoted

say what you will
some of you will find this extremely tacky
others may think it is fun
one thing I discovered today was that it's a great conversation starter!

Brooch by Sherman
aurora borealis crescent moon

I am including this link to Nat King Cole...Paper Moon
my MIL's all time favourite singer.

She is back in her facility
and the residents missed her...
we have a huge debt of gratitude to our healthcare system and providers.

If you are in the US please give Obama's vision for healthcare the nod
it's everyone's right to have health care...
and please VOTE!

I for one am thanking my lucky stars...
how about you?
~ ~ ~ 


  1. I'm with you on President Obama and also brooches!

    SSG xxx

  2. I love brooches and have a lovely little collection of vintage ones . I usually wear one everyday . I wore my pearls today . Glad to hear your mother in law is on the mend. Donna

  3. Ooh, a Sherman! So nice - I adore brooches and vintage pieces like this! I have a boxed set of Sherman from The Bay that my grandfather bought for my grandma back in the early 60s. Just awesome stuff. And really, who cares what's "in fashion"? It's all about style.

    So glad to hear your mum's better, L. Great news.

  4. What a beautiful Brooch!

    Yes...thank you for the nod to Obama's Healthcare...its a good thing that is not appreciated!

  5. I would love a vintage brooch, I'm not big on jewellery but I think they are lovely and hark back to a more gracious past.

  6. Your brooch is very sweet and you look very smart, I like your style.

    I hope that you get a change in healthcare. It is shameful that healthcare can be the cause of people loosing their houses and bankruptcy due to high costs.

    I live in New Zealand, and even with only four million people we can provide free healthcare. It is not perfect, but for friends having babies it is all free. One of my friends 15 year old son is fighting cancer at the moment, and all of his hospital stays and treatments are free.

    Good luck.

    Julie Q

  7. Healthcare is a basis of any successful society. It's the difference between holding up a liquor store and living a productive life.

    Love the brooch! I have a few of my own and never seem to wear them...except for my very favourite S&D bee brooch...that one seems to find it's way onto my sweaters when I'm feeling a bit sparkly!

  8. Agree with you about healthcare and about the brooches! They've been on my radar lately, and I've pulled out some old favorites (and picked up one new costume piece) and have been enjoying playing with them. I love your moon brooch, so pretty!

  9. I'm also relieved to hear your MIL is on the mend and back in familiar surroundings!

  10. I've never worn brooches, although I do like them on others (yours is charming and fun). What an amazing link to all that vintage jewelry - I could spend a lot of time looking through and will. So glad your MIL is on the mend and I also love Nat King Cole.

  11. So happy to hear that your MIL is back " home ". She has been very lucky.
    I agree, a brooch may raise interesting conversations. I only have one ( so only one conversation ; )!!
    We have practically free healthcare, but the bureaucracy of the system is immense.

  12. Such a relief to hear your MIL made it through this health trauma. I am sure you and your husband are breathing far easier. The moon pin is lovely and suits you well, not tacky but cheerful!

  13. So pleased your MIL is back at the home,being in fimiliar surroundings will help her to full recovery.
    Do not care for brooches myself,but admire others who do.Ida

  14. Thank you for the mention of the Obama Health Care Plan. I would love to see universal health care for all Americans. It saddens me that so many Americans are against it and that health care in America has become such a divisive issue.

    I have a few brooches and I go through phases of wearing them and then avoiding them. But they are still in the jewelry box in case I change my mind.

  15. Ditto to Kristien62's comments

  16. Happy your family and your MIL.

    Do you think brooches are aging, especially if you have grey hair?

    1. Gosh no I think brooches are fun. I would steer clear of anything to small though and go for something that makes a splash!
      I have a fabulous Sherman pin on icy silver which would be amazing with grey locks!

  17. I love wearing my brooches to perk up my coats in the winter, especially. Yours has the sparkle needed to lift a grey day.

  18. I'm amazed by the voter opposition to universal health care I have encountered in the US, especially the objection to being "forced"! I say this as a US citizen and daughter and sister of MDs in the US; we saw plenty of people lose their savings or homes over medical bills. I am also a Canadian citizen and spend time clearing up misinformation about the Cdn system with friends in the US. As for brooches, love them; don't find them aging when worn with current-looking clothes. Just like necklaces or earrings, it depends on the overall look.

  19. I am for the Affordable Healthcare Act. Having had cancer I am well aware that I would not qualify for any affordable healthcare if I did not already have insurance. I have an intense dislike for it being called Obamacare as if it is something nasty. I am glad your MIL got such good care.

    I love your brooch. I have a small collection of 50's brooches. I love just looking at them as well as wearing them.

  20. thanks for sharing.